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Second trimeter, tender muscles everywhere!

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Hi ladies and happy Mother's Day!! 

I'm just entering my second trimester with my third pregnancy and I constantly feel like I've had a hard workout!  If I go up and down the stairs more than a handful of times in a day, my thighs will ache the next day like I've been running.  If I wear wedges for a day (a totally normal behavior for me), my feet will ache the next day like I was dancing the night away in stilettos.  If I carry a couple of bags of groceries on one arm, my bicep will ache like I've been doing pushups!  I assume this is hormonal but I don't remember it from either of my previous pregnancies.  I'm also about to turn 37.  Is this just what it's like to be old and pregnant? ;)  I'd love to hear your experiences, friends.  Thanks!

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*hugs* No! you are not old!!!!!

I wonder why you ache. Have you asked your doctor or midwife?

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Oh mama right here with you! I did a butt and thigh prental workout-- only 10 minutes and I didn't do all the reps. I'm STILL sore and in pain and this was 4 days ago. My hips are hurting because of how I was bending over cutting squares for a quilt. I feel like an old lady too! I'm only 33!

I'm 20wks today with my 2nd child and chalk it up to the dreaded round ligament pain and extra sensitivity. Ugh!
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Sometimes I get soreness out of nowhere. I'm 34 and will be 14wks tomorrow. I still roller skate every week and noticed after last week's derby scrimmage that my muscles were much more sore than 'normal'. Both knees have been reconstructed, and the tunnels the surgeon drilled for the graft ligaments (and the places where the screws are) have started hurting badly again out of nowhere. I chalk that up to the Relaxin starting to flow and getting to my graft ligaments. Ouch. Also; I've had the round ligament pain for weeks, but it very rarely happens spontaneously. It just hurts to laugh, cry, cough, or sneeze. 😣

The good news is that I'm on day 26 of the 30-day squat challenge, and I'm still able to do oodles of squats without adding to the pain. I figure strengthening my leg muscles is a good thing. I'm sure I'll be able to get through the next 4 days and finish, and I plan to try again next month with the added weight of growing baby. We'll see how that goes. 😜


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oh i am right here with you to i ache all the time with this pregnancy but guess what i cant take anything for it cause i am allergic to tylenol

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I'm only 10 weeks, but I've been experiencing a ton of muscle soreness. I don't even have to do anything to feel sore, either. I woke up one morning with my leg feeling like I'd pulled a muscle, and the only thing I could figure was that I slept on it funny. And it hurt for days! Lots of mornings I wake up feeling just achy all over. I've been wondering if this is normal, because I don't remember it from my other pregnancies, either. And I'm only 32!

I also noticed yesterday that my c-section scar is sore. That happens sometimes when I'm on my period, so I'm guessing it's hormonal, or maybe my uterus starting to stretch.
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