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looking for reliable discussions

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I have come to mothering discussion groups to search for ideas on questions I have but rarely post or comment, just kind of peruse. I figured I should come out and be part of the group.


I live on an island in northern WA with my 11mos old, husband and two dogs (along with a growing farm of meat chickens, laying hens, laying ducks, pigs, and cows) We are working on starting a small scale bakery here and we spend lots of time together as a family. We co-sleep, baby-wear (how else do people get things done?), cloth diaper, wear lots of wool, BLW, and all those other "alternative" acronyms. (Although my girl has completely rebelled against ECing, she did it so well months ago and now refuses)


We had a difficult first few months. At 36.5 weeks my water broke and it turned out I had an active herpes infection in my cervix of which I was completely unaware (I knew I had the virus, but it had always been so in check and I had no idea I would have it internally with no outside symptoms) So we had a rush cesarean, that was a huge disappointment but also was as good as it could have been. Baby was perfect (in the perfect birthing position midwife said) and I healed well.


Then at month two I got a plugged duct that turned into an abscess that went un-diagnosed for weeks until it was really really bad. We had gone through weeks of trying to cure my "engorgement" and getting bad docs until a good doc finally saw what was really happening and I went into surgery. I lost a good deal of breast tissue and baby didn't nurse on that side for a while. I am grateful that it still makes milk and now she'll go there about 30% of the time.


The c section scar, the breast scar, and the uneven breasts have been a bummer. Our girl is fairly high-needs but bright and wonderful. She sleeps best held, nurses all the time, and has a serious pair of lungs (her grampa says, "she doesn't cry, she yells"). She's not really into other people besides me, but she'll warm up after a while, and does have fun with dad when he can have her for a while. She's crawling and standing and loves to get covered in sand and mud. She's a pretty good eater and has a wide range of foods, much wider than I thought I would give at 11mos, but nothing gets past her, if we eat it, she wants to to.


I am home with her and will not work full time while I'm raising her. In fact, I'm already excited about homeschooling eventually if she's into it.


There we are, looking forward to some good discussions and insight on many of the things we come across. Thanks!

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It sounds like you're in the right place here! There should be lots of forums at Mothering where you could jump right into some conversations!

You've been through a lot so far, too. hug.gif I hope things get easier for you.

Welcome! joy.gif
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thanks! they have been much smoother. bit of a high needs girl, but we've found our way...

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