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I think my dd has pertussis..

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I haven't needed to come to these boards in forever, but am here because I think my 13 yo dd may have pertussis.  She is 100% unvaccinated, and has been superhealthy until this year.  Now it seems she comes down with some sort of respiratory illness almost monthly.  


Her school sent around a notice around a month ago saying someone in her grade had pertussis.  About two weeks ago she had a runny nose for about five days, with minor sneezing.  About 10 days ago she started complaining about a sore throat and a cough started.  No fever ever.  I took her to the urgent care clinic the next day since my regular holistic MD does not have a rapid strep in office.  Rapid strep and culture were both negative.  The next day (8 days ago) I filled amoxicillin for her because the cough was getting worse.  She hasn't needed any antibiotic since she was 6yo!  The amoxicillin did nothing.  The cough got worse over the past week, and now is barky and coming in waves a 4-6 times per hour.  I took her back to the urgent care this past Friday.  They said her lungs were completely clear and the illness was all from the neck up.  She's been home from school now for a week, but they didn't seem concerned and wrote her a note excusing her.  they also gave us a phenergan with codeine syrup that I've only given her half strength at night because she was half comatose when I gave her a full teaspoon.  When we went in Friday I mentioned I feared pertussis, but the PA who saw her said these viral things can go on a long time.


Since Friday (it's now Sunday night) the cough has gotten more intense.  She's made a whooping noise a few times in attempts to breath during the fits.  She's also vomited in at least three separate incidences after coughing.  


This is an entirely new experience for us.  She's never had a cough like this, but has been very healthy.  She's also never vomited after coughing.  I think she has pertussis.  I was intending to send her back to school tomorrow because she only has 10 days of school left and has finals, etc. She looks miserable when she coughs though, while seeming okay the rest of the time.   She's been on antibiotics 9 days.  She needs to graduate 8th grade!  


Maybe I should call and demand they call in a pertussis test, but what good would it do now?  It's too late to get her on a more appropriate antibiotic, and even if it weren't they don't help much, correct?


Thanks for the support and help,



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So sorry your daughter's sick. It sounds horrible whatever the cause is. You are right I think that antibiotics for pertussis are unlikely to help her, although they may reduce transmission.

I hope she feels better soon.
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Here is everything you need to know about whooping cough, including the infection, immunity and treatment, Whooping Cough.


Here is another excellent article by Suzanne Humphries MD, on vitamin C treatment of whooping cough.


Vitamin C for Whooping Cough. Updated Edition


Whooping cough certainly can go on for months, when my two had it (suspected not confirmed) it lasted several months, but fortunately, it was very mild, and only a minor annoyance, and they were only coughing at night. I wish your DD a speedy recovery. The good thing about being unvaxed and contracting whooping cough is your DD will have developed true immunity so she will be much more protected than those with incomplete, and fast waning vaccine-induced immunity. She will also be able to pass on that true immunity to her babies, thereby protecting them from the potential harm of being infected too young.


PS, I am also in CO, is pertussis going around? (Not that we need to worry, but a natural booster would be nice!)

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Here is a video on Pertussis by Aviva Romm MD


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Dinahx, thanks for the video link.

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