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best home fragrance?

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We would like to use some type of smelly stuff in the house we just moved into (we rent). Our neighborhood apparently has some feral cats and DH swears he can smell the ammonia/pee smell all the time. I do smell it sometimes, so shrug.gif

We have a toddler, 2 dogs, a teen. I'd like something not too expensive since the teen will turn it on ALL THE TIME, and not harmful as the toddler will get to it eventually. Easy, right?

We have a scentsy warmer. Is that my best option? Anyone use something else?
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I like scentsys, and use them when I have them (which is usually at Christmas and my birthday, since my MIL gives them to me as presents.)  I like them because I can leave them in the burner all day every day and not worry about an open flame (I have two small boys), and they are affordable.


I prefer Yankee candles, and use them the most, although they are expensive and if you think your daughter will burn it constantly then that might not be the best option...


Yankee candle also makes wax tarts you can buy (i think around $3 each), and I use them in my scentsy burner, but they don't keep their scent beyond 5 hours or so...


When I'm out of both candles and scentsys then I burn incense, although I don't much care for it... I guess I should rephrase and say I find it bothersome when it is burning (too strong, stings my eyes, etc) but I do like the lingering scent that remains the rest of the day.


I've also used oil burners in the past (from The Body Shoppe)  and they smell really good.  Theirs is the only oil I found really worked  (aside from straight patchouli oil), and if I remember right a little bottle cost around $6, and would last me a couple months.

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I totally forgot about incense. I have a ton that DH can burn when we aren't home! I guess we should probably get some more scentsy so at least I won't have too worry about DS getting hurt.
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