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Anyone Cloth Diapering?

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It may be a little early to discuss this but I'm seriously considering cloth diapering this wee one. Only problem is, I have no idea where to start!


Any tips?

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I cloth diapered my other 2.  I loved loved loved plain ol' prefolds.  I found they washed better and dried better than pockets or all in ones. I didn't like anything but cotton on my babe's bum, in fact most anything else really irritated their skin.  

I also loved wool covers, they're really breathable and cute!

I also really liked the fitted prefolds, but they're not needed.  Anyhow my suggestion is to not go too crazy too early, get a couple and see what you like.

Also I used disposables until they were past mec (and or out of the hospital).

good luck!

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I'm definitely planning to do cloth.  I have been researching it like a mad thing, because that is what I do. I have no actual experience though, this being my first kid, so I guess my help is limited. Here is a helpful link:



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Prefolds!! Yes, I'm going to cloth diaper after baby is out of meconium. I did with my daughter for the first six months but I needed a diaper sprayer and didn't end up getting one so we stopped. I intend on cloth diapering much longer with this bub smile.gif
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We've used cloth with all of our kids, from birth.  I have tried lots of different diapers/diapering systems.  I like Bum Genuis all in one sized diapers the best, but they're spendy and I only ever had a few in each size.  Last time we got a diaper sprayer and I hated it!  It splattered watery poop all over the place.  I prefer the dunk and swirl method, put into a dry pail- we washed them about 2 or 3 times a week depending on the age, and I had 12-18 diapers depending on the age.  


Of course, we gave away/sold all of our diapers when Devon potty-trained, so now I have to start over.  Considering just prefolds and covers.  I have only used Bummi and Nikki covers- anyone have any velcro/snap covers they recommend?

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Thanks ladies for the input so far. I am amazed how many options there are out there! Yikes! I started researching when I was pregnant with the last baby but DH was not supportive of CDing, so I didn't do it. Now four years later, I do what I want to do with the kiddos, lol....so I am looking into it again. I figure I can CD most of the time and when he's watching the wee one he can use disposables if he wants to.

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Haha, that sounds just like my DH, except when he sees how much a box of disposables costs, he flips out! I CD'd my oldest until she potty trained at 21 mos, but I used disposables at night, because cloth just didn't cut it in our house overnight. (Rashes on bums and frequent waking/ leaks). With my little DD, I cloth diapered more flexibly...disposables when we were going out for the day, overnight, and I gave up on cloth and bought pull-ups around 20 months (she's not anywhere near being potty trained yet). I'm planning on using cloth again, for the most part. My favorite diaper is the pocket style because they seem to be the trimmest, and baby clothes are not made very big around the bum anymore. I really like Fuzzi Bunz and Bum Genius snaps (babies can undo Velcro, did you know?!?!) I need to get some new inserts and possibly some new diapers, though, since all mine are second (or more!)-hand. I like to have lots, so I only need to wash twice a week (I'm lazy that way). Good luck in your research, Iknow it's overwhelming smile.gif
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Oh diapers. We cloth diapered all three boys through toddlerhood. With DS1 & DS3 we hsed a sercive the first few months.

I honestly don't know if I want to CD this time around. I am so tired of diapers. I am seriously considering Elimination Communication.

If we do cloth diaper/use cloth as back up...prefolds and covers for sure. I loved wool covers for around the house.

My advice would be keep it simple, don't get sucked into the hype!
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I part-time cloth diaper my toddler (I do it except in first trimester- sickness is too much for the extra laundry and care).

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I did with my DD and will with this babe also. I actually made and sold cloth diapers for a few years then went overseas for 3 years and haven't picked it back up. My advice: don't lock yourself into one system. Try out a few of every type (prefolds, fitteds, pockets, AIO's) and a few different brands if you can before deciding to invest in a whole stash. For me I preferred fitteds and covers but my ex-DH and babysitter liked the AIOs because those are closest to disposables. 


I can't wait to start making diapers for this one! DD is old enough that she wants to help, so it's going to be our summer project :) 

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I dislike velcro in diapers or covers, it catches and soon looses it's stick and it's annoying. I prefer snaps.  

We did EC with DD and it was lovely.  She was down to one diaper a day from age 6 mos to 15 mos when she started to walk and rejected the potty.  But it was nice, no poopy diapers for a long time!

With DS we travelled overseas at 2 mos, so I dropped the ball pretty bad.  heh.

Hopefully better luck next time!

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We did cloth with both of mine, right from the start. I like the thirsties 2 size cover system and the sized prefolds from green mountain diapers. I also really like cotton all in ones like the bumgenius elemental. But if you are trying to save money prefolds are the way to go. We trifolded them in the cover, no snappi or pins required, though that generally meant the cover needs to be washed for poops. Worth it for ease of use and quick diaper changes, for me.
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We did thirsties with prefolds for number one. He was a light night wetter. If number two wets at night a lot I think I'll do wool covers. We collected covers and diapers as needed so our upfront cost wasn't terrible. I love them and DS has never had a diaper rash.
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I did a blog and tracked how many diapers I used and when I sized up for dd. And what I liked and didn't like.

Hope it helps!

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I have been considering cloth diapering with my second child.  I like the idea of it being more natural on baby's skin and reducing the waste of disposable diapers.  I'm wondering how cost efficient it really will end up to be with all the washing machine cycles needed.  As of now, I'm thinking mostly cloth diapers, but subbing with disposables when we go out or when Grandma is babysitting (I have a feeling she's not going to be as gung-ho about the idea as I am.) 

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Originally Posted by Kangawho View Post

I have been considering cloth diapering with my second child.  I like the idea of it being more natural on baby's skin and reducing the waste of disposable diapers.  I'm wondering how cost efficient it really will end up to be with all the washing machine cycles needed.  As of now, I'm thinking mostly cloth diapers, but subbing with disposables when we go out or when Grandma is babysitting (I have a feeling she's not going to be as gung-ho about the idea as I am.) 

I believe there have been threads in the past comparing the cost of washing cloth vs. buying disposables and cloth still comes out on top. With my DD I had to take her to day care and they were fine using cloth. I just took hook & loop (velcro) AIOs because the are the closest to disposables in terms of use and a wet bag for the dirties to go in every day.

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I read that cloth-diapering saves, on average, $5,000 until toilet-training. Also, cloth-diapered kids toilet train between 18 and 24 months as opposed to 3 to 4 years for disposable diapers! Talk about less work in the long run! As a student, I simply cannot afford disposables and can't bear to throw away between 10 and 15 soiled diapers in the trash per day. The World Health Organization and several other public health organizations have also said that it's technically against the law to throw away infant stool in a disposable diaper-folks are supposed to scrape it into the toilet due to the risk of contaminating the water supply with fecal bacteria. There's a series of 7 YouTube videos if you search "cloth diapering" that are really, really helpful.

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I have tried all kinds as I've been cloth diapering for more than fourteen years!!  If you have a specific kind you want to ask me about, please do, rather than me reviewing all of them.


I used mostly Haute Pockets and Bum Genius pocket diapers with the last two, but sold/gave away all of them.  I'm going back to prefolds and covers with this baby, as that's what I've ended up liking the best out of all of them.  Cotton diapers don't smell stinky like the synthetic fabrics, and they're cheaper.  I have a mix bag of covers, but mostly I use Nikki's for newborns up to 3 months (have to change them often or they leak but I love the fabric and they seem like they're really comfortable) then I'll switch to Bummi's.  Also have a few wool velcro covers which will be cozy in the winter.  Will need to get 3 dozen newborn (yellow edge) diapers (I like to have extras for breastmilk leakage, spit up, etc) and then 2 dozen mediums (blue edge, I think).

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I've tried a lot! My ds was exclusively cloth diapered... Well, except for first two months- I was really sick and on bed rest, we did what we needed! My favorites with Ds were Little Lions and cotton babies Flats(with pins), then profolds. Dappi nylon pull on covers were AWESOME on my kiddos. Bumpkins airflow for newborns. I like having a few AIO for sitters or changing in weird places. My favorite AIO: dream ease (thought they remind me of speedos), All Together Diaper company, Blue Penguin (SO cute!) and Bum Genius. When past exclusive breast food poo, I love wool! So.much easier than it sounds.

In between kids, we got one of those early generation front loaders. Tips on diaper forums were few and far between. Our washer simply could NOT get them clean! It was a nightmare. We tried like 5 different soaps,4 different additives, etc (to the tune of $70-100... To no avail. Dd was always rashy, our diapers always STINKY. greensad.gif I gave up! It took another $100 worth of sposies before we found any she could tolerate at all (Luvs. Go figure). I HATE if! I hate the waste! Hate the chemicals- really miss those fluffy butts! When we move, we plan on buying a toploader and resuming CDing.
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Shoot ! I forgot my absolute favorites of all time: Frugal Fanny Fitteds (one sized flannel diaper. Very similar to the Rita Rump Pockets in shape- loved that they only needed one pin to put one (and for newborns I just tied them). Old blog post about them: http://opheliapayne.wordpress.com/2007/10/22/frugal-fanny-flannels/
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