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child spacing

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can a woman produce children 20 years apart ?

example 29, 17, and 9 ???

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Yes, very easily. My extended family and friends are full of large families where the oldest and youngest children are more than 20 years apart. My mother and father both have aunts and uncles that are younger than them because of this, and a very good friend of mine has a biological siblings that are 20 and 24 years older than her (same mother and father). And there's even a TV show about a family (the Duggars) with 19 children. The oldest and youngest are close to 20 years apart.


Think about it, if a woman gives birth when she's, say, 17 or 19 years old, she can easily still be fertile at age 37 or 40 or even older to have other children.

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When my mom had me, her 4th child, her other 3 children, were 20, 15, & 12. Also my older sister recently had a baby when her oldest son was 22. So yeah, you can potentially get pregnant until u go thru menopause, and if u started young, it's completely possible to have kids 20 years apart
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Why not, the math can make sense.  Perhaps if a woman freezes embryos and uses surrogate, children could theoretically be any given age apart.  Imagine having a sibling 80 years your senior... weird.

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Absolutely. My youngest (due this fall) and my oldest will be 17 years apart, and I'm only in my mid thirties. I don't want to have any more, but if did, I should still have some childbearing years ahead, so I can imagine having kids 20 years apart.
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I could certainly have children 20, even 25 years apart if I wanted to. Not that I want to though! I was 20 when DD1 was born, 10 years later, I am 30 and she is 10. We've completed our family a couple years ago after 4 children. I've known several families that had adult or older teen children and then had a baby as well, it happens. 

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My oldest will be 22 very soon and my youngest is 7 weeks. :)


I am 39 years old and could technically have children 25-30 years apart if I was so inclined. LOL

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