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Goodbye to MDC, no longer a positive place

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It is with regret that I make this my last post.  I found MDC when my twins were little, and was excited to find a large community of thoughtful, crunchy moms.


It's been a long time since I've enjoyed participating in a thread here.  There clearly are trolls (the ones I care about are anti-HB), posters with bad grammar, vehement arguments, and very low post counts.  They are troublesome, but what bothers me more are the more subtle posters.  I don't need everyone to agree with me 100% of the time.  But on more and more threads in the past year there are controlling, negative, hostile posters. 


Talking about the Homebirth forum in particular, the majority of the posters seem to not support HB.  They throw up biased arguments and well worn attacks: women can't be trusted to make their own choices or evaluate the evidence, HB is all about the experience.  All that matters is a living baby!


What the birth arena needs is a HB positive place, the forces against HB are plenty strong and vocal enough.  I'm so glad I didn't find MDC when I was planning my HB.  It would have clouded my judgment.  And if MDC isn't a resource to moms, it's just a chat room for b""chy people.


For my own peace of mind, I'm staying away from MDC, and have and will encourage others to do the same.  Thought you should know and consider doing what you can to foster a community more in line with your stated goals.

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Thank you for your candid post, Gena 22. We are aware of some issues in the HB forum and have already taken steps to address them. Some members have been warned about their participation there and if they continue to make adversarial comments in the forum they will be removed.


We value you as a member and appreciate your positive voice here. S o I hope you can reconsider and find a way to continue as a member. Feel free to PM me personally to point out anything that concerns you and I will take a look and do what I can. thumb.gif

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That stinks. I wonder why someone who is not in support of a subject would follow that thread? I have had 3 great homebirths and think it is amazing for women to be able to have choices in birth! I'm not sure why certain women don't support other women :(

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Hi, Gena 


You and I were posting on that last thread in HB. I really sympathize with you!!  I've read most of the HB threads in this past year and they are sometimes a challenge to moderate. First, many of the simple resource threads have slow participation, which is a big bummer!!  But, then we have a lot of safety and midwifery policy threads that are super active. Because of their nature, there is going to be some disagreement over the significance of information, among other things.  


Cynthia is right in that she/we have taken some steps to be sure that our members posting in HB have a level of support for HB but, as I'm sure you know, that varies widely within the HB community. One of our very active and respected members is a MW working for change within the midwifery community and she posts frequently on the subject. We also have an active member who had a HB that she felt was sub-par and is posting about her experiences. 


These members can skew the vibe of the forum if they are mainly posting form a "I support HB but want to see better, safer options for women" perspective. But, of course they are welcome members of our community. What we need are members like you who come from a perspective that is more enthusiastically supportive of HB!! 


If you decide to come back/stay, I suggest that you work with me and some other members to try to increase information to the resource threads so that mothers can continue to come to MDC for both critical thinking on the safety and options of HB (which I think we do quite well!) but ALSO to get resource information. 

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I just read this and I'm so bummed! I just recently started reading MDC again after quite a time away. I was so excited! I think I'll give it a few weeks to see what the vibe is. Sorry for your experience though!

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I myself took a few years off MDC because of negativity in the forums and because I quit trusting the magazine itself or its product reviews.  Now I've been back for a couple of weeks...


It seems like there are a lot of trolls these days.  Even in the I'm Not Vaccinating forum, which should only be women supporting each other.


Trolls meaning people who are not interesting in natural birth or natural parenting who just want to come attack people who are.  Often times with illogical and/or incoherent statements.  It seems like many of these derogatory posts towards people don't even contain accurate information as to what was said in the first place.  A serious lack of reading cognition and critical thinking.


I've posted actually asking people to think before they just attack, and by the responses, it's obvious it didn't happen.


That being said, you can use the block feature.  It doesn't work quite as well as block does on Facebook, but at least it gives you an option to not be subjected to some people without choosing to click on show their post.


There is at least some taking the good with the bad, and hoping one outweighs the other, but these days...

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