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Isn't that incredible??  One baby seems like a miracle- two is just awesome!

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Wow, that is so cool, Erics Mama!
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So neat!
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16 weeks





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Yeah, it's really awesome to see those pictures and think that's approximately what my baby looks like too, developmentally.  I love all the fingers spread out on that hand.  

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Yay, so beautiful! smile.gif
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my baby boy!!! i havent posted on here in a while and yea well heres my baby at 16 weeks! i have better pics of him showing off his boy parts but i like this one the best cause it shows off his cute chubby cheeks :D

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Yay, congrats! I'm so jealous of those of you finding out already! I still have a month to go!
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Wow, congratulations!  How fun!

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awww congrats mousemom!

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:D thank you!!!! we found a cheapish private u/s place, so we got to find out before the 20 week mark. im soo glad we did too. we got  a cd of 59 pictures, a dvd recording of the whole session and 5 black and white print outs :D i have already watched the dvd 3 times!! i say its worth it, if you can find an affordable place.

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For the two of you who looked at your babies in 3D at around 16 weeks, do you think it was worth it to see baby in 3D?  I just found out there's a private place just 45 minutes away in the next town over, and I'm tempted to go when I hit 16 weeks- it'll be a full month earlier than my ultrasound appointment!

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My appointment Tuesday is at one of those places but its just for the gender scan. 2d, 5 min long, but only $50 and I get to find out a month early!
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Yeah, this one is $60, 2 photos, and a 10 minute scan.  

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There's a 3D place near me that'll do a 2D gender scan at 16 weeks and I'm so doing it. I had the full 3D/4D scan at 16 and 32 weeks with one pregnancy and honestly, I'd wait until 3rd tri to do the full 3D again. While it is cool to see them in 3D, this early they're all skeletal and kind of alienish-looking. The 32 week one was amazing and the face shots we got from look exactly like her newborn pics. Some places will offer you a package deal or discount if you plan to do more than one 3D scan during the same pregnancy though.

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Did you all have to get permission slips from your doctor to get the ultrasound? All of the places near me require it. I kind of understand why -- their ultrasounds are pretty much for entertainment purposes, and they don't want to get sued if someone relies on it as a replacement for a proper diagnostic ultrasound, or as a replacement for actual prenatal care. But at the same time, it's kind of insulting that I need to get "permission" from my doctor. I'd be much more comfortable signing a release stating that I understand that this ultrasound is entertainment only. Not only that, but my doctor does the 4D ultrasounds in his office. He's not enough of a jerk to deny me if I asked, but he does have a financial motive to do so. They're basically making me ask permission from their competitor!

Not to mention that they are effectively banning women who choose to do their own (responsible) prenatal care.
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Originally Posted by michelleepotter View Post

Not to mention that they are effectively banning women who choose to do their own (responsible) prenatal care.

I do my own prenatal care and I lie, lol! Both places I went to in the past have a form you filled out saying you're receiving prenatal care (which I am, just from myself wink1.gif ) and had you write your doctor's name and phone #. So, I made up a name and put my ex-dh's cell # and just told to him answer's as Dr. So-and-so's office if the place called to confirm I was a patient. They never did, though I'm not even sure they're allowed to ask that kind of information. I think the main reason they want that info is so if they do detect something wrong during the ultrasound they can forward the results to your doctor so they can do a follow-up diagnostic u/s. And, at the same time they are covering themselves because the form says you are receiving care and you understand that the 3D/4D u/s is not for diagnostic purposes.

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Trish, the places that I looked into have a form that you have to take to your doctor and have THEM fill out and sign, and then bring in to your appointment. They even phrase it as "getting permission" from your doctor.
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If you bring it with you vs. your doctor having to send it in, I'd still fill it in myself (or have someone else do it.) That's just me, though. I want to get the gender u/s without having to go to a doctor and do their little dance and get the anatomy scan so I'm ok with fibbing to the u/s place. I get it that the form is CYA for the u/s place, but I'm not the kind of person who's going to sue if something is wrong with the baby and they don't tell me. If I wanted to know that I'd get all the prenatal testing done. Although phrasing it as "getting permission" is slightly insulting. Heaven forbid you make an educated, well thought out decision about your own prenatal care. eyesroll.gif

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