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Mine was 160 yesterday.  So what do you gals think of the old wives tale about certain bpms being for girls and certain ones for boys?

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According to that old wives tale, my babies have all changed sex multiple times while in utero wink1.gif
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Well, aren't your babies special, Owl! :P
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Mine was 160 yesterday too! I'm so glad he found it!
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Yay, herbivora, for hearing the heartbeat! Woo-hoo!

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162 bpm this morning, 12 weeks smile.gif
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Such good news, ladies!
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Originally Posted by opheliajoy View Post

I'm on the fence about that! It's pretty miserable being the last one pregnant in a group. I don't know.... Any more thoughts?

I'm due 12/30 by ovulation but #2 & #3 were 41 weekers so I'm fully prepared to go til Jan 6th or so. And it does kinda of suck being the last one. My surro son was due Jan 28th but wasn't born til Feb 6th and I was literally the last one (by like more than a week!) So I "straddle" the Dec/Jan DDCs now. 


I have my own doppler. I bought it about 6 years ago because I was doing a UC and providing my own prenatal care (I had "appointments" with myself every 4 week :) ) I haven't actually heard the heartbeat, but I've "seen" it on the number display. I can tell the difference between my heartbeat and when it's picking up my heartbeat doubled (it picks up blood going through 2 vessels simultaneously so it can look like a fetal HB.) But I can usually find one that's right in the 150 bpm range. It finds it for like 3-5 seconds then it loses it again. I know at this point his so small and my fundus is barely above my pubic bone so I just need to wait a little bit longer. I just keep having random spotting and after 2 losses it totally freaks me out. It calms me down a little to just see that read out on the doppler and know he's still hanging out in there.

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How amazingly exciting! I haven't heard the heartbeat yet and I'm 14 weeks today. My first prenatal appointment is scheduled for Tuesday and I'm so looking forward to it! Reading this thread makes me even more excited!!

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Hi All!


14w visit today (14w1d) and heard nice strong hb again! 161

Baby was FLYING all over the place- mw had to chase him or her all around. Hb here, then there, then over there.....  FUNNY!





DD, 15y

DS, 13y

DS, 12y

New Baby 12/9/13

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Congrats, Rachael! It is amazing how quickly and how far these little babes can move!

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Finally!! 160.  Best sound ever!

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yay Jenny!

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Um, yeah, so I've been (obsessed?) looking through my notes from the last five pregnancies, and wouldn't you know it, the heart rate with my daughter was in the 160s and my boys were always in the 140s and 150s, even 125 once.  So since this baby's heart rate was 160, of course it's a girl, right?!  : )  I can't wait to find out!  

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Hope you get your girl! I have been hoping for a girl, too. Sigh.
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I sooooo would love to have a girl too!!  My daughter - really wants this to be a boy, though!  She likes being THE ONE AND ONLY GIRL!!  (Two brothers, and then two step-brothers!)


For my last baby.... it would be so nice to have a girl.  When my mw said "BOY!" as soon as I asked, "Oh, what was the hb anyway...?" I wanted to stomp up and down and yell to her, "IT'S JUST A WIVE'S TALE!!!!"  LOL  



DD, 15y

DS, 13y

DS, 12y

New Baby 12/9/13 .... getting closer every day!  <3 

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It is a wives tale, lol. My first boy had a higher hb consistently than my first girl. I don't Rembrandt about my second boy, but this baby, confirmed a girl, has had heartbeats in both ranges, 160s And 140s. Lol. Plus she was conceived day of ovulation, there goes that theory.
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My girls had lower ranger heartbeats and my boy was higher, as well Kali. So that theory doesn't work for me either.

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