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Vitamins and supplements?

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I am very overwhelmed by the number of options there are for vitamins and fish oils and such!  What are you all taking?  What do you recommend?  I am currently taking Rainbow Lite Prenatal Once (a once daily vitamin) as my prenatal vitamin and feel good about that.  The fish oils, though - I don't remember what I even used last time.  Does anyone have a good recommendation? 


And is anyone taking other supplements as well?  I think I took calcium too last time, and may do that again.


Thanks for your thoughts and advice!

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My first pregnancy, I took New Chapter Perfect Prenatal and added things here or there as my midwife recommended them or to address specific issues. With my last pregnancy, I was taking a ton of supplements to treat adrenal fatigue and a ton more that were supposed to prevent miscarriage while still taking the New Chapter Prenatals on top of it all. For this pregnancy, I am taking all the stuff for adrenal fatigue and m/c prevention again, but decided to drop the prenatal. It was not cheap and really didn't have much that I wasn't already taking separately.

I'm taking 14 pills, 7 liquids, and 2 vaginal suppositories (fun!) every day. I take fermented cod liver oil combined with butter oil suspended in coconut oil instead of a fish oil/dha supp. The things I take that I most recommend are liquid cal/mag and HemaPlex. The cal/mag helps with insomnia and, later on, with leg cramps. The HemaPlex is a non-constipating iron supplement that also has a ton of B-vitamins. I tend toward borderline anemia and it really helps without the issues other iron supps can cause. Vitamin D is awesome, too.

I am a strong supporter of getting as much as you can from food and food-based supplements, but I have a very hard time eating well during pregnancy and with my history of losses and health issues, I feel better knowing for sure that I'm getting enough of what I need.
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I don't take a prenatal, just what I have found works for me. I take folic acid, fish oil, cranberry, vit D, megafoods bloodbuilder, b-6, and calcium. I also take unisom for nausea.

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Let's see- I'm taking Nature's Way prenatal's,  B50, Florell Probiotics, 2,000 iu Vit D, and 1,200mg Calcium and Natrol Fish Oil. I really like the Nature's Way multi- its 4 pills a day but they are easy to swallow capsules and at $12.00 its affordable. Its a very complete but simple one with no soy (intolerant). I also get a liquid calcium by Lifetime. It is predigested and has magnesium in it too. Sooooo much better than taking a horse pill and it tastes great! The fish oil isn't anything special but it is clean and does the job affordably.

   If you don't already know about it vitacost.com is a fantastic place to get your vitamins. Super affordable and the best customer service from a online company I've ever received. I get everything there including some specialty food items. 

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Thanks for all the info everyone!! I settled on Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA/EPA fish oil with Vit D3, some calcium pills (will be taking 2 pills; 1200 mg), in addition to my Rainbow Light Prenatal, which contains some probiotics in addition to lots of other stuff. I feel pretty good about this combo for now but may add on other stuff depending how I feel and what the midwives end uo saying when I eventually see them.

THanks so much mamas!!
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With my last I didn't take anything! But ate a pretty well rounded diet. This time I'm taking a raw prenatal (but only 1 of the recommended 3 pre day), a prenatal dha, and 5000 iu of bit D. I was taking iron (another vote for hemoplex!) as I am borderline anemic, but was recommended to not supplement with iron during pregnancy by my MW. I have an interesting article on it I'll post here in a sec...
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From Dr Odent
http://www.waysofthewisewoman.com/dr-michel-odent-notes-obgyn-studies.html (last q)

"My haemoglobin is now 11.4 in week of gestation 19. A friend of mine has 7.8. Do I have to take ferrum? Is there a haemoglobin-limit?
It is probable that from now on your hemoglobin concentration will decrease. The placenta - which is 'the advocate of the baby' - will send you hormonal messages so that you dilute your blood in order to make it more fluid. Your blood volume will increase dramatically (up to 40% to 50%). Although you'll still have the same amount of hemoglobin available, its concentration in your blood will be lower if the placenta is working well. The most authoritative published study on this issue involved more than 150 000 thousands births (Steer P, Alam MA, Wadsworth J, Welch A. Relation between maternal haemoglobin concentration and birth weight in different ethnic groups. BMJ 1995; 310: 389-91). According to this huge study a hemoglobin concentration between 8.5 and 9.5 during the second half of a pregnancy is associated with the best possible birth outcomes. Furthermore, when the hemoglobin concentration fails to fall below 10.5 there is an increased risk of low birth weight, premature birth and pre-eclampsia.

The regrettable consequence of misinterpreting this test is that, all over the world, millions of pregnant women are wrongly told that they are anemic and are given iron supplements. There is a tendency both to overlook the side effects of iron (constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, etc.) and to forget that iron inhibits the absorption of such an important growth factor as zinc. Furthermore, iron is a powerful oxidative substance that can exacerbate the production of free radicals. The disease pre-eclampsia is associated with an 'oxidative stress'. Pregnant women need antioxidants (provided in particular by fruit and vegetable) rather than oxidative substances.

You should print the abstract of the study I mentioned (you'll find it via PubMed, for example) in order to be in a position to discuss with practitioners who might tell you that you are anemic and that you need iron supplements. Don't take iron supplements as long as your iron deficiency has not been proven by specific tests (ferritine in particular).

I cannot comment on the hemoglobin concentration of your friend, first because I don't know if she is at the beginning or at the end of her pregnancy, and also because data regarding her lifestyle and data provided by a clinical exam should prevail upon the results of one laboratory test; this test should probably be repeated and completed, according to the context."
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Very interesting LL! Thanks for the link and info. That's something I'll bookmark and keep on hand smile.gif

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I take a powder prenatal rather than a pill. Its called Premama Prenatal Vitamin mix - it's flavorless and you can mix it in with almost any beverage. I like to use it in my smoothie or OJ. It contains DHA, so you're getting everything you need in one serving. It also has ginger root in it with helps with any nausea. You can get it on their website [Moderator note: promotional link removed.] and it's only $25 a month! I hope this helps :)

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Very cool thanks for the info!!!

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