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The Planned Cesarean Thread

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Any one else planning a cesarean birth?

This will be my fourth c-section, my second planned c-section.

My first two babies I planned on homebirths, come labour felt the hospital was the place to be and after *many* hours of pushing and not having babe fit to come out, had non emergent c-sections. My third baby I decided to skip the labour trauma and schedule a c-section. Of course I went into labour anyways the morning of surgery!

This time I would love to go into labour before surgery but there is no one around here who would support that! I do have midwifery care for prenatal/post partum, yay!
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This is a great thread idea!

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Great thread, Owl. Out of curiosity (I'm a LLL leader in my spare time, lol), if you breastfed, how how did it go for you after your planned vs. non-planned c/s?
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I was still nursing my toddler when DS3 was born (planned cesarean). I didn't get the golden colostrum, my milk just came in thicker around day 3. (I never dried up during pregnancy). With DS 2, I was also still nursing my toddler, my milk had turned clear in the last trimester and came in super fast, just over 24 hours after DS2 was born (14 hours active labour)..nice golden colostrum, my 2 year old was so excited!
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DD was an emergency c-section and DS was a VBAC, this one will be another attempted homebirth, unless the level 2 ultrasound shows problems.  (DH has a genetic heart issue)  If we have a heart baby I'll end up with a c-section. 

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I'm really sorry to hear that no one is supportive of waiting for labor to start first. greensad.gif If I was planning a repeat c-section, that would be a big sticking point for me. I'm planning a VBAC, but if it were for some reason to turn into a planned c-section, that would probably be the most important factor for me. My babies all come so late (around 42 weeks), that I'd be afraid of accidentally kicking this one out too early!
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It's annoying for sure. My babies come before their due date so I am using that information to help me find some peace. If anything I could see going into labour well before any scheduled due date and creating chaos, ha! My town doesn't do hospital births, we'll be 1.5 hours from the hospital! DS1 was born a day before his due date, DS2 was born 39 weeks and DS3 was born at 38 weeks!
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Since we have a VBAC ban at my local hospital, I considered going in for a ERCS...but I also want labor to start on its own. I love me some labor hormones!!! But unfortunately, there is not an OB in town that would support waiting for labor to start.  The argument presented to me was that labor increases blood flow, and therefore the risk of increased blood loss was higher.

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But by increasing blood flow, does that not imply that baby will have more blood going to her as well?  My concern with rcs without labor would be that the baby would be underwieght, and not get enough blood / hormones / pushing to help with the transition to breathing.  I have a cs scar and while I don't know what I'd do if someone said I couldn't try to labor, it would really really bug me not to have the opportunity to try.  Even at home alone with DH for long enough to get baby going good in the above mentioned breathing help areas would be important for my peace of mind.  I totally understand why its important for some people to have an RCS, I just wish more providers were evidence based in why and how they plan these things.  

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Originally Posted by Lidamama84 View Post

Great thread, Owl. Out of curiosity (I'm a LLL leader in my spare time, lol), if you breastfed, how how did it go for you after your planned vs. non-planned c/s?

I'm a lll leader too :-)
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Cool, Taryn! I co-lead a prenatal group and a toddler group smile.gif
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I think I am "planning on having one" with these babies. My OB said that if baby A is head down and baby B is either head down or feet down then she will attemp a vaginal birth. If not then we will have a cesarean. I am ok with this. After my previous horrid 4 day birthing ordeal, I kind of hoped in my heart that I can have an elective cesarean this time around (before finding out it was twins). Selfish, I know, but I was actually relieved to hear this from the OB when we saw on the sonogram it was multiples. I have read the stories and watched you tube videos, so I am mentally prepping myself for a cesarean as much as one can.

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Erics mama, I know several people who've given birth to twins without a cesarean.  Most OBs don't know what to do with twins beyond 37 weeks, because their books don't talk about twin gestation past that point (told to me by an OB!), so the recommendation is usually induction at 38 weeks.  I have a friend who carried her twins to 42 weeks, and they were still 6 and 7 pounds.  And my mother in law (who is 5'2") carried her twins to 40 weeks.  Just like singleton births, 40 weeks should still be a target gestation period.  So don't get bullied into a cesarean early, as twins can be smaller to begin with and don't need to be evicted before they're fully cooked ; )  


Also, it's good for all of us to remember that birth never ever repeats itself.  The one thing you do know is that this will be different.  I had a 40 hour labor followed by a 3 hour labor the next time (thank goodness!).

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It's good for all of us to remember that birth never ever repeats itself. 

 thanks for the reminder.  :) My last birth was soooooo painful compared to the first!  I was almost ready to swear off babies entirely (back to addicted in three months :) )

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