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Pregnancy After Baby Loss

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So I am hesitantly thrilled to be expecting baby #4. This is my 6th pregnancy. I lost my 3rd at 7 weeks and my 5th at 16 weeks. Our whole family is excited yet nervous. Anyone else here expecting after a loss/losses?
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Thanks for starting this thread! I am expecting baby #3 and this is my 5th pregnancy. I lost pgs #2 and #3 at 10 and 9 weeks, respectively. I have been really excited about this new pregnancy for the past week, but then the nervous/paranoid feelings started creeping in yesterday.
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Yup. MC'd in Jan at 7.5 weeks. Constantly worrying. Though the onset of symptoms today has helped a lot, as I had very few last time. I do remember feeling worried about miscarrying w DD but it wasn't to the degree I worry now after a loss.
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I miscarried in January between 6 and 7 weeks, so we have been really quiet about this pregnancy but I am trying to take every day as a gift! Sending you all love. X
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Thanks for posting ladies. It is nice to not feel alone in this. We already told our kids because the throwing up every morning was impossible to hide. My early loss was pretty much free of pregnancy symptoms so the sickness makes me feel better. I know we will have to tell before passing 18 weeks because I won't be able tho hide it that long. I am already having to wear stretchy clothes.

The last week or so I am feeling really angry about the loss of innocence stuff. I hate that I can't just be happy and expect a baby at the end. With our late loss everything was fine till he just didn't have a HB at 16 weeks. I am no it sure I will feel "safe" until I am holding this little one.
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This is my 4th pregnancy and will be baby #2 for us.  We lost our first in Sept. 2009 somewhere between 6-8 weeks.  It was kind of a nightmare with fluctuating hormone levels.  It was very strange.  We had our son in Sept. 2010 which was a great pregnancy and birth.  We just recently lost #3 at 5 weeks in March of this year.  I am still holding my breath a bit with this baby, but just feel so much more confident.  I hope that isn't me setting myself up for that much more disappointment! I have been extreme tired and as of today quite nauseous which are all great signs, right? 


Wishing you all lots of positive, healthy vibes! 

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I lost a baby in March, would have been due in October. I'm 4 weeks, 2 days. HCG today was 272. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism about a week before I got my BFP this time. I'm pretty sure that's why I miscarried. I'm on synthroid now. Trying to get in to see an endo, I have been referred to one. My T4 and T3 levels were drawn last week and they were on the low side of normal - not great for pregnancy, they should be in the upper 1/3 of the range. T4 free was very low after my miscarriage so this is an improvement. I don't know if this pregnancy has a chance, but I'm hoping. Hashi's runs in my family so that is a factor. I'm taking aspirin and vitamins now too. Eating brazil nuts for selenium and going to start iodine drops. FX all our babies stick and are healthy!   

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This is my 5th pregnancy. My first pregnancy was in 2009 - as noted in my signature, I placed my son for (open) adoption. So while technically this will be my SECOND baby, it really feels kind of like my first all over again!

We've had 3 losses in a row. One at 7 weeks in 2010, and two at 4w5d, in 2011 and 2012. So I'm fairly scared for this pregnancy! I've had all the tests run on me, and I'm "normal". Which is both reassuring and annoying. I'm currently on baby aspirin at the recommendation of my doctor.

I'm already starting to freak out because my boobs aren't as sore today as they were yesterday and the day before :(


Alyssatuininga - I'm also mad that I can't be like the "other women" and go announce my pregnancy from the rooftops the second the stick dried! I hate being scared, and not wanting to get excited.

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I totally understand the anger. I hate hiding such a joyous thing. I am SO over the moon happy but I cant possible handle untelling people again. I am also so sad that I don't just expect a baby at the end of this. I want our #4 baby so badly and am so afraid to get my hopes up again.

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My ultrasound is tomorrow. My 4 year old has been sick all day today so I feel guilty having my big kids stay with a friend. Looks like I will be going to the u/s all alone.
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This is my second pregnancy and I'm due January 31. We lost our first - would have been due in July - in January. Baby was developmentally at about 14 weeks, but only measured at 12. I waited another 6 weeks after we found out to schedule a D&C (because NOTHING was happening and I needed closure). I ended up having abnormal ultrasounds afterwards, so I have had an MRI and another D&C since then. Yikes. This time around I'll go in for an early appointment and start progesterone supplements.


Happy and sticky vibes to all of you! Hope your ultrasound goes well Alyssa!

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I found out I was pregnant on Feb 9. and lost my baby on Feb 21. This is my 6th pregnancy. I am due on Jan. 1, 2014! I have 4 kids at home, and had the one miscarraige. I have been really nervous about this baby so I have been keeping it on the down low as well. :) Good Luck Ladies!

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My first pregnancy was fine and though I worried about losing the baby it is just not the same as the fear you have after you have lost a baby. I lost my second child at around 6 weeks and then my third child at 8 weeks. My OB put me on baby aspirin, Progesterone and folic acid the minute we found out I was pregnant with this one. This time I am so sick and my boobs are extremely sore and have already jumped a cup size which are symptoms I didn't have with the other two. I am almost 10 weeks now and still nervous even though I do feel better about this one. I had an US at 6 1/2 weeks and baby #4's heartbeat was 115, which I take as a good sign too. I'm seeing my OB through 12 weeks and then want to switch to a midwife. I really want to be able to have at least one more ultrasound but I also really want to have this one at home. 


Jello Panda- I know how you feel!!! I have people who announce it to the world the second two lines show, without a fear in the world. I had been pretty angry through the two pregnancies I lost especially because I had so many people around me announce they were pregnant right when I was losing my children. I had a hard time even being around other pregnant woman for awhile. I would have been due July 10th but instead I am now due January 10th! 


Prayers go out for all of you. It is such a happy and difficult time. 

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