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I'm exhausted! Gah. So. Tired.
My my nipples are sore and I'm feeling some light cramping/bloating. I haven't had too much nausea yet though, so I'm thankful for that!! I'm just over 5 weeks, so I bet that part is on its way :/ I feel protective, and want to make sure nothing hurts this baby! I'm loving this experience though. It's pretty amazing to me what our bodies are doing!
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I felt like a big sack of sand at work today. Sooooo tired. All I wanted to do was run home and lie the eff down. Also have a super sensitive and easily grossed out olfactory system right now. This afternoon I had to drive somewhere with someone who had a big dog cooped up in the back of their car. While trying not to visibly gag I asked if I could open all the windows. Was better for a minute, until a huge garbage truck pulled in ahead of us on the road. We had to follow it for a few blocks and it was very hard not to barf! DP frying onions for dinner was also a challenge.
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I am a bit more tired. I am going to bed by 8:30 - 9:00. I have a feeling it will be the pregnancy where I feel poorly as the day progresses. I am already medicated and still have nausea. I am taking unisom /b-6. If I wasn't taking this I couldn't manage at all. So I don't feel awesome any more, but not bad either. I'll take that. I am a bit worried b/c my mom is coming to visit at the end of the month, we have a big Sacrament party and Confirmations coming up. I pray i feel well through that.

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Ugh my son and I both caught a cold! But we are hanging in there. I'm feeling pretty good for thr most part. I'm really excited that veggies aren't grossing me out right now. I so want to eat really healthy this pregnancy. I did all right last time, just too much mac'n'cheese last time. Aiming to be healthier this time!
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I've been feeling pretty rough lately. I have been so nauseous all the time and throwing up. I have to take gravol to even be able to function at all :( I'm feeling pretty crappy emotionally because I feel like I'm not being a very nice parent to my two year old or the cat right now, I find myself yelling and struggling just to get stuff done. Making dinner every night feels like a battle. My husband has been helping out some but he is working crazy long hours.

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The nausea was what made me take the pregnancy tests last night, so there is a bit of that. I have been managing it today with mints, teas and remembering to eat small snacks frequently instead of big meals. I was very tired today and yesterday, but overall I can't complain much.


I hope those who are really sick get some relief.

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Ugh. Constant all day nausea. That is all.
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Originally Posted by LLtheTinkerbell View Post

Ugh. Constant all day nausea. That is all.


Me too - blehh.

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My boobs hurt so bad. I am ravenously hungry every hour or so. I can't fall asleep til late at night, but I'm very tired all day. Yet, I feel like I have all the energy in the world at the same time. I have waves of nausea at any given time. I already crave mushrooms and sugar makes me feel even more nauseated. My husband said "It's got to be anything other than a girl, because your still being nice". My legs WILL NOT stop itching, that deep cant get it itch. I don't remember being this thirsty either. I've drank at least a half gallon of water since noon.

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Constant all day nausea too.

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hug2.gif hugs to all those with all day nausea. I'm still just getting waves but they are intense. Different things set me off- riding in the car, the smell of our kitchen garbage- I have to take that out every day if its full or not. Food in general is not that appealing to me right now. Especially protein. The smell makes me want to hurl even though I haven't yet. I'm learning to eat while nauseated which for me is a big deal. lol.gif  Lots of insomina going on too. Dizziness has stopped but man am I thirsty! Just like you KelseyWhitney I can't get enough. I've been drinking 2 gallons of water a day! Granted summer is already here in AZ but still! Drink drink drinkinthet.gif Pee Pee Pee 

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I, too, send hugs to those with the super all day nausea.  Mine just hits sporadically, for which I'm very grateful.  Mostly just irritable, moreso than last time around, but maybe that's because I have a toddler to care for now too...


I had a small bit of spotting about two days ago, and the slightest pink/brown tinge on the toilet paper today, followed by totally normal white cervical fluid.  It is kind of freaking me out when that happens!!!!!  Last time, I had only one brief spot of pink on one occasion at around 9 weeks and the midwife said as long as I'm not actively bleeding, not to worry.  I keep reminding myself of that.


I feel like, generally speaking, my anxiety has been higher this time around.  greensad.gif  I'm trying to just breathe and am going to start meditating again regularly too.  Hopefully walking will also help.  It usually does.

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Not all day nausea, so I feel like I should not complain. I'm tired, don't feel like eating anything yet hungry, and have an upset tummy. The food aversion began at about 6 weeks, exhaustion earlier. Last night I felt much better by 12 or 13 weeks, so kind of want to fast forward 6 weeks, but then I look at my sweet son and want to cherish this time with - argh, but then I wish I could lock myself in my room and sleep!!

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Feeling wiped today.

I had a core biopsy this morning for a lump in my breast they think is a lactational adenoma. As its hormone related the Dr decided to test b/c due to being pregnant and still nursing we can't wait to see if it shrinks. Didn't think I was scared until I started crying on the 4th sample pulled. Let me tell you it's a shitty thing to do while pg. Oh I also had to go to work right after :/

When I got home DD was super cranky all afternoon due to a short nap at her new daycare (though the fact that she napped there at all was great - it was the first day with nap time there). Meltdown after meltdown, nothig was goig right for the poor little lamb. And of course, the everpresent exhaustion and nausea and food aversions...I'm just glad the day is almost over!
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Feeling very happy that I'm not nauseous -- yet!  Only 5 weeks today, so it's obviously still early.  I'm feeling tired, but I have the luxury of still being on my honeymoon for the next 2 days, so I can nap all I want and go to sleep whenever I feel like it.  Boobs are HUGE and sore, nipples very sensitive (not in a good way).  Feeling light cramps / pulls / twinges.


I also had a panic attack the other day.  I haven't had a panic attack in YEARS, but I definitely had one (on the day I found out weirdly....but not related to the thought that I was pregnant, I just happened to be on the edge of a canyon, saw the drop, and panicked like crazy).   Feeling protective and hungry.  And a little irritable.  But I will take mood swings and sore sweater puppies over throwing up ANY DAY.  Hugs to all you mamas dealing with puking already.

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I'm now having all day nausea with the added joy of dry heaving multiple times a day, but never having anything come of it, even if my stomach is full of food/water. This is so different from the morning sickness I had with my older two. With them, I was puking by now, every other day like clockwork and I felt better after I did. With this dry heaving, I never get any relief and it's super embarrassing to do it in front of other people in public.

How is everyone else feeling?
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LLtheTinkerbell - I'm sorry you had to go through the biopsy, that sounds so stressful, and I hope everything is okay.  Your poor daughter, too, that is no fun to have such a tough day.  Hope she's doing better!


Sihaya - dry heaving is so awful!  It's happened to me a few times if I start coughing.  Ugh! 


Today, I'm feeling pretty good!  A friend of mine came to town with her hubby on a conference, so while her hubs was in meetings, she and her little boy met up with me and my little boy, and we hit the town.  We ran all over a children's museum today and had the best time.  Yesterday was the zoo!  I have barely been online, just outside, enjoying the warm sunny weather.  (I'm in the Seattle area, so I'm going to soak this up all summer long, before the rain comes back!) 


The best part is that we're both pregnant, so we got to chat a ton about that.  Yay! 


She is having crazy sweet cravings, like she did last pregnancy.  So we walked up to a fudge shop, and she was like YES, and my stomach just turned.  I could not even handle it, it all looked so gross to me, lol!!  I told her, "I'm definitely pregnant, this stuff looks disgusting, and that is so the opposite of my usual self, it's not even funny!"  Normally, I would take one bite of a piece of fudge and try to trick myself into saving some, and not be able to hold back and just eat the whole damn thing, hehehe!   The ice cream, though, sounded good, so I got some and enjoyed it.  It seems to make a difference when it's cold?  I really like popsicles, for example!


Anyway, my belly totally feels bigger as I sit here writing this.  And I start feeling really emotional at night, which I think just happens from being overly tired too.  I have been walking more, and it has been helping with my anxiety.  The less time I spend online, the less irritable I feel too.  I think I was just letting myself get way overloaded and overstimulated, and I seem to have a really low tolerance for that right now.  I'm just slowing down and being present, and letting myself be really silly too, especially with my son.  That's been helping my mood a bunch.  orngbiggrin.gif


I hope the rest of you all are doing great!

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I am having a really rough time with morning sickness. No vomiting,just dry heaves and constant nausea, no appetite, nothing is appealing, etc. we have almost a month of traveling coming up involving long flights and lots of boats and I am so worried greensad.gif
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I must have jinxed myself yesterday - I was reading this thread and thinking about how with my four previous pregnancies (3 m/cs), I've never had more than a bit of nausea.
Well today I'm flat in bed because the second I stand up, my stomach decides it needs to abandon ship. Augh!
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I've been nauseous for days and puked for the first time yesterday and it was no fun. I've also been having a little dry heaving, which is terrifying because I'm always worried it will lead to throwing up. I have many food aversions and my main craving is cajun food (I grew up in Louisiana) so I've been living off of a huge batch of Cajun Red Beans & Rice and have been putting Tony Chachere's on everying. I am just over 7 weeks and am so ready for this nausea to end. It almost makes me reconsider ever getting pregnant again! But I know that will change after I forget about it :)

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