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Feeling better already?

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I don't know if I'm just getting used to being pregnant but I'm starting to feel better already.  I'm 9w2d.  If I didn't see our little bean via ultrasound on Tuesday and hear the heartbeat I'd be worried.  I'm still a bit worried... I'm less tired and less nauseous.  Not 100% but much better than week 6 or 7.  I'm still taking unisom a couple times a day but I can go longer before needing it and I know if I'm getting nauseous I should eat and then I feel better.  Or maybe this is just a boy and I'm comparing it to my last two girl pregnancies (wishful thinking :) ).

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I am feeling a little better. I think it's mostly just that I've figured out how my body wants to manage the nausea (small, very frequent meals). It's still pretty wretched if I go too long without eating. I'm still pretty low energy too, but I'm starting to get more motivation. I'm coming up on 11 weeks, I am hoping it's just starting to be time for this stuff to be done.

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I am feeling better as well (9 weeks) but since I have not seen a heartbeat, I am worried, of course!
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I'm feeling better. My cold finally went away, and my morning sickness seems to be easing up, but I'm still exhausted all the time. The morning sickness part is surprising me, as I usually suffer much longer, but I've decided not to be worried since everything looked perfect on the ultrasound the other day. smile.gif
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I'm 10 weeks 1 day and feeling marginally better, praise God. 

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Hooray! I am finally starting to have some energy back, too! I still want and need naps, but when I am awake, I feel like I can finally get something done. Not much more than one thing at a time, but that's better than getting staring at my computer and getting nothing done.


Morning sickness is a bit better. Just a bit.

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Oops wrong thread
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I went for a run today! First time since I got pregnant! I only made it about halfway through what I'd planned, and I was gasping and exhausted by the end, but that's better than nothing, right? My 8yo DD went with me (her first time going with me), and she was happily chatting away the whole time, telling me about the games she plays with her friends and, "This is easy! I thought it was going to be hard!" I couldn't answer that. Answering requires breathing. orngtongue.gif
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I'm 8w5d and the last two days really felt good for being early pregnant.  I'm tired still, but the nausea is such a mild undertone that I can still eat most things and don't have the massive smell aversions like I remember.  Though I remember last time thinking it wasn't so bad that time either.  Like my body has finally gotten used to being pregnant!  

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Well so much for that. Puking my guts up today :-( 10W1d. Hoping the feeling better comes back and stays.
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Oh wow, sorry to hear that. Good to know that I may not be out of those woods yet.
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Nope, stomach bug. DS is now throwing up too. Ugh. Atleast he's old enough to make it to the bathroom and all we had was pancakes for dinner.
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Yikes! Hope everyone feels better soon, Taryn!

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