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birth center packing list

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So, I know there is a recent thread discussing what everyone is packing for their hospital or home birth and I'm sure this topic has been discussed on here previously but let's face it, I'm too lazy to look it up. :) This will be my first unmedicated water birth at a birthing center and I'm at a complete loss on what I need to bring with me. I realize I probably won't be staying overnight, depending on how long the labor takes and what time of day I actually have the baby...I think my midwife told me the max that women stay is 12 hours and that's rare? So I'm really not sure what to bring. I've had two babies at a hospital prior to this pregnancy so packing a bag with plans to stay in a hospital for two nights was a no-brainer. Any ideas on what I may want/need for a first time water birth at a birthing center? Any help is appreciated! :) 

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Never gone to the birth center, but imagine you'll want going home clothes for you and baby still and you may want your toiletries in case you are there for a little while. You may desire to brush your teeth, hair, or put on more deodorant even during labor. If you want music then bring something that plays music. You may want a few items for DP too - toiletries and maybe a change of clothes in case he gets hot and sweaty, bad breath or whatever. So, sort of like the hospital bag, but a little more minimal. 

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oh, good question.  I'm planning a birth center birth too.


something for dad to wear in the pool and a change of clothes.

swimsuit for me and change of clothes for going home.

my phone with music and CHARGER.

breast pads, pads.


for baby: tiny hat, sleeper, socks, blanket.

recieving blankets.

snacks for dad.  snacks for after the birth (I was starving after #2)



that's all I can think of at the moment.

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I just read the other thread and want to add diapers and camera to my list.

Also, it's good to think about what if you have to transfer and stay longer.  If it's a lot longer someone can bring more stuffs. 

Thinking maybe

extra diapers,


clothes for baby,

nipple cream,


Also wondering what herbs people put in their peri bottles - I've kindof forgotten about that.  Calendula I'm thinking for sure.


I like to travel light.

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Thank you! Both of these posts were very helpful. I didn't think of a peri bottle..I have one from my previous hospital births. I'll look into some herbs to use in there. Thanks, again!

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