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Recurrent Corneal Erosion

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Hi mamas, 


I have been diagnosed with a Recurrent Corneal Erosion (RCE) in my right eye. It is not the worst case, from what I find online, but it is pretty bad - I have constant blurry vision and every couple of weeks I have extreme pain upon waking and then feel like I have a foreign object in my eye all day. It might be a few days of this. This is the third episode I have had. 


I have two questions. 


1. Anyone have any experience with this? There are some good eye forums where I have gotten some good info, but I know you ladies are excellent health researchers!


2. I want to get pregnant (had a miscarriage right after I started getting my RCE), but everyone is telling me I should wait until I get this under control, but from what I read, that can either never happen, or take a looooong time. My doctor is recommending LASIK surgery which I will refuse (both from what I have read online, because I dont want surgery, and because you cant get pregnant within a year of getting the surgery), but I am wary anyway of how long the other treatments go on for and the compatibility of treatments with pregnancy. Most treatments just involve sodium solution eye drops which should be fine during pregnancy. So, my question is has anyone been pregnant and had a RCE and dealt with it?


Thank you so much for any help or info!



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Aww mama, I just wanted to give you a  hug and send positive energy your way. Stay strong !

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Thanks tracyamber!


It has gotten waaaaaay worse - I just had another episode: I was unable to open my eye for 4 days and I had to go to the ER. I was put on bedrest and I couldnt move either of my eyes until the latest erosion healed. It was about 36 hours, not counting the 36 further hours when I was still really swollen and could barely open my eye even if I wanted to. Awful. I might have to get surgery afterall if I want to get this out of my life - I don´t know!


Thanks for listening!

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