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Do you guys see girl? This was the best pic she could get and she said she was 90% sure that it's a girl. I'm sure she's right, but I figured I would let you guys dissect it too. lol

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Yes, that looks like girl to me...it's pretty much identical to one of the shots we got. All the boy shots I've seen by this far along have very obvious boy parts in them.

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I concur, boy parts are pretty obvious! Speaking of...Here he is, isn'


t he just a fine little fellow!

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Awesome! smile.gif
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Yes, our boy was obviously still a boy at this ultrasound, so I guess my dream was wrong (I dreamt they told us that our previous ultrasound tech was wrong and it was a girl).  He's oh so perfect and familiar.  Just my husband and I went so that was fun.



AppleMarkHands and Feet by his face




AppleMark Ankles crossed


AppleMark Arms crossed at the wrists


AppleMark  Classic obvious BOY shot!

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Love the classic "boy shot".  He does look like a cutie even in U/S photos!

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Very cute! I'll have to show your boy shot to my DP...he keeps insisting the teeny, tiny bump visible on our girl shot has to be a penis even though I told boy is very obvious. There's no squinting to find it when it's there!

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I'm new to the group.  My baby is due 12/24 and my others have always come on or within a day of their due dates, so if this one follows the same pattern we'll have a baby right around Christmas.  We had our 20 week ultrasound  a few days ago and found out we're have another girl!  So far we have one boy (our oldest) and then 3 girls in a row so my poor DS is going to have 4 little sisters.


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Baby boy !
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I am a bit behind on this thread. What sweet  profile pics!  YAY for babies!biggrinbounce.gif

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