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Why is attachment parenting so controversial?

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Why is it so taboo? Just saw a headline on Yahoo about some celebrity who breastfeed her son until he was 2.5 years old. Another article had the writer intrigued, but a little weird-ed out

Ok, so maybe the no diaper thing is a bit far out but cosleeping, extended breastfeeding, baby-wearing? Why is it all out of the norm? Is it because of moms and dads working full time and not being able to live this lifestyle? Have we as a society been really led to believe this will spoil children and make them dependent forever? Your thoughts?
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I dunno, I thought it was all rather mainstream by now - certainly more so than these topics were when I had my older kids (who are not that old, just 5 and 6).  That or the people I gravitate towards are rather similar, but I don't think so. But they don't seem to be that far out of the norm now.  There are carriers of various types in big box stores, most people I know co-sleep, breastfeeding rates are pretty high up (even if extended breastfeeding isn't talked about, really, much)...  That or I've gone numb to the hysteria and don't notice it anymore, if it still exists.  ;)

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Of course some commenters will always appear out of the woodwork to be abhorred by these practices, but I think honestly it's cos they're a bit bored.  ;)  For example, there are always soooo many people on articles about breastfeeding in public who say they're just so offended, etc.  In several years of NIP in various areas of the country, I've never had so much as a dirty look from others.  So I'm not 100% convinced that people really care as much about these issues.  Of course, I could be totally wrong.  It's been known to happen, albeit rarely.  =P

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In my area, the babywearing and whatnot doesn't seem hated.  I myself only have trouble with it when it's taken to extremes:  I've heard of moms who pushed their husbands out of the picture or refused to let their kids have experiences.  And they still labeled it all attachment parenting.

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Those who are against are strongly against. Unfortunately, I have them in my family. And since they are relatives, they can make life difficult. Strangers rarely want to get that involved, even if they think you're wrong, in my experience. And how you are when nursing in public influences those observing. Appearing confident helps others get the idea that trying to intimidate you is a waste of time.

The original question is "why is attachment parenting so controversial?" I think it's because parenting choices are personal, and sometimes someone doing something different feels like an attack of a personal nature.
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