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Preparing for Baby To-Do Lists

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I saw this on the May DDC and thought it would be a good idea since we are starting our third trimester now! I sat and made a list of all the things I want to get done before baby comes and organized them by week (which is not necessary by any means!). I thought we could all post our to-do lists and cross off the things we have completed as August gets closer. Hopefully some of our to-do's will remind other mamas of things they want to get done as well!

I'll start- I am sure I'm forgetting some things, but I'll just update as I go. I tried to add some fun items like a prenatal massage and a pedicure in there, too!

Baby countdown tasks-
Week 29- assemble freezer meals (part 1)
Week 30- assemble freezer meals (part 2)
Week 31- wash & hang baby clothes, wash baby blankets
Week 32- get prenatal massage, buy Big Sister gift for DD
Week 33- write thank-you notes from shower
Week 34- strip cloth diapers and organize them
Week 35- review Bradley Method workbook, update labor techniques poster with DH
Week 36- pack hospital bag, finalize birth plan
Week 37- install car seat
Week 38- start a baby book
Week 39- set up co-sleeper & monitor
Week 40- get pedicure
After baby comes- schedule newborn photos
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Great idea! I've already started the baby books but need to write a  birth plan of some sort after I have some conversations with my OB.


Do you all get big sibling gifts? What do you buy?

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Originally Posted by Edelweiss98 View Post

Great idea! I've already started the baby books but need to write a  birth plan of some sort after I have some conversations with my OB.

Do you all get big sibling gifts? What do you buy?
Oooh, a birth plan! I knew I was forgetting something! I'll add that in now. Thanks!

I was thinking of getting DD a small dollhouse, since she's been asking for one for a while. So not really big- but since we usually buy things secondhand, I will probably splurge on a new one. I saw the idea of a big sibling gift on another DDC and thought it was a good idea.
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My todo list right now includes doing this weekly breakdown too ;)


With #2, my #1 got a baby doll (given to her when she first came to visit in the hospital)

With #3, my #1 got a new outfit for her baby doll and my #2 got a baby doll


That said, my DH is really old-fashioned and would NOT go for getting my little man a baby doll...  So I'm not sure what to do this time around...  Really it's more for my girls because they remember getting their dolls than it is for DS who is pretty clueless anyway. ;)

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Wonderful idea. I'm a total list follower. If it's not written down, I forget, and it wont get done. As for gifts for siblings. My son was almost 2.5 when my daughter was born, adn he got a doll. This go 'round he'll be much older (7), and i have NO CLUE what to give him. My daughter will yet another doll. She's obsessed right now, so I try not to think she doesnt need one on top of the 4 she's got. I'm planning to get her one of the bigger baby dolls (like the 16"=20" ones). I've seen them at Target. That way it will be closer to the size of the actual baby

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I will post my list tomorrow, it is I similar, get done by week X format.

Sibling gifts. I have a camera for my four year old I found on a deal site and a magna doodle my two year old will love. Monkey was so excited about baby sat time it took me a few days to get around to getting his gift out. He got an ikea tool set.
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For those of you considering dolls as sibling gifts (we don't do gifts, but it sounds like many of you do), I hear great things about these:
And if your child is intrigued by birthing and breastfeeding, they may be keen on these:
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This is my to do list for the next three months


for 28 weeks

plan summer outside fun


for 30 weeks

fund new HSA            

sew quilt

make names list

talk to Linz about baby shower, frozen food

get RohGam


for 33 weeks

make plan for announcements            

make announcement address list

test run hose set up (with time to fix it)


for 35 weeks

get out baby clothes            

set up baby diapers

get out tiny disposable diapers

pre-write announcement email

pre-make announcements

write out kid plan, in great detail, and possibly a flow chart

write birth ideas for home and transfer

get Moby back from Colette

pack my transfer bag

plan kids bags

test blow up pool


for 36 weeks

pack HB supplies in boxes, label with contents

tidy house for visit

clear dresser tops & radiator for supplies (pre visit)

move rug from bedroom (pre visit)


for 37 weeks

first hat (have asked Linz to knit)

practice with E on rollyboard and bassinette

print announcement address list

turn up water heater if applicable

deep stock OJ

freezer cooking meals

freezer cooking muffins

pack kids bags

get house as clean as it is going to get

get mama wipes set up ready

wash baby suckers (only open one of each)

rocking chair for labour

yoga ball for labour

set up co-sleeper

create and save LL Bean tote for later

choose names


for 39 weeks

set up pack n play (office or playroom?)

set up stroller bassinette

get out and wash up swing, bouncy chairs, play gym and put in play closet

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I'm going to get started on this, but if any one else has one, I'd love to see it. These are giving me ideas :)

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oh man this thread gives me anxiety! I have no plans. Whoooops!

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We have a list but have not divided it up by week.  At first it looked totally doable, then MIL's visit stressed out DH so much that he couldn't get anything done while she was here (6 weeks!!!) and after she left we ended up renting her "in-law" spot to a tenant so DH has been busy getting things fixed for him.

Meanwhile, the spare bedroom and DS's room (he's never moved into it, still in our bedroom) have been left a mess mid-construction this whole time and that is where I was supposed to be going through baby clothes etc.  Also he has not had time to go get us a deep freezer yet so no chance to even work on freezer meals.

Now we are feeling the crunch! dizzy.gif

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wow, you guys are organized. I need to get my butt in gear. This is girl #3 and we are totally winging it so far.bag.gif

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I've already got most of the gear I need, as this is baby #3, plus there are a few new items I've already purchased or will buy when they go on sale next month, so here's what I've got to do before baby arrives:



*install car booster seat - done

*install baby car seat

*plastic sheeting, towels, and vomit bucket for front seat of car

*announcement email distribution list

*wash waterproof protector and sheets for our bed, then make bed

*wash baby clothes, burp cloths, baby carrier, blankets, pram insert, car seat insert, play gym, swing cover, family bed cover, etc.

*set up crib w/sheets and blanket (for naptime)

*set up portacot and swing (new batteries)

*move #2's clothes to bedroom closet

*set up change table w/baby clothes

*freezer food (separate list)

*write up babysitting notes for during birth

*pack hospital bag (separate list)

*print birth plan

*date night

*take family photos w/belly


Then, once the baby is born:


*lodge Australian government paperwork to register birth

*make 10-day check-up appt

*make 6wk check-up appt

*make baby immunisation appt

*write up birth story

*sign up for US embassy outreach visit

*complete application and collect back-up documentation for US Consular Report of Birth Abroad, Passport, and Social Security Card (50% complete)

*sign up baby for pre-school

*sign up baby for high school (sounds crazy, but that's the way the system works in Australia; private schools are as common as public schools here)

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I've heard of places where you "pretty much need to register for preschool as soon as they're born," but high school? Wow! I had no idea. lol.gif Where in AU are you, EA?

I love the idea of lists... But have none for baby so far.

I know I need to:

- pull out and sort baby clothes
- find and sort NB diapers
- check on existing birth supplies (at least I found the box in the garage!)
- plan for additional birth supplies (incl. pool liner)
- find birth pool and test
- decide where to put pool for birth
- buy hose and adapter
- choose and buy carseat
- buy needed cloth diapers/wipes
- sort through the hundreds of boxes in the house and sell everything in them
- work on moving 5yo and 2yo to other rooms

There will be much more, I'm sure!
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Originally Posted by HeatherB View Post

I've heard of places where you "pretty much need to register for preschool as soon as they're born," but high school? Wow! I had no idea. lol.gif Where in AU are you, EA?

I'm in Brisbane. It's not cut-throat like NYC or anything. Just a local pre-school that my son goes to. I signed him up when he was around 3 (cost me all of $10 to out his name on the list), but he was already a ways down on the list, although still guaranteed a spot. So it's more for me to just get it done and out of the way rather than because there's a huge need.

As for high school, there's a bit more urgency there. Our kids will go to public primary school (we can't afford otherwise, and I think it's fine), but I would like our kids to have access to better resources and better environments at secondary school, if possible. I'd guess the public/private split in Oz is 60/40, with all kids wearing uniforms, not just private kids. But people do sign their kids up very young. There are only a couple of co-Ed schools in the city, and that's what I want for my kids, so they're on the wait list. Unfortunately, that's $200-400 a pop. My son, who I signed up at 3 is not guaranteed a spot. My daughter, who I signed up at 1 is, so I figure just get it done as soon as possible for #3. Stresses me out, as I'm a public school kind of person (I'm American), but it is just a completely different system.

Kids here have to chose their desired university degree at 16, and spend the next two years of high school studying hard in the specific classes required for entrance into that degree. Then they sit massive exams in those subjects (not aptitude testing like in the US, but actual acquired knowledge tests), and their scores are added up. Their total scores are published in the newspaper in a special edition. Kids look up their name and see if they made the score to gain entrance to their desired degree program (law, medicine, and various kinds of engineering require the highest scores). Nearly all the universities are public, and there aren't oodles of them, so test scores only, no personal statements, grades, or recommendations. And the degrees here are really specific and pre-professional, not so liberal artsy and general. You want to be a pilot, you decide at 16, take the right high school classes, score well on your exams, and start a pilot training course the day you walk into uni. Stresses me out just thinking about it! I chose a major at 20 and still got it badly wrong!

Anyway, there's my insomnia-based rant on schooling in Australia. wink1.gif
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Hey Heather! I noticed your in Sugar Land. Are you having a homebirth? Which midwife are you using?

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Ah lists!  I have so many of them :0  The one on the fridge actually has some things checked off but needs to be updated.  I am not sure about getting things done week by week, but Here's what I'm looking at: 


Week 27: Put together questions for MW to clarify questions about birth center, delivery. 

Week 28: GD Test and MW appt; start drafting birth plan based on response to questions above

Week 29: Find storage box with bottles and warmer; call insurance co. re: breast pump coverage and pick up pump

Week 30: Meet with Doula, go over/revise birth plan

Week 31: Finish cleaning out dresser in my room, get rid of one of three to make room for bassinet

Week 32: Trip to IKea for organizers for DS closet to move his clothes in and baby clothes into changer

Week 33: Find/buy rumbleseat for stroller

Week 34: Meet with Doula 2nd appointment; call lactation consultantant about appt pre-delivery

Week 35: Shop for travel toiletries for hospital bag

Week 36: Pack hospital bag, personal sheets, blanket and pillow; order DS baby gift

Week 37: Buy NB diapers; find used swing, install car seat bases in cars; order formula to have on hand

Week 38: Set up bassinet; wash and put away baby clothes; sterilize bottles; get a haircut and OMG, almost forgot! Host DS's 3rd Birthday party!

Week 39: Pedicure (love this :) Maybe finally figure out a name for this baby?

Week 40: Relax and wait!?! Go to the beach, pool etc. 


Re: sib present, DS already picked out what he wants himself (he's pretty opinionated)  He saw a mini version of his Jellycat lamb and requested that the baby bring it with him/her when they arrive.  I'll order from amazon with a book about being a big brother.

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My kids love the jellycat animals. They have each got a monkey, so I should see if this one can get one too. As much as I loath stuffed animals in some ways, they get a lot of play at our house, and they don't hurt when you step on them.

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Finally got inspired to make my plan...  Probably missing some things, but it's a start...
26 weeks
make plan for birth studying
finish meal planning/etc for beach trip
oil change
misc sewing repairs
27 weeks
make beach packing list
pack for beach and prep food stuff for beach
28 weeks
29 weeks
meal plan freezer meals
get furniture straps
rearrange John's room - transition from crib
30 weeks
check on PP supplies for me
blow up yoga ball and start sitting on it more
31 weeks
hospital tour
32 weeks
start sorting/tagging boy clothes for consignment
start birth plan
33 weeks
finish sorting/tagging boy clothes for consignment
finalize big sib plan
34 weeks
wash Julia's clothes, hang
pack hospital bag
35 weeks
set up cosleeper
get out bouncy seat
sibling gifts
36 weeks
make trail mix for nursing snacks
put carseat somewhere easier to find
pick up a box of newborn diapers
37 weeks
clean house
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Originally Posted by HippieIncognito View Post

oh man this thread gives me anxiety! I have no plans. Whoooops!


You said it!  ROTFLMAO.gif


I do have a list of to-do's, but I know better than to assign actual time limes to them.  I just get discouraged when it doesn't happen when I thought it would.  eyesroll.gif  Although someone mentioned posting it on the fridge, maybe that would scare DH into doing his part.  orngtongue.gif


I'll tell you one thing, I'd sure rather be getting my to-do's done rather than sitting at this desk at work...

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