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Pregnant with a Free T4 of 1.02 - HELP.

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My free T4 was 0.61 after my miscarriage 4 weeks ago. greensad.gif

Got a positive pregnancy test yesterday and had labs drawn, HCG 33 and free T4 1.02. I was just told this is not sufficient for pregnancy, it is too low, even though it is within range (0.89-1.76). mecry.gif


I just started taking Synthroid a week ago and I'm only taking 50 mcg. I will probably get my free T3 results back monday, as well as progesterone. 


I am interested in adding a natural thyroid medication to my Synthroid or getting off it entirely and onto something more natural. 

I need something that will work quickly. 


I am going to try Iosol formula, brazil nuts for selenium. Does anyone know of a natural dessicated thyroid product that I could add for T3 if it takes me a while to get in to see an endo? 


I wasn't expecting my thyroid to be the problem but it runs in my family. Had a full thyroid panel checked last year when I was having symptoms and all was normal, except for very slightly elevated TPO of 44.


My OB wouldn't have even done any testing since this was my first miscarriage but I insisted. I am so worried. I feel like I should have waited to TTC until I got my labs back, but hindsight is always better isn't it? 

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FWIW, my T4 was 1.02 at my 4week pg draw, then .77 at 10weeks (last draw was at 29 weeks but I don't recall that number). This was my first pg in a long time that resulted in a healthy, living term baby! I was also on Armour Thyroid (only started about 12 weeks before the pregnancy). But obviously those numbers didn't hinder the outcome.

I have Hashimotos thyroiditis and my ONLY indicator was my elevated antibody count, and it is likely the cause of at least SOME of my 7 miscarriges. But during my lab draws (prior to being on Armour) all my other numbers were normal too, and my OB had no interest in further testing so I went to my FIL who ordered antiTPO draws since he is familiar with hashi's....and when I went back to my OB later he had ZERO knowledge of thyroid antibodies, so that was frustrating.

Something to consider, it may be difficut to find an endo who will prescribe dessicated thyroid. greensad.gif.

Good luck mama!!!!
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You might also want to look into a glandular adrenal rebuilder as well. It is important to support and rebuild the adrenals while treating the thyroid.

Oh and I find selenium to be really beneficial to me, too. So you may notice good results with that.
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Got my T3 back this afternoon, it is 2.5. Low normal, not good for pregnancy. UGH. Thanks for sharing your story with me. 


What type of glandular adrenal rebuilder did you take and can it be taken during pregnancy? 

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