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Flu during pregnancy quadruples risk for bipolar disorder

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This is a bit of a buzz today.


I'm not well versed on statistics, but I'm sure some of you are. What are your thoughts of the sample sizes? Why only study 92 people out of 1/3 of N. Cal population? Why is the control so large in comparison to the study group?
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This study just adds to the push for flu vaccines during pregnancy. I figured that much before even reading, and sure enough,


“Prospective mothers should take common sense preventive measures, such as getting flu shots prior to and in the early stages of pregnancy and avoiding contact with people who are symptomatic.

As usual, that's the only recommendation to avoid the flu. Surprise surprise!


The study followed 92 people with bipolar disorder, who were born between 1959-1966. I wonder when the 722 controls were born, or does that matter? I would think it should matter, but maybe I'm wrong.

Then, the mothers of these 92 supposedly had the flu during pregnancy, again between the dates of 1959-1966. Were they lab-confirmed cases?

Is there a link to the whole study? 

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What beckybird said….


And if they were diagnosed with flu, were they given drugs for said flu?


If it is true,  it just adds to the idea that fetuses are vulnerable, and that we should tread carefully where they are concerned.  Carefully, to me, does not include injecting vaccine into pregnant women (how do we know vaccines are safe in pregnant women?  We don't)  I would increase hand washing, decrease hanging out in highly crowded places during flu season, etc.  I also think workplaces need to do a better job encouraging and supporting people in staying home when they are sick.


There are numerous flu strains floating around.  The vaccine only prevent a few.  While I do believe the vaccine prevents a (very small!) number of flu's, it might depress the immune system of the recently vaxxed and leave them vulnerable to other viruses and flu strains circulating.  This is speculative - but I know so many who got sick with something flu-like after the vax, and if this "flu like illness" also confers a bipolar risk, then that is a problem.


Lastly, the only way to figure out if a vaccine may have something to do with decreasing bipolar rates would be to compare the offspring of those vaxxed for flu during pregnancy and those unvaxxed.  That data will be a few years in coming - if we see it at all.  

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Excellent point about the drugs during pregnancy! I never thought of that one.


Tamiflu is a disaster of this current time period, so what about the drugs available during the years of 1959-1966?  Were the mothers using medication during pregnancy, and if so, what kind? Instead of automatically blaming the flu, why not start with the obvious--medication during pregnancy?


The plot thickens! More dissatisfied with the study than I was before!

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Oh? Last year it was autism. eyesroll.gif

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Originally Posted by fruitfulmomma View Post

Oh? Last year it was autism. eyesroll.gif

I remember that.


The thing is the flu has always been with us (well, maybe not, but it has been with for a very long time).  Autism rates keep rising, so if flu in pregnancy had a major part to play in autism, autims rates wouldn't have been 1/ 10 000 40 years ago.  

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This is the most ridiculous "study" yet.


They followed 92 children who were born between 1959-1966 and later developed bipolar disorder, comparing rates of diagnoses maternal flu during those pregnancies.


During 1959-1966, they weren't doing any tests to discern "influenza" from "flu-like illnesses."


So it's anybody's guess as to whether those women actually HAD flu. Or whether they drank Coca-Cola every day. Or smoked.   Or, in Northern California, during the '60's, whether they were on drugs.


Nobody actually reads the studies, everyone just reads the article and believes every implication made....banghead.gif

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Can they finally study unvaccinated people now?

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