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I do a lot of these but my favorites are to explore and wander. I really miss wandering.
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"Stop everything, make eye contact, and listen." I think this is the most important one.
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We've done (or have tried to do) just about everything on that list :) My favourite tip is "Clean the house in 10 minute bursts" - a good thing for me to remember because I tend to burn myself out!

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How fun! We compost, garden, use cloth diapers and cloth wipes, use only reusable containers and water bottles, and work to develop practical and useful skills as a family.  

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I shared this on facebook treehugger.gif

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The best tip for me right now is to clean in 10 minute bursts!!
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I like Mothering and Oak Meadow.  We try to do a lot of this, I really like the section on Simple Sustainable Relationships.  Stop everything, make eye contact, and listen is so relevant in our day-to-day busy-ness!

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This list is great! I already do lots of these! This will be my first year homeschooling. I am going to have to work very hard at dropping the time limits. And just let learning go at their own pace and following their interests.
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I love the idea of creating a sanctuary space. Will be trying that today!

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We do a lot of swapping in our community- clothes, babysitting, homeschooling and are talking about a meal co-op. I might try a little sanctuary. Sounds good.
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I love the idea of cleaning the house in 10 minute bursts, it takes away the drudgery of working at it all day long!

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I shared this giveaway on my facebook.

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I tried setting up a new account but after entering the security codes over and over with no luck I ended up just joining with my fb.


I've shared this page with my fb friends, please enter me for the curriculum give-away!!


Recently we've relocated from the city out to the county and are learning and moving toward sustainable living, growing our own food and wishing we could afford the means to collect our own solar energy :)

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Such a great list!  I saved it in my favorites as a reference!  I try to raise my family to have as big of an impact as possible with the smallest footprint!  We're not perfect, but we're getting closer to where I'd like to be!  We always try to remember to take our cloth shopping bags to the grocery store, where we try to buy organic, local (when possible) in season foods.  We do have a small garden every year, but I hope to make it really take off as my thumb gets greener (something I was unfortunately NOT born with....*sigh*).  We also have hopes to get chickens next year to have fresh eggs and good, healthy meat!  We reuse and recycle, but I also try to "pre-cycle"  and "re-purpose" as much as possible!


I was really excited for the tips on sustainable relationships!  I think it's so important to start instilling the real value of deep connections to family as young as you can!  The ideas on how to spark connections is really inspiring and helpful!  I think we, as a society, are so cut off from needing to actually ever need to see anyone face-to-face; it's sad!

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Love the lists. We do several of these things, including growing our own veggies, saving, sharing and swapping seeds, cloth diapering, cloth grocery bags, cloth napkins, reusing, recycling, and trying to buy used whenever possible. I do say that we don't wander as much as we used to and we need to get more of this in.
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We love to take walks together and explore nature. The children love meeting neighbors on the way and talking with them and even greeting the dogs by name smile.gif
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Also shared smile.gif
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