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~*Food Growing Mamas*~ May Thread

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Hi ladies,


I wanted to start a new thread since the other is getting bigger and I'm hoping to have someone continue this for me for the growing season.  Anyone like to volunteer??   I'm trying to be on the computer less since we are moving to our "forever" home after the 21st of this month and we have lots to do plus a baby coming the end of July.


My winter sown seeds are growing well now that the sun's been out and the snow has finally, mostly, all melted.  There is a patch down the street that is still there.  lol  I will try to be on here when I can and post pics of my new digs when I get them in with the hubs.  Started my 3rd trimester yesterday so I'm going to do what I can.


Happy Growing!!treehugger.gif

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I am so envious. We are moving and I decided not to do any planting this year. I cannot wait for next year so I can start doing some planting again!

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Went and harvested some peppermint, hung to dry and when I was picking off the dried leaves I noticed many had tell-tale signs of mint rust... Grrr...  Sucks because I had hoped to have some homemade peppermint tea bags sewed and stuffed as a gift to a friend ready this week.  Now I have to go cut the whole thing down to ground level and cover with new soil and pray that the new growth comes in clean.


On a happier note, I picked up some chamomile and some interesting hot pepper varieties at the homesteading store.  I've decided not to grow flowers in the front this year, and instead fill the beds with more herbs and veggies!  I'm running out of garden real estate...


And finally, my spinach and squash and ONE corn are popping up in the garden!  And some lettuce too.  It's a miracle, since my youngest was chasing the cat through our garden beds the other day angry.gif

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Almost ready to be harvesting some lettuce to supplement our storebought salad fixings soon!!!  But unfortunately we are getting frost warnings for tonight so I have to cover my entire garden and hope for the best.  My littlest one and I were brainstorming on the way to preschool this morning how we could save our garden.  greensad.gif

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Originally Posted by justmama View Post

Almost ready to be harvesting some lettuce to supplement our storebought salad fixings soon!!!  But unfortunately we are getting frost warnings for tonight so I have to cover my entire garden and hope for the best.  My littlest one and I were brainstorming on the way to preschool this morning how we could save our garden.  greensad.gif


Fingers crossed for your garden justmama!  Where do you live?


Pumpkins are out now too!  One plant is coming in quite yellow...makes me wonder if it is malnourished somehow already?  


It's great to see all my little green babies growing every day!

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I'm in New England but we've been seeing some unseasonably warm temps for the last month or so.  Yesterday it was nearly 80 degrees!  Today it was a more seasonable 62.  But so far everything has survived well and seems to be thriving.  I pinched off a tiny bit of my broccoli and it's lovely and sweet.  I tried it last year only to lose all my plants to cabbage worms but my 4 plants this year are absolutely thriving and bug-free.  Lettuce is ready to harvest and eat.  My sugar peas should start flowering anytime now.  I just tied them up to the trellis today since they are so tall.

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Glad to hear it justmama!  


It's been cold and rainy and a bit windy here in the PNW (which is to be expected, but we had a few days of 80 degree weather and it's such a bummer to come back to this, even though I knew the warm weather wouldn't last).  I worry a bit about my seedlings out there, but not too much I can do about it.  


I still need to put my new herb and pepper starts in the ground, but I'm a bit indecisive as to where to place them, plus I don't really want to be out there in the cold and rain and wind...

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I'm in the PNW too and still waiting to plant my tomato, basil, pepper, squash, and corn transplants since it has been so cold and rainy. I've put off planting pole and drying beans too. I'm hopeful that the next few weeks will bring some warmer weather and I can get everything in the ground! Already enjoying some lettuce, spinach, and pac choi but I'm so looking forward the next few months once things really get growing!

Excited that your broccoli is doing well, justmama! It can be frustrating to lose plants to pests - I lost a few broccoli and cauliflower last year too.
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hey ladies! here in tennessee its been humid and hot but the garden is coming in awesome.. i went with a raised bed system up near our cabin since my greenhouse and better garden spot are a bit of a walk and when the heat gets bad i wont have to go so far to tend it.. i have strawberries growing but no fruit yet.. my potatoes are going crazy as are my onions and my tomatoes have blooms... ive had good luck with some radicchio lettuce plants too. hoping that by the time the significant other comes home from working in the mountains he will be able to pick a few things to eat. I still want to get in some peppers and maybe some herbs but im fighting with the woods for sun so all in all im just happy i have some stuff coming in.. the flowers look good too.. to be pregnant and less than motivated im really satisfied with the garden so far.. i hope you all have great luck in your gardens!

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Just harvested some nice, fat spinach for a salad last night.  That's the first real harvest from our brand-new garden so far this year.  Planted tomatoes out, for better or for worse.  Trying lime this year to see if they do better than usual.  I'm usually not much for amendments beyond compost and manure, but I understand tomatoes really love the lime, so I'm giving it a try.  Plus, with the garden being so new and all, every little thing helps.  Hopefully they won't get too chilled, making the lime pointless.




Scarlet runner beans are a good bean to start in this chill stretch of spring.  I've even had them overwinter and produce nice crops.

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Hey! I'm new!!

My husband and I are trying to garden for the first time. The only other time I've ever grown anything was herbs on our patio one year.. this year we dug up our whole backyard!

We're calling it Bigheart Tinyfarm and I made a little map of where we're putting all the plants

I live in Northern Alberta, so we're starting a lot later than everyone else, but here's hoping we get a little harvest to encourage us smile.gif

Nice to meet all of you!
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This is my garden this year.  We have a massive oak tree in the back so there's not a lot of shade and my landlord has planted trees and flowers along both borders of the yard.  This is all that's left for me to garden in.  But this is as it stands last night.  The buckets of stuff aren't faring well.  I'm going to see if I can grab some pallets to put there instead.  It's the very top of my driveway.  All that's not pictured is two window boxes of herbs, a hanging planter of herbs, and some random potted herbs on my front steps.  Packed into my garden in the top photo is pumpkins, strawberries, zucchini, summer squash, two kinds of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, lettuce, broccoli, sugar snap peas, onions, and green beans.  I have homemade trellises being constructed to put up the cukes over the lettuce at my mom's house right now so once they are big enough, that's the plan.  The bucket at the very top of the garden is a little bit of spinach I chucked in for giggles.  The buckets have tomato overflow, parsley(which I have no idea how I nearly killed), and watermelons.  

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I just turned my whole front yard (which is a pretty small area) into a garden.  I mixed in flowers and foliage plants with veggie and herb plants--I'm not the type of person to plant in rows.  'This should go here, that should go there, etc.'  Haphazard, but with good balance and appreciation for microclimates.  Some old ladies actually stopped their car to admire my garden.  That felt great! 

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Well we are back in Hawaii and today I finally get to go get the dirt for my garden! I am so excited.  I have plans to clean all day today and tomorrow I am doing yard work and getting this garden in.  Question, at our local store the compost is a little less expensive than the gardening soil.  What would be a good compost/soil ratio for my raised bed.  Would 50/50 be too much compost?

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And the garden is in! So far I have 4 strawberry plants, radishes, lettuce, broccoli, cucumbers, and string beans planted in the big bed.  I also have mint planted in a container on my porch.  I had planned to plant corn in my garden but it is only 6" deep so I think I am going to get a few big containers to put corn and tomatoes in.  I am still waiting for my basil, parsley, and dill to come from the local nursery.

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So problem number one has surfaced in my garden....my dog.  She has tore out two of my strawberry plants (hopefully I can salvage them) and trampled over everything else.  I am hoping since the seedlings haven't sprouted yet that maybe she hasn't destroyed them.  Is there any hope?

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Everything else should be just fine.  I would put up some fencing asap!  Our dog didn't get it either.

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Oh I will be on Friday, as soon as we get paid!  I think she kind of looks at the garden as a giant dirt pit for her enjoyment as of now lol.

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My dogs are the same way! They chase each other around the garden destroying seedlings and relocating seeds irked.gif. I'm using pruned branches staked in the ground with bright orange surveyors tape weaved around the plots until the seedlings are big enough that they'll leave them alone. Bit of an eyesore right now but it's cheap and reuseable. It's working well but I have small dogs.
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My cats do that.  They loooooove to dig in my garden and kill seedlings.  Along with keeping the dog out of the garden with sticks or something you might try sinking plastic pots iwth the bottoms cut off and planting in them.  I did that to try to prevent earwigs from destroying my garden last year and it worked well(with two other things as a three pronged approach.  I got all fancy. ) but a side benefit was that it was tougher for my cats to dig up everything.  This year there may or may not have been muttered obscenities every day in the earlier stages of the garden.

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