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Traveling- bought our first carrier for a 4.5 year old

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We are going to India in 2 weeks, so I bought a carrier. Luckily, she thinks it's cool. We haven't used them since she was a baby, which she doesn't recall, so she likes the idea of being close to mama and tucked up.


There isn't any padding in it as it's only .7 lbs. Traveling all around India I didn't want something warm or heavy, so it's the one I picked. 


Weight limit is 45 lbs (really!) She is still 35 lbs. Concerned about lack of padding, it seems like it will cut into her legs. No padding for me either. At a minimum we'll happily use it in train stations and very crowded places. My *hope* (dream?) is that it helps us take longer outings in the mountains not having to cut the day short due to discomfort. 


Kind of fun and silly to buy a carrier at this age. 

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How exciting! What kind of carrier is it? It sounds like a mei tai perhaps? I am sure she will love being up in the carrier and able to view things better! I am sooo jealous.. I lived in India for two years (my eldest was born while we lived there) and then visited for 2 months when he was a toddler- not too exciting since it was visiting me (now EX inlaws)


I am pinching pennies and trying to get through college and hopefully in 3 years I will do a big India trip with my kids (they will be 5 and 8 by then!)


Enjoy ur trip :)

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It's a Boba! I had never heard of it before, but it had great reviews and I went for it. She asks every other day or so to get in it, and we have fun for a while. I think it will go over very well.


I put her on the front, and I have my gigantic (tall) backpack on my back. It looks kindof amazing. When I get to the airport I'm going to weigh my backpack (traveling "light", but still) and add it to her 35 lbs., just to remind myself how amazing I am. : D  This trip is much deserved after a few very hard years. 


Where did you live in India? Is your son a u.s. or indian citizen-- since he was born there? How does that work?


4.5 seems like juuuust the right age to be able to take her. We are practicing eating with hands, cleaning with water, etc. 5 and 8 should be fun too (if not an even more ideal age). If you don't mind me asking, are you divorced now then? Would you travel with the kids by yourself, or is there another plan?


Leaving in 5 days, so ready. Well, except for the "what to wear" bit..... 

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I have a boba (3G) and absolutely love it... the straps are padded and it's very comfortable. You ARE amazing to carry her on the front and the pack on the back.. I hadn't considered that you'd need a backpack as well (duh!) I am sure she will be able to do quite a bit of walking, but it will be great to be able to throw her on your back (if the pack is in hotel?) while sightseeing.


I lived in Hyderabad (South India) which is kind of off the tourist trail but an interesting city. Yes.. i am divorced and the father is completely out of the picture for the last three years (I was pregnant with #2 when I left him) but that hasn't stopped my love of India- I fully intend to take them back on my own but perhaps not to Hyderabad just because of security concerns re: inlaws snatching kids?


India doesn't recognize dual citizenship, so my son just has American citizenship- we had to get an exit stamp on his passport in order to leave India.


How long will u be traveling? Keep us updated, please! Do u have a blog? I don't know the rules about posting links to other forums here, so if it isn't allowed.. sorry mods.. but Indiamike.com is a great india related forum and it is severely lacking in information about traveling with kids, you might consider starting a journal there!


Have a safe journey :)

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