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Sleep regression/ mental leaps/ wonder weeks

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I wondered if any mommas would like to start a current thread on sleep regression? I searched through the forums but couldn't find anything current.

My dd has hit her four month and well it's been hell. It's nearly impossibke to get her to sleep. As soon as I start my nap/bed routine she starts stiffening her legs, cranky and crying. Shes not a big crier and lat night she cried for almost an hour. It was heartbreaking. Nothing I could do would calm her down. She's skipping a nap in the day and I believe is super overtired at bedtime.

Im a few marbles short of loosing it bc its been a few weeks without sleep. I don't mnd the clinginess, I love to wear her but boy is this ever going to end?! On top of this shes teething. She has a toothbud on the top and bottom and I can tell its bugging her.

I'm super excited she's learning new things. I know this is a big developmental stage for them. I guess I am just looking for support, advice, humour. ..anything to ease the pain lol
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Ha, oh mama.  Our entire DDC had a total breakdown around the 4 month mark.  Our 4 month regression was particularly pronounced for whatever reason.  My daughter went from sleeping 5-6 hour stretches at night to waking every 2 hours for at least a few weeks.  It was totally exhausting.  Napping was terrible too.  It would take me an hour to get her down for a 30 minute nap.  Argh!


We had a lot of success with the No Cry Sleep Solution.  The Pantley Pull Off really helped my daughter learn to self-soothe at around 5 months.  She gradually cut out night feedings/wakings from there.  We never let her cry, but I did have to learn the difference between sleepy fussing and crying.  She would sleepy fuss for a few minutes before grabbing her lovey and falling asleep.


A few things that worked for us: get a lovey if you don't have one already.  My daughter now grabs hers, stuffs it into her face, and falls asleep.  In the beginning she didn't seem to pay any attention to it, but it's definitely soothing for her now.  Establishing a routine helped - we usually do diaper change, story, nurse, and bed.  Also, my doctor gave us great advice when she was a newborn: unless it's poop, no nighttime diaper changes.  I got a heavy duty overnight cloth diaper system so she could be fed quickly and placed back in bed during night wakings.  I think this helped to establish good sleep habits at the beginning.


For really awful nights, we co-slept.  We don't co-sleep anymore because I don't get sleep and she doesn't either, but on those nights when she was up every 1.5-2 hours, bringing her to bed was the only way to get any sleep at all.


It will pass.  I love the Pantley book because it at least gives you hope that things will get better.  In our case they got so much better by 6 months I couldn't believe it.  But having a plan, no matter what it is, can help you get through the worst of it.  Now we're in teething and 9 month regression territory, so I hope this one passes soon too.  Good luck, mama!

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Thanks so much! I have been waiting for the right time to try a method so i'll look into the two you mentioned, thank you. We co sleep but are soon going to sidecar the crib and ease her into that space so my husband can sleep in the bed again. wink1.gif her naps are exacly like you mentioned. It's interesting about the types of wakings at night. I grab her at any peep and try to get her back to sleep bc shes not so great at self soothing yet and once she's up she's up ofor hours :S she has a little light blankie shes claimed as her lovie.she likes to put it over her face which worries me but ill make sure she has it close and make sure she doesn't fall asleep with it on her head. I think once I have the energy I'm going to give this method a good go. I have read a lot about it on MDC. I'll update as we go. Here's hoping wink1.gif
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