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Wow! You Mama's all make such amazing meals, its just the kids and I tonight, dh has a work BBQ. So something super easy I'm guessing, maybe a chicken spicy stirfry.
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Ciga would you be willing to share the plum sauce recipe?? wink1.gif
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I made 2 dishes last night so that I don't have to cook for the next two days-- an AMAZING veggie tofu scramble with broccoli, peppers, red potatoes, tofu, turmeric, red onion and salsa.. and a mediterranean-ish quinoa chickpea salad with tahini-lemon sauce and chopped veggies mixed in. both dishes are easily digestible and full of protein and can be for breakfast/lunch/dinner or as sides to salads or more protein. I'm reallly trying to up the protein and decrease the sugar. I had a little of both as my second breakfast today. Anyone else have to do second breakfasts??? I don't like to eat late so I'm usually RAVENOUS when I wake up, and have a little something at 7am- usually a protein shake or a piece of toast- then go exercise... and then by the time it's 10:30... not quite lunchtime- I'm starving again. so... 2nd breakfast. like the hobbits do.

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I don't eat frequently enough. My midwives would like to see me eat every few hours, but I don't necessarily make it to three meals a day. I hope to do better during summer break when the pace of life slows a bit.

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nursemom-  this is based off hoisin sauce but since I never have hoisin I always make a version of it I found on foodsubs.com


for hoisin base-  3/4 cup prunes+ 2 cups water+ one or two cloves garlic smashed.....simmer for 12 minutes then puree with1.5T tamari (or whatever soy sauce you use)+ 1.5 T dry sherry (or whatever I have along those lines)


For A++ condiment-

1/2 cup  hoisin

1T grated ginger

1T rice vinegar

1T sriracha

1T tamari

2t sesame oil


mix together thoroughly and eat on almost anything!

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Last night was fish tacos and flourless chocolate cake for DH's birthday dinner.

Tonight is going to be teriyaki chicken over wilted kale and rice + a nice big salad from the garden.


revolting- I often forget to eat lunch. I'm also probably not eating as much protein as I should be. We eat meat but we eat very small portions of meat and not every day which feels fine and healthy in regular life but then when I'm supposed to be eating 80g a day I have to scramble to stuff it in and totally fail most days.

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I just went grocery shopping. Tonight will probably be salmon, broccoli, quinoa. and tomorrow too. I'm obsessed with eating fish right now. after being vegan for 8/9ish years it's ridiculously amazing and gives me so much energy!

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We are also having salmon! For sides we are having roasted asparagus and a chopped salad.
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THANK YOU ciga!  That sounds awesome.  And I happen to have hoisin sauce in the pantry. thumb.gif


I love fish but have never been able to eat salmon.  It tastes too "fishy" to me.  I've tried it several times prepared several different ways & never did dig it. Living in Louisiana we do lots of catfish...dh caught a 20 pounder awhile back, that thing fed us twice plus another meal or 2 of fillets in the freezer.

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Originally Posted by YoginiMomma View Post

I just went grocery shopping. Tonight will probably be salmon, broccoli, quinoa. and tomorrow too. I'm obsessed with eating fish right now. after being vegan for 8/9ish years it's ridiculously amazing and gives me so much energy!

That's funny I make chicken, whole grain rice, and broccoli and mix them all up and serve with a side of greek yogurt like ALL THE TIME.  I used to make more quinoa but somehow I got sick of it and now like more the whole grain, long grain organic rice.  It just takes a good long while to cook.



All I want to eat these days is raw veggies with greek yogurt dip made from french onion soup mix mixed in.  But the raw carrots and such are making my gums inflammed and sore!

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I've been eating tons of these petite baby carrots my husband found. They're so cute & crunchy, I love dipping them in ranch dip!
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And ydd made me cook her green eggs & ham for dinner...she's very into Dr Seuss these days. smile.gif
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I had a burger for the first time in so long last night. A friend traded me 2 lbs of ground beef for 2 lbs of our ground pork!  It was awesome!

Burger with blue cheese, sauteed mushrooms and onions + crispy oven fried potatoes coated in corn meal + a nice big salad from the garden.  Not the lightest of meals but damn was it satisfying!

We had a cold rainy day the day before so I made a big pot of split pea soup, which is one of my absolute favorite comfort meals.


I think tonight might be a re-do of one of those since I have burger and soup left over. I am going to go pick some rhubarb from the yard and make a strawberry rhubarb crumble for desert though.  I keep forgetting to use the rhubarb and pretty soon it will be past.

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We had Spicy Mexican meatballs with Avocado cream sauce. They were simply divine.

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Let's see, the last couple nights have been Tom Yum with shrimp and scallops and then last night was dal and rice.  I LOVE Tom Yum!  I'm not sure what to do tonight. I am craving lasagna like crazy but I don't have all the ingredients. It'll have to wait till after my next grocery run.

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My mom sent us a huge slow cooker.  I'm so relieved to be able to pick a moment in the morning when I have enough energy and peaceful time to pick out a recipe, simmer the sauce together, and throw all the raw ingredients and a sauce on top and cover, leave it on low for the day to cook.  So far I've made Chicken Korma and a vegetarian lentil/cauliflower dish for tonight is almost ready.  Yum!  Thanks mom!

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Tonight is going to be haddock steamed over ginger/garlic/mushroom/onion saute with kale on top for good measure. haven't decided if we'll have it with rice or udon. I usually do it with rice but I'm kind of feeling like noodles tonight since we've had rice for like 4 days in a row.  This is my favorite go-to super easy fast meal when I have a bit of white fish.  I also made some banana bread today and have a batch of granola in the oven.

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