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Anyone have HUGE temp rise at 9 dpo and NOT be pregnant?

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Hello ladies,

I am in my fourth cycle PP and I'm CTA. This is my first cycle using FAM. A little background on me: I got pregnant once on the pill and once while using condoms, so I think DH and I are pretty fertile (or really bad at reading instructions smile.gif??)

Anyway, I ovulated on Day 21 as confirmed by both a temp rise and CF. five days later I had a temp dip and then at 9 DPO I had a HUGE spike, from 97.7 to 98.5. Ff gives me the white circle on this temp, but my times have been fairly close and I'm religious about taking them before I even open my eyes. I take them between 6:45 and 7:30 most days, and earliest has been 6:30 with only one at 8 am and one missed temp (8 dpo unfortunately).

I was curious about the spike so I googled it and starting freaking out that I might be about to go triphasic! All that came up were a bunch of TTC forums where people were really excited when they got a spike at 9 DPO. Uh oh.

Thoughts? I should add that I am still breast feeding, though DD 2 is almost two years old, so I'm sure it's not giving me any real protection. And that hubby and I had sex on O day. We did use a condom, but... Also I feel nauseated, tired and headachy but I've felt this way every LP since DD 2.

Thoughts? Sure it's nothing. Just taking a little survey wink1.gif.
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I guess not wink1.gif!
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Sounds like u could be preggers. I think if it stays consistently high, that's a pretty good indicator of pregnancy. Have u continued to check your temp?
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Yes. I am 12 dpo now and still elevated temps. Had a spot of blood in undies today but know that could go either way...

If I make it through this cycle, I'm definitely going to abstain rather than barrier during my fertile time. Sad cause we always have the most fun during O time. But I can't have this uncertainty every month!

Thanks for writing. I tested at 11 dpo- neg but think it was way too early to be useful. Will test again at 14 dpo if still no AF...
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Keep us posted!
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Hey ladies,

I've had light flow today and yesterday but temps still elevated so if they don't drop by tomorrow, I may still test. I'm 14 dpo/ CD 2 depending on what's going on. I am pretty sure this is AF as I have a cough and feel feverish (and actually did spike a brief 100 degree temp Fri night!) I had creamy CM right up until flow started.

So many variables in reality! Thanks for your support and interest smile.gif.
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Well, in case anyone ever looks back on this and wants to know the conclusion... At 16 dpo I got a BFN. Incredibly light period that lasted only three days. Temps still elevated, but that's not really telling as I've had this cold that started on Friday. My plan is to test one last time at 20 dpo then call it good smile.gif. I'll post again if it's positive, but as of now I'm someone who had a triphasic chart and turned out not pregnant. Which is a relief and a bummer, if that makes any sense smile.gif.
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This just happened to me, too. Big dip on day 8, huge spike on day 9, period on day 12. 

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