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Anyone hear their babe's precious heartbeat yet??


Saw my midwife today, 10w1d, and the doppler went upon my tummy......

Before the midwife came in to see me, I heard a "search" in the room next door. The doppler... the "rubbing around" sound.... I was praying for that mama, as she had to be early to prompt such a lengthy search.... wondered what my experience was to be like just moments from then -- then I heard her baby's heartbeat! YAY!


My turn!!  I promised myself to not invest much in this one way or the other, being so early still. But the longer my own search took.... the more my "I won't get upset" little promise to myself seemed to fade, and I started to pray I would not have to go through the next four weeks *wondering*. (Especially after having a m/c during my first pg (blighted ovum)... but three healthy children since then soo......)


Then THERE IT WAS!!!  joy.gif

173 and strong and healthy!


How about YOU??.....


Rachael....NEWLY single (ACK!!!!)

DD, 15y

DS, 13y

DS, 12y

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Congrats! I'm supposed to go for my first appointment in the morning, so hopefully be posting here then. I really hope so. I'm very nervous because I lost my last two pregnancies (both blighted ovums). Here's hoping!
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I can't wait!
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And *I* can't wait to hear THE GREAT EXPERIENCES you both have when you go! :) 

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Yay for heartbeats!! I haven't heard my baby's yet, but I've seen it on the ultrasound. My next appointment is June 5 when I should be out of the first trimester and hopefully my doctor can find it on the doppler then smile.gif
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As I posted on chat, we heard the heartbeat on ultrasound last Thursday (174 bpm), but before the ultrasound tech turned on the sound, I was definitely worried, because I did not see the flicker of the heartbeat. The baby squirmed a couple times, so there was movement...but no heartbeat flickers.  Could it have been the angle the baby was at? I am trying not to worry, since neither the tech nor CNM said anything about it, but I am still left wondering if something is wrong.  (To be honest, the ultrasound tech said so little, that her silence left me wondering, too, if something was wrong.)


After hearing the heartbeat, you'd think I would stop worrying, but nope...got a few more weeks to go before I can turn the worry down a bit.

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Yay, I just had a GREAT appointment! The ultrasound tech was super nice, and we saw the heartbeat right away! In fact, as soon as she started I said, "I'm so nervous," and she said, "Oh, don't be, there's the heartbeat right there!"

Also, my doctor totally made me feel less worried about going the whole doctor / hospital route. He asked about prenatal vitamins, and I hedged, and he said, "Tell you what. I'll give you advice, and you just let me know if you have no intention of doing it, and we'll just be honest with each other." So he's totally fine with me not doing everything he suggests, and I don't have to pretend like I'm a good little patient. He also seemed to have no problem when I told him that I usually go to 42 weeks. He asked if I'm ok with that, and I am, so no problem. joy.gif
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That is awesome news, Michelle. Yay for heartbeats!  luxlove.gif Sounds like you found a great provider, too!

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Saw/heard my baby's heartbeat yesterday <3  My midwife tried to find it with the doppler last week, 8 weeks, but couldn't so then I was nervous and elected to go for an ultrasound.  Glad I did because now I am much more peaceful.  Here's my peanut:


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I heard mine and it was 150 . . .

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I heard mine at 8 weeks. I loove hearing the heartbeat. It's so beautiful. I should try to record it this time around.

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Taryn, what an adorable ultrasound pic! 


I went to my first ultrasound appointment at what we had thought was 9 1/2 weeks, but baby measured 8w1d with heart rate at 191.  I thought that was pretty high but the Doctor and ultrasound tech said it was perfectly normal.  However, now I'm so confused about how far along I am!  I guess somewhere between 10 and 11 weeks; not that big of a difference I suppose.

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This is my U/S: I think it is weird that the other babies have so much room & mine is so snug.
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Taryn, that is seriously the cutest early ultrasound pic I have ever seen.  I just made my husband come look at it and I was cooing like it was a kitten.  I may just be weird.  

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Does anyone else have their own doppler? I was thinking of getting one. This is my first pregnancy after my losses, and I'm still feeling nervous.

But how easy are they to use? I was once hospitalized at 12 weeks pregnant and, not being on the maternity floor, I found out after two or three days in the hospital that every nurse who'd checked on my baby had been listening to and recording *my* heartbeat. (I was told this by an OB nurse who came down when someone couldn't find the heartbeat at all.) That was pretty upsetting, since they were supposed to be making sure that the medication I was taking wasn't hurting her. But it raises the question - if several trained nurses failed to find my baby's heartbeat properly, would I be able to do it?
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Just had my first prenatal today. Baby's heartbeat was quick and easy to find at 165. :) 

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Yay, KaliShanti! 


Michelle, I considered getting a doppler, too. There is one for $30 on Amazon -- pretty tempting. But I decided against it, since I know it would make me worry so much if I couldn't find the heartbeat....well, and I can be a bit obsessive. And I think that I would totally obsess if I had 24/7 access to a doppler. 

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The $30 one is total junk. I bought one in my first pregnancy and even at 8 months I couldn't find the heartbeat.

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I was going to buy one used today. The thing is, there IS a risk to too much doppler and they don't actually really help (like before you can feel them it is too early to do anything about any issues you find and after you can feel them you can just do a kick count). And they are not that easy to use. I had one in my first post loss pregnancy (50 used, sold for 50 after pregnancy). But IDK if I was ever getting the heartbeat, in retrospect, there is a skill level to it. I used it sparingly, so as not to cause adverse effects as it is just like an UltraSound.

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I have such a hard time relaxing until I feel regular movement. The FDA does not approve of the use of home Dopplers. I am trying to restrict how much interference bub gets this time. I'm just trying to keep cool but that doesn't mean I don't worry.
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