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confused about billing issue.

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We had a homebirth with a very reputable midwifery practice in the area. Had a great experience, wonderful and attentive care. We signed a contract to pay $4500, $1000 of which was a deposit. We paid the deposit and the rest in payments throughout the pregnancy but the complete $4500 was paid by the baby's birth date. Our midwives use a billing company to bill the insurance and as I understand they often "overbill" since insurances generally underpay for homebirths. In our case, our insurance far overpaid what our contract for our midwife was signed for and we received an additional $2000 from the insurance company, in a check made out to us. 

We figured it was lucky, and because we are a one income family, had a new (third) baby and were moving in a month, we put the money to use. However, our midwives informed us that the money belongs to them, and sent us a bill saying we owe them that extra $2000, even though our contract was for $4500. They agreed to let us pay them monthly until it was paid off. However I just spoke to a friend who had a baby with the same midwives and she said she received $700 back from overages from the insurance company.


I am just so confused? Does it sound right that we would owe that money to the midwife? 

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Was it $2000 in addition to the $4500 that you had paid? So you got a check for $6500 even though you had only paid your midwives $4500?

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Well, then, yes, you would owe the midwives the money. It is considered insurance fraud to profit from your health insurance, so overpayments cannot be kept by you. I know that is not the answer you were hoping for. You can always ask for more clarification from your midwife and/or the billing company. It is a stinky situation, but I am glad for you that your birth was covered!

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honestly, its a great answer! yes, the 2000 would be great, but I really didn't want to believe my midwives were scamming me. I can totally understand and respect that logic.

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Oh, good!! 


Health insurance billing can be such a headache. 

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Did you pay the full mount to the midwife and insurance is reimbursing you for their portion? That happens with one doc I see where I pay upfront. Call and talk to your insurance.
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Sorry, re read, if insurance is paying $6500 for the birth, the midwives need to get $6500. But you need to take into account what you already paid hem.
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