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I thought I was looking about right for 29 weeks (although I feel way bigger), but today at the library during 'Toddler Time' the librarian had us all up and dancing.  Then she said, "Next we are going to do some jumping!  Although if you are over eight months pregnant (pointed stare at me) I really want you to take it easy one this one mamas!"  Ahhh!  I'm edging on seven months people!  But it really doesn't matter HOW pregnant I am, I am still a wildly hormonal pregnant woman... so, please watch what you say!


DS and I will be flying in about a week to visit family.  We usually go once or twice a year to visit this side of the family, but now that we have moved our day of travel is going to be a FULL day of travel with several layovers.  Anyone have any suggestions to keep me comfy and sane?  I think DS will be alright, he's pretty good with travelling, it is me I am worried about.  The last time I flew while pregnant I just remember feeling claustrophobic the whole time.  This time I am more worried about physical comfort, so any tips would be appreciated! 

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I've read not to fly that late but take plenty to drink because the stress + dehydration isn't good. Pillows? I need a pillow just for a long car ride...I hope it goes well.

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Maybe take a little skull cap tincture, or Bach rescue remedy, or have a glass of wine. I think any of those things might help you feel mellow for your flight.

Drink lots of water, get up and stretch your legs, and bring a really absorbing book!
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Mama505, I recommend taking an EMPTY, big water bottle with you (I love my insulated Klean Kanteen). Have it filled at Starbucks or other restaurant behind security, and drink up! Get the plane staff to give you as much water to refill it as much as possible, too. Do some walking while you wait for the plane. I'm not sure how old your DS is, but obviously if you're accustomed to travel you know what his needs will be like. For you, when you're in your seat, do calf stretches, ankle rolls, etc., to keep your blood supply flowing well and prevent swelling (and other, worse things). And keep chugging water. When allowed, take regular trips to the lavatory (you'll probably need to with all that water!). Rinse, repeat for each flight/airport.

And, yeah, if you felt claustrophobic, take Rescue Remedy. They also have pastilles which aren't liquid but are effective and tasty. Maybe a movie on an electronic device? What distracts you well?
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Oh, and if you LOOK 8+ months pregnant, you MAY be asked for a doctor's (or midwife's) note that it's okay to fly, stating your EDD and gestation at the time of flight. I've never used one but never look convincingly pregnant until baby is born. I've flown several times late in pregnancy, though, and never had an issue.
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Thanks for the suggestions mamas!  I am big on water, so that is a definite.  I totally forgot about Rescue Remedy, got to pull that out.  DS is 3yo now.  Last summer when we flew he wanted to spend as much time as allowed in the restroom.  Not the most comfy place, but I think he mostly liked walking through the plane and seeing everyone (especially the flight attendants) and trying to "aim pee" in a tiny moving bathroom.  I think I'll be the one in constant need of the bathroom this time!


and Heather-  Thanks for the heads up on the Doc/Midwife note!  I really don't think I look THAT big, but I am going tomorrow, so I'll be sure to get one just in case. *I guess 'THAT big' to someone who is pregnant and used to seeing a pregnant lady every time they look in a mirror is probably a lot different than it is to... well, everyone else!

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In addition to water and getting up to walk around, compression stalkings (or at least compression socks)! You need to keep that blood circulating. smile.gif
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For the love of all that is holy, can I just wear a "hello my name is" sticker that says "due in August, please don't ask any more"...I am so tired of having the same conversation 18 times a day...

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Originally Posted by GISDiva View Post

For the love of all that is holy, can I just wear a "hello my name is" sticker that says "due in August, please don't ask any more"...I am so tired of having the same conversation 18 times a day...


Yeah, I can't really answer very enthusiastically "when is your baby due?" and I just say "my babies are due the end of august" then that starts the whole "oh you're having twins? Do they run in the family?" I skipped out on this almost entirely with DD because I never got big so no one asked me till I was 39 weeks. Now I'm huge and have 2 mos to go.

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The insulated Kleen Kanteen is the best, right?! I drink all my hot stuff at home in it. But man can that thing keep an iced coffee cold too!
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I've left my insulated Klean Kanteen in the car in Texas summer and come back to ice and cold water, still!
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Well, I am measuring right on target so I hope I don't freak out everyone on the plane.  My midwife printed me a note on the business letterhead though, just to be sure! 

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