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Anybody having a VBAC?

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This is my situation, and I'm not quite sure what to expect. I had a planned homebirth with my first, and then my second was a planned c/s because of placenta previa. I had my first appointment with my midwife last week, and she said that the formal recommendation from the Society is that anyone with a previous c/s should have a hospital birth. She also mentioned that it would be highly recommended to have an IV in place, plus monitoring (with one of those mobile ones, so I wouldn't be confined to bed). I was really surprised by this... bleh.


Anybody else planning a VBAC, and what are your thoughts around the whole thing?

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Could you negotiate a heplock instead of an IV? I think it really depends if you are ok with them knocking you out in case of a true emergency, but I would question my midwife some more. Also, while you may choose to have a hospital birth, you can always decline everything else and have a natural hospital birth, that way if any intervention was needed, you already are in the right place.

Good luck!
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I am planning a VBAC. I am hoping to be at a hospital that has mobile telemetry. (The other VBAC-friendly hospital does not have mobile  systems.)  But yes, both require constant monitoring after a certain point. I think it is once past 5cm dilated.


I think with both hospitals a heplock instead of IV can be negotiated.

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I'm planning another HBAC.

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Since you have a "proven pelvis" that seems really strange she would recommend a repeat cesarean.  If you don't absolutely love your midwife I would think about changing.  Her saying that throws up warning flags for me.


This will be my 3rd VBAC.  My midwives are great.  I will have a heplock and monitoring but the hospital has wireless so its not a big deal to me.  

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With my first VBAC I ended up having a lot of interventions pushed on me, all in the name of safety, including forcing me to have an epidural I didn't want. It was very frustrating, and I wish I had looked for another care provider. I almost ended up with another c-section because of them forcing me into an awful position to push. They kept freaking out every time I made a noise, thinking I might be rupturing. And their response to that? Turning up the epidural!

IMHO, it's definitely worthwhile to get a care provider who is not scared of VBACs, and who is truly supportive. This time I am having a hospital birth, but I have had a VBAC at home. (I did c-section, VBAC, HBAC, VBAC, c-section, and this will be another hospital VBAC.) I'm looking for as low intervention as possible. Really, the only reason I'm having another hospital birth is that just happens to be where the care provider I trust works. He and I mesh better than anyone I've worked with before, so I want to stick with him. wink1.gif
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Taryn, my provider (midwife) isn't saying I should have a repeat c/s-- she is telling me that the current recommendation, for a planned vaginal birth, is to do it in hospital and not at home. The big fear being uterine rupture. Especially since I will be birthing 18 months after having my c/s (as per what I have read in the literature I have been given).


I talked with my hubby about the heplock (he is a paramedic) and he said the heplock is used when the IV is planned to be in place for a good while (when there is more of a chance of clotting occuring), while a saline lock is used when it is very short term. Either way, it was my understanding at the time that we were having the discussion with the midwife about having an IV, that I wouldn`t be hooked up to IV fluids from the get-go but that the IV catheter would be in my vein and then locked off-- just in case something happened and they needed quick access to giving me blood or fluids. I am bummed out that I would need to have even that done, and then on top of that if I have to have monitoring (it would be one of those mobile units that allows me to walk around and stuff). I know they are just wanting to be careful and all. I am just feeling resistant to the idea, which is probably a carry-over from having to have things go so 'medical' with baby#2. It is just coming up to one year that I had that planned c/s (May 28)... maybe that has something to do with my feelings.


michelle, that is great that you have a care provider that you mesh with. That will make quite a difference I am sure!  What is he saying about IV and monitoring (or anything else, for that matter), in terms of taking precautions but not going over the top from the get-go?

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Well, honestly, we haven't talked many specifics yet. Last time I went to him, I miscarried. He was very supportive of letting everything happen naturally, and aside from letting me know what to look for, he was more concerned with making sure I was ok than fretting about hypothetical complications.

This time, we've talked about the fact that I'm a VBA2C, and he has indicated that he doesn't see any reason to treat me differently because of this. I know that his approach, on general principle, is less interventive. We also talked about the fact that I will most likely go late, and how I've repeatedly gone to 42 weeks before. He asked me if I was ok with that, and I said yes, and he said that we'd talk closer to the date to see if I wanted him to strip my membranes. I love that he approaches every discussion with, "Well, how do YOU prefer to handle this?"

I think that's what matters. A doctor or midwife who starts out from the perspective of, "Well, we're going to have to be very careful because VBAC is so dangerous!" is much more worrisome to me than one who says, "I don't see any reason why that should be a problem." The latter might want you to get a hep-lock, but the former is more likely to freak out and start talking c-section.
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Taryn, my provider (midwife) isn't saying I should have a repeat c/s-- she is telling me that the current recommendation, for a planned vaginal birth, is to do it in hospital and not at home. The big fear being uterine rupture. Especially since I will be birthing 18 months after having my c/s (as per what I have read in the literature I have been given).




Ah gotcha.  I misread the first post.  HBACs are 'illegal' in NJ so I don't have a choice.  Although I do have a friend who had an 'illegal' HBAC.  She won't even tell anyone the name of her midwife now because that midwife could lose her license.  If I had had an easy hospital VBAC in the past I would think about HBAC in the future but I haven't so we will be in the hospital again.  My midwives make hospital feel like home to me anyway.

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I also am planning a VBAC (my first daughter was born at 25 weeks and I was put under general), anyways I am hopeful for an unhindered, calm hospital birth. I will be ok with a heplock but will insist on intermittent monitoring (unless we have concerns of course).


Would love to hear what you others are doing to prepare mentally/physically/emotionally!! Any advice for a 1st time VBAC hopeful?



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Originally Posted by sarahlouise View Post

Would love to hear what you others are doing to prepare mentally/physically/emotionally!! Any advice for a 1st time VBAC hopeful?


I found the Hypnobabies Fear Release and VBAC cds very helpful in preparing mentally and emotionally.  Physically I saw a chiro while pregnant with my 2nd, read up a lot on the spinning babies site, took evening primrose oil towards the end.  But my story is very different than yours.  I had a failed induction (unnecessarean) at 41w6d.  I was concerned about baby being in a bad postion and not going into labor.

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This was what I did last time-

This time I'm adding the spinning babies daily moves to my yoga routine, taking more herbs (my latest post on my blog has details on the tincture I made), I'm planning on trying that "eat so many dates a day for the last few weeks" thing, and sitting on the birth ball a lot more toward the end.

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Hi, Sarah,  I am also a first-time VBAC-hopeful. Well, kinda, I miscarried at 11 wks a couple years ago, and that gave me enough time to determine 1) YES! Trying for a VBAC was very important to me and 2) what my options were regarding care-givers. 


I have all sorts of thoughts about how I can go about preparing for this birth, but it looks like I will have to write up those ideas later. I started this post this morning, and now it is almost time for me to go home. Work is keeping me too busy!

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I was told the same thing about the heplock/salinelock, and after the trauma of my C/S, I just couldn't handle that.    I still don't know what they put in that IV during my CS birth, or when, or why.  Only that I had no say and no control over it, and my needs were completely overrun by what the nurses wanted to do.  So to me, the IV/heplcok/salinething, it represented more than emergency access to my blood. It was me taking back control (and responsibility) for my healthcare decisions. So if you find yourself hung up on something, it may, like me, be not exactly about the something in particular but about your need to do different this round in general. 


That said, I would find another option for a care provider.  This one is not as enthused about your chances as they could be.  We went through alot of providers before finding one who would get behind my decisions.  It was a little scary because, once you take charge, you're repsonsible too, but it was so so so so so worth it.  Worth the tirme to find her, worth the extra money, everything.  I honestly was mentally prepared to even have another c-section, just as long as it was my educated, informed, responsible choice. But I got my VBAC, and odds are good that if you try, you'll succeed.  


At my local hospitals, A VBAC mom has a higher chance (80%) of having a natural birth than a regular hospital patient without a previous C/S (64%).  


My midwife group has the same statistics of C/S for VBAC mamas and all other mamas (3%).

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