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Purging Facebook.

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Anyone else "Liked" so many pages etc etc on Facebook that they feel overwhelmed???

It feels kind of like when my house is a chaotic mess.


Any of you keep your "Likes" to a minimum????


I also purged my email inbox the other day. 600 pages of emails saved are all gone. lol

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My inbox is always out of control! What I do is move anything I want to save to a 'save' folder and let my inbox do it's thing and multiply LOL 


Facebook likes...ugh...I spent this evening before I even saw your post clearing out a good majority of them.  It does feel awfully cluttered to have too many! 

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Momsteader - It felt so cluttered, and the majority of the pages all sent duplicate information. So I get the same link, 1000 times. Lol

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I noticed the same thing! That I couldn't see my friends posts I'd like to see for all the other 'stuff'! 

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Yes. I did some FB purging in the past month and it felt lighter afterwards. Similar to that of housecleaning. Refreshing.

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I've been purging on fB as well... feels quite good! 

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