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Not vaccinating

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Hello everyone, I have 3 kids. 7, 5 and 21 months and I haven't vaccinated them and do not plan on it. All I need is support especially when the war is going to get worse. I wish this topic was not an issue. I live in mississauga and would love to meet mothers in the area who don't vax.
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Is there anyone in this area to meet up with this mama?

Have you checked out :http://www.mothering.com/community/f/443/im-not-vaccinating

I am sure you will find lots of support here too!

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thank you very much i will check that community!

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Hi! I'm in Burlington and have an unvaxxed 3 yr old and 1 yr old. I know how you feel... It feels like an uncomfortable 'secret' sometimes as I just choose not to talk about it with other mommies for fear of judgement or worse... Love to meet and chat with like-minded mommies too!
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Hi! Oh that's great, burlington is not that far from me :)

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Add me to the list, my 16 year old is vaccinated, my youngest three are not, I debate doing my 5 year old, later more so than sooner, but two youngest, not even on the radar!


I don't talk to ANYONE about my decision not to vax, except for the paediatrician, and she's cool with it, so it's all good!



Do you ladies do natural immunity boosters?

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Hi! Didn't see this until now! You are in Ontario too I see! It is so nice to know there are other non-vaxxers in the immediate area.... Makes me feel less... Alien? Lol... I have focused my efforts on learning to naturally boost my little one's immune systems through diet mostly... Trying to learn to cook from scratch, avoid processed foods, seek out nutritionally dense options, supplementing d3 and occassionally SA if there's a sniffle on the horizon....

Though one of the Facebook groups I belong to announced that a Calgary practitioner is hosting 12 week homeopathy course specifically fornon-vaxxing families... Expensive but might make me feel extra secure about my children's future health if we find ourselves facing those diseases they push vax's for...
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Hi, I am a naturopath in Minden, Ontario with a 2 year old who was a home, water birth and has had zero interventions and I mean ZERO! Love to connect with more like minded mamas!

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