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It was so fun!  Baby boy was moving the whole time!  16 weeks. 



Birdseye view, head on left, big belly




3D looking at the face and upper body



Profile- that's my favorite one, with his arm and little foot all in sight!

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Congratulations Jenny! Now I'm getting excited about coming Tuesday, fingers crossed everything is ok! 

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Yay! Congratulations on your boy!! Mine's on Tuesday and I can't wait! I'm glad to know you were able to find out at 16 weeks-that's how far I'll be too.

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LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.0118 week ultrasound.  It's officially a boy!


LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01 My favorite of the 3D ultrasound pics.


Yay for everyone's pictures!  joy.gif

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They are all getting big! Fun to see the first pics and then these newer ones. 


We had our US today!! 


Baby's sweet face, with hands tucked up around.


And we have a boy! This was our first glimpse and I knew right away.


And he gave us this view right at the end. Haha! Not very modest is he? No doubt now! We're so excited about it. :)

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Oh yeah, he was showing off for sure!  haha.

Congrats Tiffa and kangawho.  We've got some boys coming!

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wow girls! these pics are amazing!!! Congrats on your boys, Jenny, Tiffa, and Kanga!! Fingers crossed for Tuesday, Trish and LilyKay! I was just talking to my sister yesterday and she was saying how this year's batch of babies seems like its a boy-batch...hmmm, looking like it might be true? Definitely two years ago I, three friends, and three cousins all had girls...maybe its boy season..

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Haha Tiffa! Your last pic is the very first shot we had with my surro-son. We saw it and all immediately said, "It's a penis!" Definitely not shy about showing off the boy bits, lol!


Congrats to both of you Kanga and Tiffa! It does seem like the boys are out numbering the girls so far in this group. I work with a lady who's due mid-December and she's having a boy too.

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Wow so many boys.  I had no idea what a ultrasound picture would look like confirming boy but now I think I will know the moment I see it on the screen - if I get at least one boy from my twins - July 26 can't come fast enough!

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Still jealous of all those little penises. Sigh. Lol. Here is our girl shot.
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Aw, Taryn, she has such a sweet profile!  Precious!

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Thanks for sharing all the ultrasound pics, y'all.  So exciting! Friday can't come soon enough!

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Here's my new baby girl. She's apparently a prude. During the whole ultrasound she had her knees together and her ankles crossed. The one time she finally uncrossed them she put her hand between her legs so we still couldn't see. It took a lot of moving her around and me turning on both sides to finally see the goods.





I'm a GIRL!!


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LOL, so cute, Trish!
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It's a boy for me smile.gif
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Introducing our baby girl, Roisin Marie, due Christmas 2013!

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lovely name, Michelle ;)

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Originally Posted by roisin32 View Post

lovely name, Michelle wink1.gif

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Love the name Michelle!


And so cute with the ultrasounds love.gif.  I'll try to post a couple this weekend.

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Here's our  l'il lady at 20 wks:


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