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Postpartum chat

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So I'm pp day four, hormones absolutely whacking me over the head. I feel like I'm living in a Sappy commercial. The weepiness is almost comical. Especially anything my two year old does is either so touching or so infuriating that I immediately cry. I'm glad I can recognize what's Happening for what it is, but it has been hard the last few nights with some long crying jags from both baby and myself. Even fed him a sip of formula last night convinced he was starving since my milk isnt totally in yet. Didn't help smile.gif. Still screamed.

Aside from all this emotional stuff, my main complaint is terrible afterpains. No one told me they get worse with each kid!

How is everyone else who has birthed?
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Day 3 was the worst for me. I was very weepy and felt guilty about the baby coming so early. Like there must have been something I did or didn't do that caused my water to break. I was also still worried about Malcolm and whether or not coming 4 days preterm would mean health or developmental issues later. Could not get that stuff out of my head. That motivated me to get my placenta encapsulation going. Felt about a million times better the day after I started taking the pills.

The afterpains were terrible! I think they stopped within the first week, though, so hopefully yours will subside soon, PM.

My milk came in around day 3, too. Pretty soon after, I ended up with a clogged duct. First it started hurting and I knew what was coming ( thanks to having mastitis 8 times with Maddox) so I wasn't surprised when the red spot showed up on my breast. Luckily, was able to get it unclogged before it got infected. Thought I was in the clear after that, but Malcolm destroyed my nipples. I think because they got so torn up, they were more susceptible to yeast. Came from a yeast diaper rash Malcolm had! Poor baby! Just getting over thrush at the moment. So ready to be rid of the itchy burning nipples of doom! Lol

Other than that, we are all good. Malcolm is a gassy baby, but a great sleeper. We cuddle together at night and he nurses several times, but I don't think either of us fully wake up. I feel way more rested this time around, even though I have 2 kiddos.
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Things are going pretty well overall. I feel guilty about not enjoying this newborn stage as much as I did with my first. I think it's probably in part because I am trying to make sure Sander has what he needs and try to give DS1 as much attention as possible, etc. etc. and sbecause I am a busy body and still feel like all I do is nurse. Sander is def a snacker, and sinse I nurse on demand fhere is a lot of time spent in the rocking chair.

I've had some hormonal days and have had some great days too. It ebbs and flows. I had really bad afterpains the first 3 daya, like bad labor contractions, but more manageable after that.

Sander nurses well. No nipple pain. I also had a blocked duct a few days ago, but it didnt last long. As soon as i realized what was going on I got the heating pad on it, nursed Sander, then got DS1 to nurse until that side was empty and that did thr trick. He was happy to help. Lol.

Am I allowed to say that I'm dealing with some gender dissapointment? Not that I am dissapointed, more that I am mourning the idea of having a daughter. I love my boys, but I always dreamed of having a daughter and am just coming to terms with the fact that that may not be in God's plan for me.

Thanks for starting the thread PM, its so important to have a place to air feelings, problems, etc post partum.
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PM, Hope you are feeling like hormones are leveling out a bit!


PBM, So glad you got your clogged duct worked out.  Sorry about the thrush.  That sounds rough!

By some bizarre chance I seem to actually be feeling more balanced hormonally now than when I was pregnant.  We'll see how long it lasts but I'm thankful for it for now.


Recovering from the c-section is going pretty well.  I'm feeling pretty good overall.  My bowels  were really slow to resume this time which was weird for me.  Thank goodness the water retention passed quickly and I now have ankles again!


We are treasuring these days with Decker and trying to stay connected to and love on the girls too.  There have been some bumps along the way but I feel like we are doing ok.  Decker is showing some signs of reflux already which I am bummed about.  Both the girls had it and I was really hoping to avoid it this time.  Oh well.  He's just such a little love, I hate to see them in pain.  He's super sleepy so I have to bug him to get him to nurse well but he's getting it.  I'm trying to figure out getting engorgement under control.  I don't want to pump too much because I don't want to stimulate more milk.  Last time I was tandem nursing so having a toddler took care of that!

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Day six pp now. I do feel more even, thank God! Evenings are hard. For some reason the sunset brings a feeling of dread? But then the sunrise an equal feeling of optimism. Weird.

Todd lost his cord stump this morning! I'm glad because it was getting a bit stinky.

His first doctors appt yesterday went well. He has lost 7% of birthweight but is nursing, peeing and pooping well. She said she is unconcerned as long as we are gaining weight at the next appt at two weeks. I'm going to a lactation clinic today just to get another set of eyes on him and check for potential problems.

Nstewart, I hear you on not enjoying the newborn stage as much. Although to be honest I didn't love it with dd either. But when dd is at her day home during the week, I find it much more enjoyable to be with the baby. Kinda guilty abut that. I'm much more of a six months and up baby kind of person smile.gif

Cobaby, glad you are healing well! What signs of reflux are you seeing in decker?

Also, Todd has been very congested and sniffly. Makes it hard for him to nurse sometimes. I'm not sure what to do because the bulb syringe is really still too large to get in there?
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Thank you for this thread, PM! I totally understand the nighttime dread. It is just something about facing the unknown night to come and knowing that you have no control over it. I had that feeling so many times with my previous babes who were fussy at night!


CoBaby, I am sorry Decker is showing signs of reflux. My boys both had reflux, so I totally understand! When my milk came in this time, i was just waiting for the reflux/screaming to start. By some blessing, we seem to have a non-reflux baby this time. Just when I was starting to get used to the uncomfortable engorgement, it went away...so hopefully you are there soon.


nstewart - I had gender disappointment when DS2 was born. But now, as my 2 boys play together, giggling and laughing - sometimes fighting smile.gif -, I really cannot imagine them not having each other for brothers.


AFM - I have had a less than ideal post-partum course. I was sick a week before Arwen was born (fever, sore throat, cough, sinus congestion, muscle soreness), and just when it started to go away, she was born. 2 days after she was born, it came back, and I am still sick. I have been so frustrated by feeling miserable and trying not to cough on her when I want to be nuzzling, snuggling my sweet girl. Luckily, DH had 2 weeks off, so at night he could take her to sleep in the living room with him so I could get some rest to try to fight off this illness. She is a noisy sleeper, and I am a light sleeper...not a good combo. And has anyone else dealt with night-sweats? I wake up drenched every night. Some nights, I know it was from fever, but I guess it is also a post-partum hormonal thing.


But Arwen is just the mellowist thing (compared to my 2 screaming/colicky boys at least!). She behaved like a pre-term baby in the beginning, and I had to wake her to feed (again, very different than my boys who nursed constantly!). She was also tongue-tied, lost more than 10% by the 2nd day, and was slow to gain weight, not pooping, etc. I had bleeding nipples (THAT was interesting...I pumped once when I was engorged and it looked like beet juice). We got her tongue-tie fixed at 1 week, and weight gain has picked up some since then. The blessing of being so sick was that I could basically do nothing but lay in bed for 2 weeks, with a baby draped across my chest during the day, so I have actually taken more time to soak in all her newborn sweetness than I did with my boys. I just never believed that babies actually existed that would eat, burp, then go back to sleep for 2 WHOLE HOURS without hours of screaming. We just feel so blessed to have one of these mysterious babies I have always heard about!


DH went back to work yesterday, and I survived my first outing with Arwen and my boys to take her to an ENT to check on her tongue and ears. She still has not passed a hearing screen...apparently her canals are narrow. I will feel much less anxious about her hearing when we retest in a few weeks and she hopefully passes.

Today I get to find out what it is like to get DS1 to/from afternoon pre-k with a newborn. I guess 2nd, 3rd, etc babies don't get to nap however long they want if it interferes with the other kids' schedule, right?

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I'm just starting day 3 pp. Emotionally I feel great. I'm so in love with my little family of four now! My DH has been helping immensely, my birth was awesome and so much better than my first. I keep getting great support statements from DH saying how awesome I did with this birth and how great of a Mom I am. So I think he is really helping me along emotionally.

Physically it's a bit different, not so awesome.. The after pains are horrible!! I wish someone would have told me they were worse with your second. My nipples are so dry and chapped, every time my sweet girl nurses I have toe curling pain for the first little bit. My milk hasn't come in yet, but I can just feel that today will be the day. I can sort of feel that "rush" feeling in the other boob when she's nursing. And my hips and bottom are sore. Can't really be comfortable at night. I miss my pregnancy body pillow. But not comfortable having Lily in bed with me with a giant pillow. I'd much rather have a sweet cuddler than a body pillow!! I'm also getting the night sweats!! Sorry for complaining, the list just goes on! It will only get better from here though. As long as the engorgement isn't too bad..

Lily is an excellent baby so far. I just love her so much. She sleeps well and nurses like a champ. Couldn't ask for more. Her eyes are very swollen. Did any of you have that with your babes as well?? She can still open them, so My MW is not concerned. And says it will go away with time. I feel pretty bad for her though. Not to mention she has had a stuffy nose as well. Always snorting! But the MW said that will go away too. Guess she has to recover just like I do!

I'm really enjoying having a newborn. Im getting the hang of it again and I'm savoring every single moment!

It was nice to read that you all are experiencing similar pp symptoms. And that it will get better!!
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Hello 3 week growth spurt! Sander spent two days eating nonstop, took a break to sleep all day yesterday, and is on a third day if non-stop eating! If I didn't know better, I would worry that I didn't have enough milk. I guess i shouldn't be surprised that he's filling out the 0-3 month size clothes at 3.5 weeks of age...DS1 fit in his newborn stuff until the 6 week growth spurt. Not this guy!

Berry, I'm glad to hear that your little girl is so mellow! How nice!

Mama, i hope your milk came in. How are your nipples? Have you had a LC look at your latch?

Co, how is recovery coming along? How are your girls? DS1 has been pretty fantastic overall, but gas his moments too. They seem to be in the middle of the night, mostly, when he wants to nurse and i tell him he has to wait until morning. Or when he wakes up and dad tries to tuck him back in. Really i shouldn't complain, considering the changes he's going thru he's been a champ.

PM, how are things with you? Is your DD in daycare until you go back to work? I've payed for DS to the end if the month, then he'll be home with me for the year, but i'm really tempted to see if his dayhome provider has room for him 1 day per week for the summer so I could get a break, run errands, etc.
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Can we talk nursing pads? I was told to get some so I had a girlfriend pick me up a box but they're the lansinoh brand disposables and I feel like they're going to suffocate my nips. Not to mention I do believe I have thrush and maybe even some kind of bacteria going on so I don't want to make that worse. I also think I remember learning in my Bradley class that pads aren't good to use. But I know some ppl swear by them.
So then I just looked up reusable/washable pads which seem better/more breathable but now realizing I have to probably wear a bra to keep them on? I only really need pads right now for night nursing as I nurse enough during the day leaking isn't a problem. But the past few nights I've woken up to find a huge wet spot on the sheet under Goldie's head and I think it's from her suckling in the middle of the night and continuously popping herself off and sucking out a little milk but just leaving me to drip. Also her letting some milk drop out of her mouth. Poor girl's head is on a wet spot to I put a dry cloth dipe under her.

Any feedback on pads is appreciated!
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Oh what I forgot to say is the wearing a bra to bed isn't a option for me. I go topless or at the most wear a really loose tank.
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Nstewart- my milk did come in later that day! And it came in with a vengeance!! My boobs are so full, but not quite engorged yet. Ive definitely forgotten what it feels like to be this full! Been trying to nurse often so that engorgement doesn't happen. My nipples have been healing slowly but surely. My MW came over yesterday and I asked her to help me get a better latch so that my nipples can heal faster. She's a pro, so I'm glad I asked. My nipples feel better already! I hope that the growth spurt for Sander doesn't last long. I'm not looking forward to the growth spurts. But on the bright side, I'll get some good reading done! Or sleeping.. One or the other! Lol.

Loogiejane- my boobs leak all day long it seems. They were like that with my first as well. I just have a super-supply I guess. I use the Johnson and Johnson brand of nursing pads, and I know what you mean about the pads bothering your nipples. I've tried some really nice cloth ones, but would soak right through them. As it is now, I've been changing my nursing pads 2-3 times a day. Every time I have a letdown, I leak. So going without the pads is no option for me. I hope you find a way that works for you. Or someone has some advice. I would love to go bra-less but it seems impossible right now.
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I have used wool pads in the past. They are naturally anti microbial and breathable. You just rinse and reuse. I like the Medela sleep bras for a little support and to hold in pads. At night, you might try putting a couple layers of towels under where you sleep to absorb leakage. Also, when you feel a letdown, if you hold pressure over the nipple you are not nursing from, it helps to stop the flow on that side. My letdown this time around is really painful... I hope that gets better over time!
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I wear a nursing tank or nursing sleep bra at night, there's no way I can ever go without nursing pads, I leak a lot! I use reuseable pads as much as I can but don't own enough to last until laundry day so I also use the Lansinoh pads and agree they suffocate the nipples.
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I wear a sleeping bra and pads at night too, otherwise I'd soak the bed! For disposables, I like the Johnson and Johnson ones best. I bought bamboobies this go round, and so far am leaking less than I did with DS1 so they work great for the day, and i have some thick wool ones for night time.

LJ, just try to let your nipples get some air and dry completely before you cover them up after nursing if you are worried about thrush, etc.

Mama, glad to hear your nipples are on the mend!

So, I am now getting really bad pubic pains, like pubic symphasis area. I had the same w DS1 and know its related to pelvic floor issues. It's painful enough to keep me awake at night. I'm hoping my chiro an help at my weds appointment and maybe give me some exercises or something to do to help as well.
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Woohoo. I made it to the postpartum chat thread - I thought for sure I was going to be pregnant forever wink1.gif

Day 3.5 pp here and my milk officially, fully came in overnight. I felt fullness starting yesterday morning, but this morning I woke to leaking, hard, painful breasts :/. Thankfully my 2 year old was more than happy to nurse this morning and helped relieve some discomfort. Unfortunately, when the boys nurse at the same time that seems to double the afterpain pain.

Oh, the night sweats. Definitely not looking forward to that, but I'm sure it's coming soon.
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I never got night sweats this time and I'm 16 days pp.
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Hey Mamas! I can't say how happy I am to not be pregnant anymore! Yippee!! Day 5 here and so happy to be past labor/birth/after pains and my milk coming in was easy this time, ahhhhhh.... Now we just need to find our way with sleep, which I am sure will be a journey. 


RE: breast pads, I've only every used reusables, but never really had a ton of leakage. This time I have much less than I did last. Last time I did leak a lot at night and didn't sleep with a top at all, I just laid on top of a puddle pad with some flat cds on top so I could change them out. This time (so far, of course) I only seem to leak when nursing on the other side or if I am full and Lennox either cries or roots/sucks his fingers, so I wear pads in the day, but I have hardly had to change them and at night just keep a burp cloth close by. I pretty much live in nursing tanks and the cloth pads stay well in those.

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Day 10 here and we just got back from my sisters. We went and spent five days there. It was wonderful. The drive was hell. Six hours with screaming toddler and stopping to feed the baby every hour it seemed, but it was worth it once we got there!

I'm having the same bfing challenges I did before (I have insufficient tissue and chronic low supply). Pumping, supplements, tea, domperidome, and some formula. Just hoping Todd doesn't develop a bottle preference! I was lucky that dd just loved to nurse. Trying not to let myself get crazy about it. It really cast a shadow over my maternity leave with dd.

I've had a few really, really bad days with uncontrollable crying and feelings that scared me a bit, so I'm seeing my doctor on Tuesday to discuss ppd. Mostly I feel great, but those bad days are really bad and my situation has so many stressful factors. I've upped my placenta caps to 5 per day and that seems to have helped a lot!

N, dd is going to day care full time all through my leave. I would have to pay to keep her spot anyway, and I like Having the alone time! Evenings with just me and the two kids are still very tricky. Most nights someone comes over to help me for a few hours and let me nap with dd as she goes to sleep. Or tonight she is staying with her grandparents.

Baby boy has developed a horrid diaper rash. I'm going to bust out the cloth diapers finally and see if that helps, along with naked time to air it out. I'm just hoping its not a food or formula allergy! Other than that, he is awesome! Just doesn't like being hungry or having his diaper changed.
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Wow, can it be? According to the math Quest is 20 days old and edd is still 6 days away. We've been through so many worlds since then. The oh my gosh this can't be labor world. The no it really is world. The he's here and fine world. The he's in the NICU world. The get me out of this hospital world. The home with regular help world. To the home mostly alone world. We're finding our way. Breast feeding has gone so much better this time. Placenta pills have helped. Not feeling the ppd, I'm in a much better place in my life. His daddy and I have had our ups and downs. Not sure where we are right now, but i don't care to decide or define it now. He is really sweet with Quest though. Big brother has been great. All that hospital time was really hard on him though. So very happy to be home with such sweet boys.
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Nak. I am two weeks pp and already my bleeding has stopped. Is that possible? Today I had some light colored discharge and that's it.

This was num one for me so not sure what is normal. I expected to bleed for four to six weeks.

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