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Thread for posting US pics!

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For anyone who would like to, this thread is for sharing ultrasound pictures.


Here is mine. It's a top view of the face and chest. You can see the shape of the skull, and the big blob is the chest. I wish I would have asked for a copy of the side view. I liked being able to see the entire spine. But oh well. :) Maybe at the next one.



This is just a zoomed in version. Obviously I drew the face on. :D I was thinking of posting this one as my Facebook announcement.

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Here's mine! Pretty sure mine is also head and chest. I didn't bother to edit because I'm on my tablet and you guys already know my real name anyway, LOL!

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This is my first post ever on Mothering.com!  I'm about 10 weeks pregnant with my second child.

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Congrats, Kanga, and welcome to the group! smile.gif
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Hey, y'all,  I finally scanned my US pics so I can post them here.  These are from 10wks.  








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Here's my peanut again :)  8w6d


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Aww I love these. :) They do all kind of look like peanuts! I am already excited for my 20 week US. I have to wait another month and a half.

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Oh I love these too! I had an ultrasound two days ago and the little one was twisting, stretching it's legs and arm, and sucking it's thumb love.gif. 5.6 cm (2.2 inches) long and really looks like a baby! I'll have to scan the pictures and put them up once I get home..

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here's the little baby sucking it's thumb. According to the US, 12w3d

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So cute! I love all these pics!  LilyKay, what a sweet pic with the baby sucking thumbs! So much more developed compared to my 10wk pic. It is amazing how they grow so quick in there!


And Taryn,  your babe just floating around is awesome!

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Wow, LilyKay, that is just amazing! I am always blown away by how quickly they look like fully grown babies!
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So sweet! We didn't get any photos because it was in the ER. The hospital has a policyi against handing out pics then to discourage people from using the ER just to get a sneak peak. Um.. LAME!. No worries there it was a 12 hour wait with no food. I wish I'd had dh take a sneaky video or pic from his phone they wouldn't have noticed.
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I love these!  We just had our first tri NT scan and I got some good ones, where the babe is bending his/her knees, then the next landing a straight legged kick.  ha!

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Here's a pic from 12wks.  The knees are to the chest -- the babe is about to do a kick to the uterus with both legs. 


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These pictures are so cute!
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These pictures are so cute!
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An imaging center called me up and asked if I'd like to help them out by letting a trainee do and ultrasound under supervision. I'm so weak! I couldn't resist. They took only 5 minutes. Babe was perfect and moving around. Measurements agreed with previous ultrasound exactly!
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That's so cool Ophelia! How did you get into that? I would love to find a trainee.

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They asked my midwife for recommendations.
I'd never heard (nor thought) of such a thing before.
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the babies:


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