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How are you feeling?

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I'm 5 weeks today. Besides exhaustion and occasional sore boobs, I still don't feel very pregnant. That said, I may be nuts but I feel like if I concentrate, I can feel a very faint fluttery feeling in my uterus, as if I can feel the cell division action happening down there. Is that crazy? Anyone else feel anything like that? 

Anyway mostly just waiting for MS to kick in. I feel like that's when I'll finally really believe that this baby is a go! smile.gif

Oh yeah, I ate sushi last night and then had an incredible stomach ache a few hours later and was convinced I had doomed the pregnancy! Feel fine now though. 

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I feel emotional and nauseous. So nauseous, I wake up in the night having to throw up. I'm also really tired. I have felt the fluttery feeling too.

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I get reliable symptoms from implantation on and have had them in spades this time. The big ones for me right now (4w1d) are exhaustion, uterine cramping/heaviness/pulling sensations, enhanced breast size, dizziness, shortness of breath, heightened sense of smell, insomnia, and intense dreams.

If this pg is anything like my boys' I will start throwing up in about 2 weeks, so I plan to enjoy my food these next couple of weeks while I can still keep it down.
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I'm feeling bouts of serious tiredness. Today I tried to shut my eyes and rest while my husband and son were in the room and my son beaned me in the forehead with a Mr Potato Head! Then he kissed me. So that part was sweet.

I'm feeling highly emotional like getting choked up at anything, crying to songs in the radio...

My belly is already growing! I can feel that in the snugness of my pants.

Also, I get hungry and nauseated at the same time!! And very suddenly as I'm eating, I just know, ok I'm done!, because food is just suddenly so gross.

Another food thing that happened last pregnancy too - candy, chocolate and cookies are really gross to me now. And I typically have a big sweet tooth! I guess that's a good thing though. It just surprises me!
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I feel more tired, but not overwhelmingly. I also have some nausea, but mild as of yet and heartburn. I usually don't have some nausea until 6 weeks and heartburn starts much later.

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I'm pretty tired and feel a heaviness, cramping occasionally. I've been much more sick with this pregnanacy.  I felt pregnant really early, and feel like I look it, although BF reassures me I dont yet.

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I'm really surprised that I feel pregnant so soon - I'll be 4 weeks tomorrow! I was bloated almost right after conception and I seriously look like I'm where I was at 10 weeks last time. That's rough because I wanted to keep this one a little secret for awhile. I'm pretty thin, so this is hard to hide! Along with looking pregnant, I have sore boobs, frequent bathroom trips, and a distinct fluttery feeling. I have more insomnia that tiredness, but I think that comes from my mind racing more than anything else. I was up at 3:30AM thinking of baby names :)

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Today I am SO irritable.  SO, so so irritable.  And then I feel like that's lame and I must not be any fun to be around, and then I just want to cry.  Wowee, hormones!!  Anyone else?

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I was so incredibly emotional and hormonal yesterday. Cried or was on the verge of crying during half of our marriage class for no discernible reason whatsoever, then again on the way home from picking the boys up from MIL's. The fun begins!
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YES hormonal!! And also yes to sooo tired but having bouts of insomnia!! Last night I was wide awake from 2:30-5, and then DD woke up to nurse at 5:25 :/
Today I had my first bit of nausea/food aversions. Also a good ok headache since this afternoon. But I'm pleased with all the yuck symptoms; they assuage my constant worrying that I'm not really pregnant!
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The fluttering is a new sensation for me this time around! I also feel like I am showing and I think I'm at about 6.5 weeks. we are wanting to keep it a secret until the 2nd trimester I think. I also have been able to detect crazy smells, and my legs and feet have been hurting a lot, which I think is a sign of iron deficiency but I am taking a prenatal and floradix and trying to eat iron-rich foods--I don't know what else I can do. I also feel like I'm really oscillating between hot and cold spells, and I am waking up at night in hot sweats! Finally, I was wondering if anyone else who is nursing has noticed a change in milk supply? My breasts are very sensitive, but there is no change in size--only in milk production.
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I believe I am about 6.5 weeks, I have dizziness as well, nausea non stop for the last threeish days, heightened sense of smell, food aversions/cravings, enlarged breasts, cramping, crying at the drop of a hat (poor DP), and insomnia


I have been feeling weird fluttery feelings as well which is oh way to soon for that right? but it feels much different then gas so I dunno what I am feeling but i am right there with you ladies.


last time i started feeling the flutters around 11 weeks

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I'm actually still feeling really great.  I do get tired easily and when I'm hungry I have to eat NOW.  I always got hungry at 4, but didn't want to eat because I would be starting dinner so soon.  Finally I decided just to eat before I started dinner, and it was a great decision.  My husband is no longer afraid of me when he gets home. :D I'm not exactly pleasant when I'm hungry.  I'm only 5 weeks but I'm showing.  I kind of hate it because I know the baby is the size of an apple seed, so I feel like there is no reason for this huge growth and I'm just gaining weight.  I also wanted to wait for a while to announce it, but I don't think I will be able to at this rate I'm growing.

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Finally, I was wondering if anyone else who is nursing has noticed a change in milk supply? My breasts are very sensitive, but there is no change in size--only in milk production.


I'm nursing my 16 month old son and 4 weeks preggo. My nipples are def sore during nursing, but not too bad. I've noticed a slight increase in his nursing sessions, so there may be a dip in supply...he is not upset about it or anything. No change in size.

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Very hungry, perhaps a bit sleepier than usual (though I'm almost always sleep deprived anyway, so who knows), bloated and--ugh--already constipated. This was a real problem for me last time. That's about it! I'm only just over 4 weeks, though. With DD I had hardly any symptoms. The most notable one was tugging feelings in my abdomen very early on. I have a tiny bit of that this time, but not much, probably because it's already all stretched out in there? I have also been feeling little flutters, but I felt those when I wasn't pregnant sometimes, too.

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thanks htovjm--i feel reassured about the no change in breast size RE nursing! 

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Feeling pretty decent, actually!  Might be speaking too soon, though.  With my girls I started feeling nauseous around 6 weeks and it let up around 13 or 14 weeks.  I am 5 weeks right now (from ovulation so 7 from my LMP).  I am exhausted but that kind of comes and goes so I've been able to muster some energy to get my garden in.  The morning sickness is more like a true morning sickness this time.  I feel pretty icky in the morning, it wears off and then comes back when I get hungry.  With the girls I was feeling crappy most of the day with slight relief coming from eating.  So, I ate nonstop and gained about 40 pounds with both.  Trying really hard not to do that this time!  Last pregnancy, I was so tired the whole time, too, so I never got back into my workout routine.  This time, I've been taking it easy and actually took this week off but I feel ok today so I am definitely going to the gym!

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 I'm only 5 weeks but I'm showing.  I kind of hate it because I know the baby is the size of an apple seed, so I feel like there is no reason for this huge growth and I'm just gaining weight.


Erin313, don't forget that your uterus is already growing a lot, filling with a huge blood supply, etc, so even though baby is itty bitty, our bodies are already preparing to successfully house a full baby.  So instead of "no reason," it's a really good reason!   That's how I look at it, anyway.  (Hope that helps smile.gif )

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7 weeks - So tired and nauseous. Sorry, I just want to whine.  I have had morning sickness and fatigue with all of my pregnancies and usually am better by 11- 12 weeks, so I know there is an end, but blehh, I just feel awful right now.


I threw up 3 times today.  I don't know what to do about the nausea.  It feels a little better if  i eat, but i don't want to eat all day and gain weight, but if I don't eat, I throw up.  I have some zofran, and  while it does get rid of nausea, it has some other side effects and I really try not to take meds while pregnant.  Any natural nausea suggestions.  What are some healthy bland things I can snack on.  It would be good if they are things I can keep in a drawer at work and eat discreetly. 

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I am tired and emotional. I also have major pregger-brain. Coupled with mom-brain, I'm kinda pathetic. LOL!!


I get very annoyed with my children touching me, sitting on me, and talking my ear off. Even the sound of someone biting an apple near me makes me want to scream.


I have to practice a lot of grace and patience, and frankly I am getting really tired of being so darn mature. Can't I just freak out? Maybe tommorrow?? LOL!  


I am still nursing my 17 month old, and my nipples hurt from time to time.


I get very sharp painful ligament stretching & pulling. I had to stop doing sit-ups today because I could feel my growing uterus (I feel the fundus now, too).


On the bright side, I can still run, and I am not nauseous. joy.gif


***One week later...I am nauseous and running is out. Funny how things change so darn quickly!***

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