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Cloth diapering and traveling

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Do you continue to use cloth diapers while traveling, or do you switch to disposables during that time? Why did you make that choice?

Do you have any tips for parents who want to continue to use disposables through a trip? How hard is it, and what can make it easier?
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Access to a washing machine is key for me.
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and a huge luggage allowance, nappies take really a lot of space and they weight a lot too... If I'm travelling with cheap airlines there's no way I can pack the nappies ( not enough room unfortunately)

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Depends on how long the trip will be, and if we will have access to a washing machine. When visiting the in-laws out of state, where I can use their washing machine, I definitely use cloth. I also bring my own laundry detergent packets (Country Save). When traveling for more than a few days, especially internationally, I tend to use disposable. Yuck. Hehe.


Looking forward to using cloth for #2 on the way, now that #1 has been successfully potty trained!



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My tip for when you DO use cloth, can't wash, and travel is use a strong plastic bag (at least gallon size) that seals. I store dirty pee diapers in them. I would rinse a poo diaper in the sink or toilet before sealing it in. After three days or so they do get funky so this is why I don't tend to use cloth for long trips without access to a washer.

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Originally Posted by chel View Post

Access to a washing machine is key for me.

Agreed - access to a washing machine and luggage constraints are my main consideration.


If we're traveling by car and staying somewhere where laundry isn't an issue, cloth is fine. If we're limited in what we can bring or don't have easy and free/cheap access to laundry, it's much easier to bring along just a handful of disposables for the trip (as many as I'd anticipate needing for that time period, plus extras in case of delays or accidents), and then buy a pack once I get to the destination (or have the person we're visiting buy them ahead of time if possible so we don't have to go to a store first thing).


If you're flying and have to pay by weight for luggage, and you have a big enough stash to spare some, find out if it is cheaper to send them via mail/ups prior to leaving.


Another consideration is whether or not you have a particular laundering routine (special detergent, etc.) and how important it is to you to do it all the time. And, if you're staying with someone, if they're going to allow their machine to be used for diapers or be offended by it.

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I agree with ever ocelot mom completely!


I've never taken cloth on trips because we never drive to our destination (always fly). And honestly, when I'm on vacation I'd rather deal with as little laundry and luggage as possible. We don't even take many disposables on trips. We just take enough to get us through until we can get to a store to buy some. I've also ordered disposables off Amazon prior to a trip and had them shipped to my destination.


If we were a more car centric family I'd totally see the value of taking cloth along, though.

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I use disposables. I tried using cloth with my son during a trip when he was 3 months, but I had to soak soiled ones before throwing them in the wash, to remove the stains and also while I accumulated a few, and this was a pain while being a guest in someone's house... Also on planes I found it too difficult to deal with pooped diapers... sometimes there's leakage and you have to rinse it, this is easy at home, but in a plane... no! I hate it but if I am out of the house longer than 2-3 hours, I use disposables. 

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we always use cloth, yes even while traveling, take a couple dozen flats, doublers, a half dozen covers and a medium wetbag... then just wash when appropriate, bring a well sealed bag of your detergent and it doesnt hurt to have a mesh laundry bag to carry clean laundry! in my experience you can take 28 flats each with a doubler for any age child and while when you wash will differ it will fit in a diaper bag and wash well anywhere also take a smaller wetbag so you dont have to haul the whole lot of dirties everytime you leave where youre staying ;) its very easy never considered anyother way

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