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I love the wonder board idea! I'm trying to think of a way to incorporate one in my house. What a great way to teach my kids there are things mommy doesn't know, and that's okay.
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Our family practices recycling, organic gardening, composting, just got cloth napkins, glass straws, reuseable containers for snacks and lunch, and water containers, hope to get chickens and a clothes line soon.

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I love the idea of creating a peaceful spot.  We are working on our yard to create a garden and relaxation area.  My children would love a pool, but that is way too much stress for me!  The garden is great b/c we are learning about plants and how they grow and what best to grow them in.  It gives them a purpose.

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Shared on facebook, too :)

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I shared on facebook: on my business page Mothering Herbs and my personal page.

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My family always grows a plentiful garden, then we freeze and pickle the excess. It's amazing seeing my son's excitement growing and picking fresh food!
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Shared on facebook, too! So excited for this giveaway!
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We do many of the "tips" already.


I don't think ds even owns any "brand new" clothes, everything is thrifted, home-made, upcycled, or hand-me-downs.


The "wonder board"/ question board is one I'd like to start that we don't currently do

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Shared on facebook too!

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I love these ideas. We do many of them. We use cloth napkins and diapers and cloth "paper" towels. We cook almost all of our own food. Belong to a CSA. We make presents whenever we can. Make stationary and send letters. We don't have cable. Use cloth bags...
Great ideas!
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Shared on Facebook!!
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Patch and repair items, and donate those items we no longer need.  Donating helps declutter our home but also seems to declutter our minds as well!  :)


We love our gardens, both the veggie gardens and our flower gardens that are butterfly and hummingbird friendly.  I'm love to share my time and help others, but I really need to get better at asking for help from others.  I also need to dedicate more time to mindful meditating, I know what a difference it makes in my life, but I need to make it priority. 


Thanks for this wonderful giveaway! 

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Shared with friends and on Facebook!

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I like the idea of having a sanctuary in the house and especially to spend time in that sanctuary every day. That is something I think I'd like us to do as a family...perhaps use it to listen to soothing music or for reading books sometimes.

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We do our snacktime out in the garden in the summers.  That way the kids get the extra sense of pride and competency from picking from their own planted beds; and they really know where their food comes from. 

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shared on FB

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Originally Posted by Melanie Mayo View Post


Mothering and 
Oak Meadow
 have teamed up again to bring you an incredible giveaway and the brand new (and free!) issue of Oak Meadow's online magazine: Living Education, dedicated to Sustainable Living and Learning. See the bottom of this post for your free issue!


The prize: 


Win a complete homeschool curriculum package for one PreK-8 grade of your choice (value: $120-$420). 


Winner of our community selected Best of Mothering award for Homeschooling, Oak Meadow’s uniquely creative curriculum includes assignments that ask children to read, write, and think, and also to paint, draw, play music, write poetry, and build things, encouraging balanced and healthy development.


To enter:

1. If you haven’t already, please make sure you “like” Oak Meadow on Facebook and are a fan of Mothering on our Facebook page.

2. Visit these
Practical Tips for Simple Living
and post which “tips” inspire or motivate you on this thread. You can also post your own ideas! You can share as many ideas as you like but please do so in one single post.

For a second entry: 

hare this giveaway with friends and create a new post on this thread letting us know that you did!

Last day to enter is May 27th! We will draw a winner at random on that day and announce the lucky person's name on or about May 28th. Two entries per person only, one for posting your tips and one for sharing this giveaway with friends and posting a second time. 
Be sure to read the Terms and Conditions before you participate. Good luck!

Do you practice sustainability as a family?

Are you teaching your child that it’s important to look out, not just for ourselves, but for the wellbeing of others, the Earth, and future generations?

Our friends at 
Oak Meadow 
have dedicated their latest issue of Living Education to 
Sustainable Living and Learning
. When it comes to teaching our children to step lightly and lovingly on this earth, this comprehensive collection of articles, stories, activities, and resources will motivate, inform, and inspire. 
Happy reading!
I just shared tip and am really excited to learn more about their curriculum
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Just posted on FB!
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I love the idea of wandering and wondering together.  I've been trying to be relaxed with schooling but following our current curriculum it is hard.  We practice most of the other things on the list.  I was raised this way.  Good tips and great reminders!

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I think what spoke to me most from this article is the section on Simple, Sustainable Learning. We have just made the decision to homeschool our 3 children beginning in the fall. Many of the suggestions are the exact reasons we desire a different learning environment for our family. I am  looking forward to exploring and wandering together. I can't wait to drop time limits and let learning happen at its own pace. I also like some of the suggestions in the Relationship section--greet your neighbors by name and share resources. As we begin this new homeschooling adventure, we are going to need all the support we can get from neighbors and others. What better way to learn than from our very own neighborhood!

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