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Root Canal on 7 year old.....

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greensad.gif My son's permanent back molar is looking pretty bad. When it first came peeking over the gum line 2 years ago or so, I knew there was a problem. Our wonderful pediatric dentist has been "babying" it and trying to save it, but the last x-ray shows that a root canal is in order...

This is really bumming me out! I know root canals are best to be avoided and I have had some people tell me to just jump to an implant. Anyone out there had to have root canals at this young of an age....or had a child. We go for a consultation next Wednesday. I am also have a VERY hard time finding someone who works on very many kids, although the Edodontist I found has great ratings and will work on children as long as they are not kicking and screaming.

Any advice would be great, this is really worrying me, but I also know we have to do something about it before there is an emergency.


Thanks for any guidance at all!

Kathleen in San Diego

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I have no advice but I am bumping this up to try and get it some attention. 

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How far back is it? Is pulling it a possibility? I've recently heard some pretty bad things about root canals. I have had one in my life. The thing is, once he has a root canal, he'll most likely need a crown later on. That's what happened to me, and I was told that usually happens. Crowns aren't cheap. Maybe an implant would be the answer.

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My crown was about a thousand dollars. Implants are way more than that!
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