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It is important to our family to make meaningful connections between academics and our personal life.  Oak Meadow helps us to integrate the pursuit of knowledge very naturally into our daily lives. I also hope that I am modeling a zest for education to my children as I have returned to school to pursue my passion (a degree in new media and a minor in dance).  

I surely do love the idea of a "wonder board"!  I don't even know how many times a day I hear "I wonder....?".  A board like this will help us pursue our "wonderings"!  

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I shared this giveaway with my Facebook friends!

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My kids are all pretty young still. This year with my four year old, we learned letters, numbers, colors, and shapes. We have also been talking a lot about manners and how to treat others. Always say please and thank you. We not only learned them at home but while we were shopping, playing at the park, and just driving around in the car. I am a firm believer of hands on learning. We love to get out and discover new things and possibilities everyday. Whether it is going outside and walking around the yard, or hiking on trails around this area. I never discourage my children from trying anything, but I am always there to give a helping hand if they need it. Just this weekend we planted our very first garden and we are very excited to start our own sustainable food supply.
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I shared this with all my friends. :)

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I like the tip on getting at eye level with your kids.

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We do a lot of these, cloth napkins, cloth diapers, cloth grocery bags, picnics,walks, sewing, making our own toys, reusing anything and everything I can. Freecycling when things need to go, I would like to incorporate more game nights, unstructured nature learning time as well. 

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Shared on Facebook

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I love mothering magazine 

I love Oak Meadows ideas 

We would love to win the homeschool kit for my daughter going into second grade material!

Thank you!!!! 

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I shared on Facebook!

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We upcycle a lot, use as many sustainable products as possible, and we are growing more of our own food than ever this year. My daughter is learning so much about what really matters in this world and how to live a more sustainable lifestyle. As we build a coop for our new spring flock of chickens we are studying life science, math, and other skills at her level (kindergarten/preK). As we plant our garden we are talking about compost, good and bad bacteria, nutrition, sunshine, and so many other concepts.

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I am inclined to say that ALL of the tips are inspiring! They are all great ways to approach learning, teaching, being, and togetherness. 

Now I am off to share Oak Meadow Curriculum & School FB page with my friends :) 
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We grow a garden and freeze vegetables for the winter.   We also are doing a lot of hands on learning  with our 4 year old.   I love the tips on relationships.     I published on FB   too,   

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We are new to homeschooling, and are going to try Oak Meadow next school year, so this would be great! What inspires and motivates me from the article: For the home, cleaning in 10-minute bursts. For relationships, asking for and accepting help. For learning, making real-life, meaningful connections. 

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This entire list resonates with me. Since having my daughter two and a half years ago I have steadily been returning to my hippie ways of days gone by. Because of her I am again "finding joy in discovery" and "enjoying the wonder of learning". Wanting her to explore the world fully has me doing just that all over again. We're wandering together.

We cloth diaper and because we only have a washer that meant hanging the diapers to dry weather permitting outside or inside on racks. At first it was a hassle but now I line dry our clothes most days too. We had a stretch of beautiful weather, I got up early to get the diapers and clothes out on the line.

Our use of cloth diapers has lead to reusable cloth of one form or another throughout our home.
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Shared on Facebook too! Love this list :-)
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Shared on FB. I am already doings most of things on the list, but I really like the idea of a sanctuary spot!
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I love the idea of a wonder board! Our 3 homeschool boys have so many questions throughout the day, and this would be a great way to look and reflect on all of them! I also really love this list! Great tips and ideas for a simpler, more peaceful life.

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For my second entry, I shared this link to my homeschool facebook group. :)

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We love exploring the great outdoors and spend as much time outside as possible. We use cloth diapers and our children's clothes are second-hand. Living simply is extremely important and we try to eliminate unnecessary material objects from our home; I found that this creates more free space inside for our children to play. As a family, we are also learning how to grow our own fruits and vegetables to create a more sustainable way of life. 

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In the spirit of simple, sustainable learning, my friends and I started a Midwifery Study Group for midwives, doulas and students in our area. We get together every Monday night and discuss, read, watch videos, invite speakers, etc... about all different topics related to midwifery and women's health. We've had an herbalist come speak. We've gone together to hear a counselor talk about postpartum mood disorders. We've learned to draw blood and run each others' lab work. This summer we're learning about Paps and doing each others' Pap tests.


(I like Oak Meadow and Mothering on facebook).

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