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I keep getting the urge to switch the bedroom and playroom furniture (take everything out of the playroom and move it into the bedroom and vice versa).  The only thing stopping me is that I physically can't.   Darn!

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Seriously- on Thursdsy I opened the door to the laundry room, no to-do associated (except do laundry) and thought: okay, I need to totally sweep, scrub, wipe down every surface...and it went on from there. I just keep finding VERY IMPORTANT!!! over-ambitious tasks to do. I haven't tackled washing all the exterior windows, but that's because it intimidates me too much! It really does need to be done...
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Here's the latest on my to do list:

Week 29- freezer meals part 1
Week 30- freezer meals part 2
Week 31- soak, wash & hang baby clothes, wash baby blankets
Week 32- get prenatal massage, buy Big Sister gift for DD
Week 33-
strip cloth diapers, finalize birth plan
Week 34- write thank-you notes from shower
Week 35- review Bradley Method workbook, labor poster techniques with DH
Week 36- pack hospital bag, inflate yoga ball, bake muffins for labor nurses, write kid/pet care plan, preregister at hospital
Week 37- install car seat, get out Boppy, bouncy seat, rock n play, swing & wipe down, make ginger water
Week 38- start a baby book, buy NB disposable diapers
Week 39- set up co-sleeper
& monitor, make "little brother" onesie
Week 40- get pedicure, massage?
After baby comes- schedule newborn photos, get doula gift (outdoor hanging flower basket)

I feel like Crafty with all of my frantic nesting this weekend- I don't know where I got the energy to get all of this done. It felt like a compulsion or something! Here are some of the other things we got done:

-Hemmed and hung curtains for guest room (my sis-in-law is arriving tomorrow and will be here for a month to help with baby)
-Deep cleaned the guest bedroom and bathroom
-Rearranged the living room- mostly consisting of me telling DH where to push the furniture
-Hung pictures all over the house (9 months in and we still hadn't committed)
-Hung new curtain rods and curtains in our master bedroom
-Organized the diaper bag- so fun :-)
-Made laundry detergent
-Made a big batch of decaf cold brew coffee (should last a month or so)
-Cleaned the underside of our kitchen table
-Caught my 3.5 year old's baby book up to date
-Did several loads of laundry, although most things aren't folded
-Cleaned out & sanitized all the breast pump parts
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Whoa coffee!  Are you expecting tomorrow???  How is this even possible? I am awed!  bow.gif

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coffee - that is awesome! I am betting it won't be long for you  now!

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Originally Posted by Mama505 View Post

Whoa coffee!  Are you expecting tomorrow???  How is this even possible? I am awed!  bow.gif

Me too- and I barely sat down yesterday myself! smile.gif
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Holy cow!  I hope you guys are feeling okay after all that work!


This week I have to get a move on cleaning bottles and such.  Discovered our bottle warmer was just to grimy to use again, so ordered a new one.  Still have no diapers or formula on hand.  Really need to get on that and install the carseats.  I would also love to wash all the baseboards and windows in our house, but i just don' t think that is going to happen.

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Wow, everyone has been so busy! All of the house cleaning is amazing, you mamas must really be nesting!


I was feeling proud of myself because I made an effort to go out and buy an infant car seat (not installed yet, though). DH seems to be in nesting mode now, which is fantastic. He got a lot of cleaning stuff done over the weekend.

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My updated list - I took off everything that was done last time and added a few new things in purple

For 35 weeks or earlier

pack my transfer bag

for 36 weeks

pull together last few birth supplies and get into the bins

tidy house for visit

clear dresser tops & for supplies (pre visit)

post birth kit list and birth notes in bedroom with washi tape

for 37 weeks (which is this week)

get first hat (gave yarn to my neighbour)

set up bassinet and practice with Bee on rollyboard (10 minutes for bassinet, practice unknown)

print announcement address labels (I bought them, waiting on address checks from my inlaws) (15 minutes)

turn up water heater (3 minutes)

deep stock OJ

freezer cooking meals & muffins (2 hours, broken up)

pack kids bags (20 minutes)

get house as clean as it is going to get

get mama wipes set up ready (10 minutes)

wash baby suckers (only open one of each) (where are they??? then 5 minutes)

yoga ball for labour

wash co-sleeper

set up co-sleeper (need to make sure strap works right) (10-45 minutes)

get newborn diaper bag stuff all together

get "ample supply of juices, coffee, soda & snack food for mom, coach and midwifes"

set up baby diapers and clothes on downstairs change station

shower thank you notes (20 minutes)
make sure family phone numbers are easy to find get out (5 minutes probably)
get out bottles & pump: wash and put away (5+5 minutes)

for 39 weeks

set up pack n play (office or playroom?) (5 minutes)

get out swing, bouncy chairs, play gym (10 minutes)



I have some more cute to add to her nursery, but since the whole nursery is just a fun project and a place to store her clothes, it does not make the to do list. She may have a few naps there. But she can do that without washi tape and bunting.

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Originally Posted by cardigan View Post

I'm 36 w tomorrow.

my to dos:
install car seat
write birth plan
buy 2nd car seat base for DH's car
plug in feliway to ease anticipated feline anxiety

Would like to:
finish quilts
hang pictures
deep clean apt
join Costco/ new tires for DH's car/ stock up on frozen ravioli

I have nearly entirely given up on my plans to stock the freezer, aside from processing the tons of farmers market basil into pesto this afternoon.

Realistically, once baby is here, and my mother is here to help for 2 weeks will she have time to bake/freezer stock for us? is that an unreasonable request to ask of her? I have a stockpile of recipes I'd like made, but simply cannot be bothered to do it myself, and certainly not in this heat!

Do you have a group of friends who could bring over meals after the baby is born? A friend will be setting up a mealbaby.com registry for me after the baby is born and I'm guessing I'll get a few weeks worth of meals.

I need it, my Mom hates to cook!
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I agree with asking for meals if anyone offers. And if anyone offers to help, I've learned to say something very specific in a specific time frame, like a friend offered to bring a meal or anything else that would be helpful and I said a meal on the weekend would be great. I think if you just say "oh yeah sometime that would be nice" they won't get it, but if you say "Tues or Fri would be great for us, do either of those work for you?" then they commit to a specific date. I love bringing meals to people and sometimes it's hard when you want to help and they won't give a time frame, either. My policy now with bed rest and twins is if people have offered to help, I'm going to take them up on it and I've warned them all when they've offered that I wrote their name down and I  will be contacting them!

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I agree on the asking for specific help when offered.
My church is great about someone coordinating that and we pay in a 15 minute visit at delivery in baby snuggles.

I would totally give my mum a list of this is what I was thinking, can you help.
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For some reason, this time around I care less about cleanliness and more about getting gear ready and getting paperwork done for taxes, school, pre-school, etc. So I'm 35+2 today, and all I have left to do is put in the car seat, go through the birth centre bag with DH, and get some more food in the freezer. Other than that, I want to leave August open for doing fun stuff with my 5yo, 3yo, and DH, all of whom have been sorely neglected during the last two months of my manic "to do"ing. I have to keep reminding myself that I'm a human being, not a human doing. wink1.gif
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I have done a little freezer prep:
bought veggie burgers and frozen ravioli at Costco
made big batch of pesto last weekend
have 4x of raisin bran muffins cooling on counter now
Hope to make/buy some samosas or papusas over next few weeks

still to do:
install car seat
tidy & clean
find out about getting it German passport
register my car
make room for new glider in bedroom, even though it will be delivered postpartum
pre register at hospital (send fax tomorrow)
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Man, I wish we had a bigger freezer (and Costco)!!! wink1.gif You all are making me hungry.
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EA: we have a normal above fridge freezer. I was ruthless and threw everything out, except my Parmesan rinds. And now it is basically full.
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I already got rid of the ice bucket and moved the vodka (obviously not used much, as it's been there for 2 years) to the fridge. It's the bloody containers that take up so much room! I need to make more things that go into freezer bags rather than Tupperware. Burritos, bean burgers, and gozleme it is! smile.gif
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EA77: do you have a gozleme recipe you can pass along? I adore them.
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Cardigan- just the mention of pupusas makes me hungry for them! I have a friend of a friend who is from El Salvador, and makes & sells the most heavenly pupusas. Now I want to go find some...
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Cardigan - I just made them for the first time last week and we really enjoyed them. My kids tend to gobble up anything shaped like a triangle. wink1.gif While they were good, I'm going to make them with spinach next time instead of kale (I'm not a huge fan of the broccoli flavor of kale), and I'll use a combination of tasty (white cheddar) and feta next time, to make them a little more like the street food I love. Also, I don't use cooking spray, so I just used a pastry brush with olive oil. And I doubled the recipe. It took a while to cook them all because my frying pan wouldn't fit more than one at a time. Will use my larger electric frying pan next time to speed things up. Yum!

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