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Breast milk ice lollies from already frozen milk?

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I've recently returned to work 3 days a week and prepared a stash of frozen breast milk for DS while I'm away; however, he absolutely refuses to drink it!  The only way my mum's been getting any milk at all down him is by using a medicine syringe.  She can only get about 15ml down him by that method though before he refuses anymore.  When DH get's home and collects DS, DH tries again to offer milk but he won't take it.  DS has never had a bottle from anyone and we've not left bottles for him to drink from (he's nearly 10 months old).  He has a sippy cup, which he's used to - he drinks berry tea from his sippy cup and loves it, he has done since 6 months.  I've tried leaving him fresh milk rather than frozen, thinking it might be the taste being slightly different that's putting him off but no success.  The bottom line is that he wants milk from me, direct from the boob or not at all.  I'm quite worried about him not drinking milk for basically half the week even though he feeds a lot at night on the days that I work.  I know it can't be good for his brain growth to starve 3 days a week (I know, I know - I worry myself to death about everything DS related) and he's tired and depressed without milk in the day; both mum and DH say he's 'a different baby' when he's without me which really upsets me.

So I've decided to try and use the frozen milk to create ice lollies for him because he loves them - its my last ditch attempt to get that milk down him!  Everything I've read says you can't refreeze frozen breast milk though so here's my plan:

I'm going to take the milk out of the freezer and bash it down with a rolling pin so it's still frozen but I can mix it with with strawberry puree and reset it in shape.  I'm planning to have the milk out of the freezer less than 30 minutes.  What do you all think?  Is this safe?  Has anyone done anything like this before?  All help gratefully received!   

EDIT:  Just to be clear, when I say my mum gets milk down him using a syringe, she doesn't hold him down and force it down his throat!!  It's just he seems to like this syringe (I used to use it to give him homeopathic teething granules dissolved in water) so doesn't reject milk from it straight away.

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Ok, I've taken the silence as confirmation I'm the pioneer on this one.  So as I'm back in work tomorrow, I bite the bullet and just went for it.  I'm pleased to report a roaring success but the acid test will be if he eats it when I'm not there obviously. 

I took about 350ml of breast milk (frozen) and bashed it down to fine ice with a rolling pin, then I mixed it with 100ml of strawberry puree before packing it all back into lolly moulds. 
You could probably use less puree than this but I wanted to disguise the taste of my milk because he rejects milk when I'm not there.  I gave him a taste and he loved it so fingers crossed mum can get some down him tomorrow.  It took about 20 mins at the most so the milk never defrosted, therefore I'm pretty confident its integrity remains in tact. 
BTW - it made 4 full size (adult size) lollies but I split it into 8 child size ones.  Anyone else up for making any?

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Wow I love this idea!!! My ds is barely 3 months so I can't do this till next summer, but I totally can't wait to try it. Let us know if it works out for your mom, good luck ;-)
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