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YAY! Danielle, those turned out so cute!! I love your reaction, haha! Congrats on the baby girl!! 

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Awe those are so awesome!!!

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Awww Danielle, those pictures are adorable!  I was laying on the table and couldn't react, but that's how I feel about our girl too :)  WhooohoooO!!!!!!

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I got really emotional when we found out we're having a girl, and started crying happy tears while laying on the table haha. The tech was really sweet though, so it wasn't too awkward. I'm soo excited! 

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We are totally over the moon, two big brothers are so happy! Seriously think I will be in shock for the next few days, went shopping and came home with a couple of teeny tiny onesies because I was so overwhelmed by the huge selection of girls things compared to boys!
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I was squealing, crying and doing a happy dance! Hehe.
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Love the photos! Congrats on your baby GIRL!
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Man, I'm bummed by something pretty small.  My dad has had recent health issues and claims that because of that, he can't come to my wedding which isn't for 15 months (we live a VERY long plane journey apart, a dozen time zones). nono02.gif What a bogus excuse, of course he can very well be in good enough shape to travel by then.  He could have at least not been so transparent and said, "I can't promise I'll be there because of my health, but if I am able to I'd love to be there" and then closer to the event tell white lies about not being well enough and expressing regrets.  That would have at least saved my feelings of having a really transparent BS excuse thrown in my face more than a year before the wedding.  


Then again, it's probably better that I get over it now, and realize that my dad hasn't really been there for me since the early nineties, so I need to go ahead and have a little grieving for this latest demonstration of how low a priority I rank to him, and get over it once and for all.  If I have zero expectations, he can't disappoint me. He's given me no reason to believe, these last twenty years, that he would ever come through for me in any way (didn't come to any of my graduations, first wedding, never flown out to meet grandchildren, ....has actually NEVER bothered to travel to see me in twenty six years) so it's my own fault that I let his charm when I (and my fiance) visited his home a year ago melt my normal defenses a bit, and believe him when he and his family say that they might be interested in visiting us and coming to the wedding.  Such BS.  


Oh and my (25 year old) half sister and my stepmother are actually right now in my time zone in a neighboring country visiting the stepmom's family.  So it's not like they can't manage a trip to this area because it's too far and expensive or difficult.  Obviously my dad isn't traveling this minute because of recent health issue (a severe allergic reaction to medication that threw his body for a loop for a couple weeks) but they could have somehow waited until he was better and then all come to this part of the world and visited me at the same time, preferably at the time of our wedding next year?  


Anyway thanks for letting me vent.

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Hugs Serafina.
Sounds like he wants attention for his medical issues. Ah family. Set lowered expectations they excavate smile.gif
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Danielle, I totally understand the excitement of shopping for itty bitty girl clothes!! I'm trying to keep myself in check haha! Etsy has amazzzzing things for baby girls too :)

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Serafina, sorry about your dad :( That sucks that he's being so noncommittal and hurtful. 

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Originally Posted by DanielleNZ View Post

I was squealing, crying and doing a happy dance! Hehe.


YAY!!  So exciting!!  Congrats Danielle joy.gif


Sorry I've been a bit absent, so congrats to everyone who found out lately -  is it my imagination, or is everyone having a girl?? 

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Serafina.. totally agree it's lame of your Dad to start making excuses so far in advance.  That really sucks and I'm sorry.  At least you know where you stand, but it still must hurt especially if this is his normal behaviour.  Some people are just so weak at being family.  hug2.gif 

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I am having a BOY!! I may be the only one though!!!
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(((Hugs))) Serafina .....I am so sorry you have to deal with that right now :( 


Congrats to all those who are finding out the gender....<3 <3 

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Congrats, abk!! There must be more boys around here somewhere! 

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I've produced my share of sons already.  I'm so glad to have a girl this time!  joy.gif


Thanks, guys.  I should be used to it by now, I really should.....

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I'm having a boy, too! I had four girls in a row and then a boy, so another boy is really nice. (I do love little girls and their clothes, though!) But I'm having fun knitting for my first winter baby since my first. I have three born in June and one the end of April.
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Hi all. I had my anatomy ultrasound on Friday, and while we didn't find out the baby's gender (by choice), we did find out that the baby has bilateral club feet. So we're trying to come to terms with that news... I've already started researching specialists in our area.
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Sending you so much love and strength JoAnna while you process your news! *hugs*
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