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Wow Inconditus; I'd be exhausted on that schedule! Try as I might, I simply don't nap well and even when I get a good chunk of sleep during the day, it somehow manages to make me feel worse, not better. hug.gif that's still a tough pattern and you may actually get more rest after baby ,.. I hope you do anyways.
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I'm in the same boat as inconditus, I'm averaging 4-6 hours a night. For me, it's mostly sciatic/hip/pelvis pain.

But, every day I'm closer to meeting our Bean! Every day Chris gets more and more excited, which is pretty contagious

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I had a lovely time staring at the ceiling from about 2-4 this morning. I've resorted to some daily caffeine the last week or so (at breakfast time), just to help me function at work. I'm totally exhausted over here.

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Sorry you're not sleeping well! It does seem to go with the 3rd trimester territory...


My hypnobirthing CD helps me sleep well. If you have access to something like that, you could give it a try prior to going to bed.

I drink a very small amount of coffee every morning (1/4 of a cup mixed with a lot of almond milk). It still has an affect though. This morning I skipped it and had a bit of a withdrawal headache. I was pretty into coffee prior to getting pregnant so it was awesome to find that my body just didn't want it at all in 1st trimester. I started drinking it again around week 20.

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