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Oh my gosh, and the bread turned out sooo well too!!!

Finally getting stuff wrapped up here. Got a car seat, installing it this afternoon (when it cools off a little), finished Transfer Birth Plan, made notes for grandparents regarding care for DS during L&D, made a phone list, strung birth beads and made necklace- thanks bead swap ladies smile.gif (and DS made one for himself too!)... what else???

I still need to get together a couple of essential oils and put them in my bag, finish sewing PPpads (I'm about 1/2 done), get my free prenatal massage before I am no longer prenatal (ha!), get together some food to take to the birthing center (I really like the banana bread we made today, maybe I'll do mini muffins and freeze them so I don't eat them all... and I liked you're other idea GISDiva about coconut H2O pops with pineapple! YUM! See you are an inspiration! smile.gif)
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My updated list - I took off everything that was done last time and added a few new things in purple

I am 40 weeks, so I am behind a little


for 37 weeks

print announcement address labels (I bought them, waiting on address checks from my inlaws) (15 minutes)

turn up water heater (3 minutes)

freezer cooking meals & muffins (2 hours, broken up) well just gave up on getting it done, also my freezer is really full

pack kids bags (20 minutes)

wash baby suckers (only open one of each) (where are they??? then 5 minutes)
make sure family phone numbers are easy to find get out (5 minutes probably)
get out pump wash and put away
set up bassinet and practice with Bee on rollyboard (10 minutes for bassinet, practice unknown)

get mama wipes set up ready (10 minutes)

set up co-sleeper (need to make sure strap works right) (10-45 minutes)

shower thank you notes (20 minutes)


for 39 weeks

set up pack n play (office or playroom?) (5 minutes)

get out swing, bouncy chairs, play gym (10 minutes)

get baby wipes in nursery (5 minutes)


I also got the pennants up in the nursery, so all it needs is washi tape on the dresser, which we can do without if needed.

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Wash and hang baby clothes- done!

Wash cloth diapers and covers- done!

Order snappis- done!

Order some new nursing bras- done!

Figure out a diaper bag- done!

Make more freezer meals- done!

Buy frozen meals at Costco and Trader Joe's- done!

Get baby swing set up- done!

Sew mama cloth- bought lunapads

Sew baby blanket

Sew blanket for DS

Buy car seat- done!

Install car seat- not sure why this is listed, DH will do

Birth plan- done!

Pack bag- in progress

Buy new underwear- done!

Purge some of DS's toys- done!

Deep clean the house

New driver's license- done!


Woohoo, I'm almost done! The bag packing won't be truly finished until I'm in labor, because I'm weird about packing toiletries early. I'm kind of sad about the lack of sewing, but I spent a few hours last weekend fixing my sewing machine, so maybe the blankets will get done soon. Deep cleaning today, I think. Ugh.


It sounds like everyone is really getting ready! All the floor cleaning sounds really nice!

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I am foiled at every turn!  When I try and clean one room another explodes.  While I am putting the last load of laundry into the dryer DS is filling the hamper with dirty clothes (where did those COME from???).  I finished my sewing projects, but then our doula liked our hot/cold packs so much I told her I would make her some for a birthing gift (see, I am even foiling myself orngtongue.gif).  I am not really griping, I just don't know how to proceed from here.  I am so slow and waddley I should just be grateful that I can do any of the laundry at this point I guess!  I'll just take it one little waddle at a time!


GISDiva, I made some coconut H2O pops, mixed with a little Simply Nutritious Morning Blend, and they are yummy!  Thanks for the idea!

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My Popsicles actually got made too, coconut water, pineapple, and some frozen guava we had around. They are so yummy, it's going to be hard not to eat the all before labor starts if she doesn't come soon...

I had to make an emergency batch of freezer pickles tonight, the cucumbers were winning. THAT wasn't on my list...lol...
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