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Chicken pox

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We have them in Bellevue. Pm if you'd like to stop by today or maybe tomorrow.
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Bumping up for more input!

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I don't think I received any interest from this post, surprisingly. My son is no longer infectious, but his sister might be in another week smile.gif
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How far away is Bellevue from Portland??

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Please post if your daughter gets the pox. I am interested for my 6 year old but hesitant because I have little babe too.
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I'll be interested if your daughter gets them as well!  My youngest is 18 months, so I'm not sure if he's too young, but I've got a 5 year old, and a 3.5 year old who need them.

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I think my daughter is going to be a dead end.  I think she had a very mild case.  I'll check her titers down the road.  I thought she was getting ill at the appropriate time, she got possibly a few tiny poxs, but it never went further like I expected.  Several families came over when my son was ill so maybe one of them will post.


(Bellevue is 3 hours north of Portland)

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Kicking myself for not seeing this post sooner! If any families you exposed end up catching it, please encourage them to post to this thread!
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Darn, wish I would have seen this sooner too. Looking to expose my kids if anyone else is contagious.

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