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Nursed Out

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My son i think is on the verge of cutting out nursing sessions. He tries to nurse t sleep but doesn't really want too so he ends up coming back to it like 45 times in two hours. Our bed time had become drastically late while he decided whether or not he wants to nurse. At the end he rolls over and falls asleep. I am sure its  a phase but my skin is crawling from the 35 second nursing sessions. IDK if its hormones or what but when he finally is asleep  I have to get up stretch I feel so uncomfortable.

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I understand your feelings. I am the same way with my 7 month old. He would do that all day if I were to run around topless. LOL. However, I don't think my son is cutting out breastfeeding sessions, I think he is just so interested in what is around him that he can't help but look around, plus, with his new found ability to crawl, he just wants to keep practicing. So maybe your son is just about to reach something big, or maybe he is teething (they teethe up until 3 I believe), or maybe he has an ear infection. When my baby had an ear infection he didn't want to nurse at all. Some kids may cry while others may not. I do hope it gets easier on you though and my response was just a bit helpful.

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I know my son got weird about nursing whenever he was teething, and preferred a bottle at those times. Kinda glad, actually, because he was soooo bitey and irritable!
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I put a firm hand behind my 8month old DS' head and one around his kicking foot and usually he settles pretty quick. I don't force or pull!

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My thought was teething also.
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