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Winner Selected! Win a Complete Homeschool Curriculum from Oak Meadow!!

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This giveaway has ended. Thank you to everyone who took part and to Oak Meadow for offering this wonderful giveaway! Don't forget to check out their awesome curriculum and school


The randomly chosen winner is Margaritaa, you will be contacted through Mothering PM. Congrats!!!




Mothering and Oak Meadow have teamed up again to bring you an incredible giveaway and the brand new (and free!) issue of Oak Meadow's online journal: Living Education, dedicated to Sustainable Living and Learning. See the bottom of this post for your free issue!


The prize: 


Win a complete homeschool curriculum package for one PreK-8 grade of your choice (value: $120-$420). 


Winner of our community selected Best of Mothering award for Homeschooling, Oak Meadow’s uniquely creative curriculum includes assignments that ask children to read, write, and think, and also to paint, draw, play music, write poetry, and build things, encouraging balanced and healthy development.


To enter:


1. If you haven’t already, please make sure you “like” Oak Meadow on Facebook and are a fan of Mothering on our Facebook page.


2. Visit these Practical Tips for Simple Living and post which “tips” inspire or motivate you on this thread. You can also post your own ideas! You can share as many ideas as you like but please do so in one single post.


For a second entry: 


Share this giveaway with friends and create a new post on this thread letting us know that you did!


Last day to enter is May 27th! We will draw a winner at random on that day and announce the lucky person's name on or about May 28th. Two entries per person only, one for posting your tips and one for sharing this giveaway with friends and posting a second time. 
Be sure to read the Terms and Conditions before you participate. Good luck!


Do you practice sustainability as a family?


Are you teaching your child that it’s important to look out, not just for ourselves, but for the wellbeing of others, the Earth, and future generations?


Our friends at Oak Meadow have dedicated their latest issue of Living Education to Sustainable Living and Learning. When it comes to teaching our children to step lightly and lovingly on this earth, this comprehensive collection of articles, stories, activities, and resources will motivate, inform, and inspire. Happy reading!

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We use cloth napkins, cloth bags, and cleaning cloths... also cloth diapers and wipes!

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I love all of these ideas on simple living! We have incorporated most of them into our family, but we are always striving to do more. The one that I am trying to focus on right now is integrating art and creativity into our learning. I used to be really good about this - having special art projects to explore or enhance learning. As we have gotten busier, this has slipped some and I would like to bring it back. Thank you for the reminder!

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Hi, I shared your giveaway on my Twitter page. As a family, we do many of the activities listed considered simple and sustainable. For example, we grow our own food in the summer in a raised bed garden in front of our 2 flat, we use cloth for napkins and for grocery bags, we try to get out for a walk as much as possible, even if we don't have a destination planned (luckily we live in a pretty walkable city) and we always feel better after for it. This is a great list of ideas, I'm hoping to get back to doing more of the making our own type of activities like sewing (I love to knit, sew a little) and hope to try canning our food for the first time this year.

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We have taken to replacing disposable items with cloth, such as paper towels, disposable baby wipes, etc.  Also this year we are expanding our garden by at least double and I am going to try to save seeds for the first time!

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Shared with my friends via email and a facebook post.

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We do a lot of these. I would like to have more game nights. I think they are great for family bonding and lots of fun.
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We use cloth napkins, cloth bags, and dry the wash on the clothesline. When the children were in diapers we used cloth. Now that all of the children are school aged, our favorite activity is getting outside to wander. Ponds, streams and the ocean are the current favorite spots to play and explore. On rainy days and in the evenings we all pile on to one couch to read aloud. With 5 readers in the house we can pass a book around for a long time!

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Shared via e-mail and Facebook.

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I do so many of the things on your list!  What really inspired me, though, was more handwritten letters.  I really want to do that and have my kids do that.   Thanks!

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I shared on facebook!!

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I shared this with my like minded friends too!

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I use cleaning cloths, compost, garden, and use cloth diapers and cloth wipes on my little one.

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Wow!  I love reading through the responses!  Like some others, we use cloth diapers, cloth wipes and hand me down clothes.  I'd love to use family cloth, but it is taking some convincing of my DH!  LOL!  We also grow a lot of our own food in the garden, hang our clothes to dry, I make natural toys and am a natural dyer (I am building a dye garden).  We spend time outside instead of going places that involve driving and spending money.  Recently we just built a treehouse out of salvaged materials.  We're bartering with a carpenter friend of ours who is helping with the structural part.  I'm really excited about getting chickens this year to give us eggs and fertilizer for the gardens.  We visit with our neighbours regularly, and a favourite excursion is to walk down the street to the marina and talk to all the boat builders.


My DH and I are working through "Organized Simplicity" and creating our family purpose statement was very inspiring... I highly recommend the exercise!

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We just got cloth napkins, air dry everything, compost, garden, buy used clothes/toys, eat good wholesome food, belong to a CSA.. and many more. Loved your list!

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I just liked Oak Meadow and shared the link on Facebook!
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Shared this on Facebook. thanks fir the opportunity and for the wealth of information you provide!!
We expanded our garden this year, use cloth diapers, make our own laundry soap & household cleaners.
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Our two boys are always wearing out the knees on their pants, so I sew on patches, or they wouldn't have any pants!  They like it because the contrasting fabrics look cool. This year we are growing a garden, so far we have planted: sugar snap peas, bush beans, pickling cucumbers, carrots, spinach, parsley, thai cilantro, thyme, and zucchini. I hope to pickle cucumbers and have extra green beans for freezing.  I love to write handwritten letters and I help our kids to write to their grandparents and their great grandmother.  When the weather is good we do lots of hiking, swimming, and outdoor learning.  We shop with reusable bags.  We only own one car and sometimes take the bus instead of driving.  

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Such a great list! I love to repair old things and make them new again. My problem is finding time to make this happen. I always have a pile of things to "up-cycle," but I'm working to live more in the moment and make time for the "little things." I also love the idea of creating a sanctuary spot to retreat to. Off to work on that now...!

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