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Hi Mamas! New here. im in NY! ANd I just wondered..is it to late to start seeds now? And if it isnt could or should I start them directly in the ground or should I start them and then place in the ground? Seems kinda late in the year I know but its been pretty cold ehre. Finally just getting some decent weather!

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It's not too late in the PNW to plant pumpkins and bean seeds. It might be too hot in your climate to start lettuces without bolting in the sun and heat (and solstice time causes annuals to bolt--sometimes without even giving you a crop!  So, usually for that reason June is a hard time for planting those crops.)  


I would wait until you can plant your fall crops (usually mid-July) but I don't know about what your falls are like--ours are mild and crops like kale a broccoli and a second round of lettuces and young turnips are popular.  Check with other gardeners, ask the farmers at the markets and see what you are able to do.

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Should I be worried?  I planted my garden 10 days ago and literally NOTHING has sprouted.  I planted radishes, cucumbers, broccoli, lettuce, and string beans.  My dog has also continued to attack my strawberry plants but has only walked through the garden once again.  I just feel they should have sprouted by now.

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I wouldn't worry TOO much.  My sweet corn took over two weeks to sprout this year.  I think our funky weather isn't helping things.

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I wouldn't panic yet.  Give it a few more days.  As long as conditions are right(sun, water, etc) you are still within normal limits.

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We are enjoying broccoli, lettuce, spinach, sugar peas, and the first few strawberries of the season right now.  Everything is just taking off and starting to really do what it's supposed to do.  My garden is completely PACKED with less space than it all should have, and pots strewn in every sunny location I have with overflow at my mom's house on her deck in pots.  Hopefully it'll be a great harvest this summer/fall.

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How do you keep squirrels out of the garden?  One of my broccoli plants just got chewed up completely. 

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So I decided to try again and start some seeds inside this time.  Luckily for me the weather in Hawaii stays the same pretty much year round so it's not too late to get these suckers in.  I'm saying prayers for round two though!

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My strawberries are getting ransacked by a combination of pill bugs, slugs, and earwigs.  Should I try DE?  Where can I buy it?

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I keep forgetting about this thread.  It's so quiet.  Did you get your DE EartRootsStarSoul?  I got mine on Amazon.  I couldn't find it locally.http://www.amazon.com/Natures-Wisdom-Grade-Diatomaceous-Earth/dp/B003QJ8CSE/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1372289041&sr=8-3&keywords=food+grade+diatomaceous+earth





I just made my first pesto of the season.  I could sit there and eat it by the spoonful it's so good.  eat.gif   We are already loving our lettuce and sugar peas.  My green beans are just starting to flower, can't wait for those.  I have baby green tomatoes everywhere and little yellow summer squash growing every day.  My watermelon vines have been all but decimated by earwigs unfortunately but I salvaged the pumpkin plants.  I'm sure those will be super late, more like November pumpkins, but that's okay.  My 5 year old got the seeds from school and she planted them herself so all that matters is she gets something tiny before it all dies off.  The cukes are slowly but surely growing and I have a tiny little cucumber that just showed up this morning on the vine.  Even the herbs are starting to take off finally.  I just gave them all a haircut so I have clusters of drying herbs all over my kitchen walls.  

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Oh and the only thing that's really NOT doing well is my pepper plants.  I don't get it.  They refuse to grow at all.  They don't look unhealthy, they just aren't growing.  I'm confused what I'm doing wrong.  it's been 95 degrees for the last few days, tons of sun.  They arent' dried out, I've been making sure they get water regularly if it doesn't rain.  I'm baffled.

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The two things that come to mind are transplant shock if you planted them not to long ago or something is missing in the soil. Maybe try some liquid fertilizer or homemade grass/compost tea?

Justmama, I'm so jealous of how much you have growing and how far along they are!
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Definitely not transplant shock.  It's been over a month with no growth.  I have put down some compost around them a few times without seeing changes.  Epsom salt maybe???

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I have some zucchini almost ready and kale.  I was eating cucumbers late June last year and so far I only have flowers.  My peppers and tomatoes are doing well but all still very green.  Carrots, corn, beets were slow to germinate and seem to be slow growing. 


Potatoes, onions, black and green beans all seem to be thriving.


2nd week of July, what is everyone harvesting these days and where are you located?

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I'm in New England and harvesting just swiss chard, sugar snap peas, lettuce, summer squash, and herbs still.  I've got HUGE green tomatoes that aren't ripe yet and cukes that are just starting to grow.  Green beans are tiny but hopefully ready in a week or so.  I ended up ripping out my pepper plants because they weren't doing squat and they were just taking up space.  I'll have to just continue to buy peppers at the farmer's market.  I've got small onions that are coming along nicely that I'm really excited about and I'm planning already for the winter garden.  I've got broccoli seeds started and kale, round two of onions, and garlic on order, along with sugar snap pea and carrot seeds both waiting for space in the garden to get started.  My watermelon and pumpkin seeds were started late so I'm not positive they'll be ready in time but my preschooler planted them on her own so I couldn't very well say no.  I'm just hoping for a tiny one of each to make her feel special that she grew them.  Nothing big and fancy.

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